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Thursday, May 11, 2006

MLM Business Questions, or the Business of MLM

Wow! I was just asked some amazing questions by a team member and I wanted to share them in case it might make sense to YOU, and help you in some way!

1. When speaking with a prospect, there are many questions that can be asked. What question would you consider to be the very most important?

My Answer --It depends on where the prospect comes from, but two I ask most frequently are - "What did you see about our business (or ad) that made you want to talk personally (or know more, etc) Again, that will vary depending on the lead. If they come into my website directly, I know they previewed some info to get to the contact page. If it's an ad, something there got their attention. I have scripts published in the training site files that have these questions in them! Remember, our goal is to be relationship based and asking questions, listening and then responding make that happen.

2. It seems to me like your entire focus on the business has been recruiting. I am under the impression, that you have never done any fundraisers, very little retailing, very few shows and parties and you have primarily sold products as a result of prospecting. How then can you successfully sponsor and talk with people about these areas when you have very little experience yourself with them?

My Answer --Well, first impressions aren't always accurate, ha! I have and still do fundraisers. I don't seek them out much anymore, but living in a small town and having worked that avenue a little more in the beginning, some of them find me now. And, my best customers give me fundraising referrals now! One of my very first action steps was doing a home party for a friend, before I held my own open house. I even went to Phoenix to do it! My first summer I did Farmer's Markets and Market Nights every week with my kids, and spent that time "trying to find myself" as I was still with another company and sorting out what direction this industry was going to take me. Due to an odd circumstance, the answer came to me that this was THE business for me, and I jumped into recruiting at that point full bore because I was trained in this industry as a recruiter. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks. The bottom line is, experience each area of building the business to some extent so you can coach others. I have put together a training manual for each area of the business, and this frees up my time to do what I love - recruit and coach others! Find your niche and then work it!

--I've learned to recognize what my gifts are and where my passions lie, and coaching a team and exposing this opportunity to others is my TRUE passion. I proudly claim that I am a focused RECRUITER and COACH! In sports, there is a recruiter and there is a coach. In network marketing, we scout out the talent and work to assist in that development, too!

3. I noticed that you currently purchase generic leads from other sources as well. Are they worth the time and money? or is it better to spend all my efforts to get myself out there online via articles, blogs, ecourses etc. and let people come to you even though it may be a slower process.

--I believe that the BEST lead is the one that comes to you personally. I LOVE working the internet and I see the time I spend out there as equivalent to doing a Farmer's Market or a show, etc. I can hang in my work out clothes, though!! The BEST way to work this business is the way you are most passionate about. When I work leads, I lean more toward candle specific leads, or VERY fresh MOM leads. My thought is that a combination of working both leads AND the internet process is the way to go, assuming you feel good about those methods. My primary methods get leads coming to me, and that is always my desire!

4. What is the number one thing that you think anyone in this business who wants to succeed at a high level should know?

--Know that it is a process. Know that there are times of feeling unbalanced; times of feeling inadequate; times of wanting to quit; times of feeling it will never happen for you; times of feeling that EVERYONE else is better at this than you are. Know that these feelings will pass.

--Know also that there are times of IMMENSE joy. Watching someone you've sponsored sign up their first person; watching someone earn $1000 at a show; watching someone's children get involved; having your (my) son tell me he appreciates my business; having my daughter come up to my office and ask what she can help out with, and working TOGETHER, talking and bonding; having your husband tell you he's starting to feel like a kept man (and he is grinning from ear to ear when he says it!); watching leaders develop, shine and lead their own teams; winning an award; having MANY on your team win MANY awards; learning from the powerful people who have shown up in your group; believing every day that today is fabulous and tomorrow will be even BETTER!

--Know that the only way you experience ALL of this is by staying in the game; learning; growing and developing!

You are a winner! Let that winner shine!!

Thanks for asking!


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The three things you MUST have to be successful in YOUR business -

Desire - you have to have a burning desire. It's hard for me to explain this if you don't have it and if you do have it, you know exactly what I mean. You lay in bed at night, tingling with the excitement of what you have your hands on. For me, it gets me BACK out of bed for an hour or two in the wee hours, because I can't sleep and am excited to do things. And, because this is inspired action, when I go back to bed, I fall right to sleep and wake up rested, ready to do it again. My husband thinks I am nuts, but he appreciates the efforts!

Willingness to Work - I guess that goes along with getting up at 2am, ha! No, you don't have to, but you MUST be willing to actually work your business. Take action steps to move you forward. Nothing great comes without some effort. Check your "Willingness to Work" meter and super charge it if you need to.

Teachable Spirit - Are you truly coachable in this business? I wasn't in the early days. Boy, I am now! Do you read something in the training manual and think " I'm not doing that." OR do you neglect to get on coaching calls, or read at all? Again, check your "teachable spirit" meter, and decide to make a change if it's not registering high. Great things await you if you are willing to make the effort.

Here are three things we all have in common. These are identical for each of us. NOTHING is different about these.

Products - we all have the same products. In my candle business, each of my partners and I each have the same opportunity in the products. Their Hot Apple Pie is the same as mine, and my Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper is the same as theirs. We are alike, here.

Opportunity - we all have the same opportunity. If we are in the same company, the pay plan is the same for me and you. Isn't that great? When you reach each position on the pay chart, you have the same pay available. When you sponsor someone new, you are paid the same as me. Awesome, isn't it? You may be in Maine and I am in California , and we have so much in common.

You - YOU are the one who determines what your income will be. YOU make the difference. YOU determine it for YOU, I determine it for me. Either way, it comes down to you!

Bad news - it's YOU who makes the difference. Some people don't want to take responsibility for their success and want to blame others for failures.

Good news - YOU can make the difference! YOU have so many amazing abilities to make it happen. You have gifts and talents waiting to be uncovered and let loose on this business. It's your desire. You must go through a process to get there. Understand the process. I mentioned that on Monday's call. UNDERSTAND and accept that there is a process. You can speed up the process through your efforts. Know the process!

Make it a GREAT week!


Expect Success!
Jackie Ulmer