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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MLM Business Opportunities Go Mainstream!

Well, not exactly, and what I mean by that is, as an MLM professional of nearly 14 years, it has been mainstream in my life for a long time.

It's nice to see new and positive press constantly making its way out into the public sector, though.

Good Morning America recently ran a segment on the more positive aspects of a Direct Sales, MLM type of business. Details here!

As someone who has used the internet for almost 8 years to build my MLM, it is nice to have some online positive press amidst so much of the "hypey, scammy" looking stuff that shows up regularly in my email inbox. KnowwhatImean?

So, I started thinking about ways that we can promote our businesses, both online and offline, that create a positive feel among those not in our industry. I came up with these "10 Commandments of Professional MLM", if you will!

1. Thou Shalt Not SPAM thy opportunity to others. (Pretty self explanatory, I would say!)

2. Thou Shalt Not Use Hype and Exaggerated Product Claims to promote your MLM Business. (Again, pretty self explanatory!)

3. Thou Shalt Not Make False or Exaggerated Income Claims about Your MLM Opportunity. (People are going to find out sooner, rather than later, that the big bucks don't usually come in the first 90 days. We are a 2-5 year business plan!)

4. Thou Shalt Not Chase Your Friends and Family Into Your Business (Hey, we are looking for the willing here, not someone who feels a gun is to his/her head!)

5. Thou Shalt Not Tell ANYONE - "You would be great at this!" (How do you know, really? One has to WANNA first, and only he/she knows that. Instead, let people know the TYPE of person and character traits you are looking for and see if HE/SHE thinks it's a fit!)

6. Thou Shalt Not Fool People Into Looking At Your Business - (No Backyard BBQ's, only to pull out the white board before dessert!)

7. Thou Shalt Not Bash Other Companies - (You picked a great company, right. Guess what? There are other great companies out there besides yours! Telling someone that they have a "dog company" does not make you or your company look better in their eyes. It only makes you look unprofessional!)

8. Thou Shalt Not Bash Other Distributors, including your Upline - (As my mom always says, and straight from Thumper's mouth on Bambi - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.)

9. Thou Shalt Not Talk Badly About All MLM's if Yours Doesn't Work Out - (There are millionaires today thanks to MLM, so it obviously works, right? The fact that yours did not work for you does not mean it won't for you in the future, or for others. Give others the freedom to decide for themselves!)

10. Thou Shalt Not Quit! (Even if you find that the first opportunity you join is not a solid fit for you, that doesn't mean throw in the towel. You are now more seasoned and have a better idea what you might be looking for and what is important to you. Research and get started soon in something that will be a fit! And good luck!)

Now, let's see what we can all do as a community to keep the positive MLM feedback coming our way. After all, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and others can't be wrong....right?

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, August 20, 2007

Old School vs New School Network Marketing

Wow! This one topic is always assured to create some excitement and that is always fun.

To me, old school network marketing is defined as using hype; bogus claims; flashing checks; making exaggerated promises, and so on. Any of this ring a bell with you?

I'm afraid the days of old school and ridiculous hype will probably never end.

Almost 8 years ago, I cashed in my "old school" method of network marketing and opted for new school instead. It just "fits" better for me.

I recently returned from my company convention and took my husband and family with me for the first time.

This is his first Network Marketing convention in 10 years and he was a little hesitant.

Why? Well, because he was used to "old school" network marketing. Ranters and ravers on stages "Selling the Dream," asking you to "pay the price" and making wild claims and on and on.

He knows that I practice new school because he listens to me on the phone, sees my emails, listens to my team training calls, etc.

He had a good time, but he did admit that a few times he crossed paths with some old school'ers and it brought up all of the old angst, about the industry. He was quick to tell me that he finds this new way so refreshing just to even listen to.

It feels so much more authentic and genuine.

I've built to the top of a pay plan and into the top 1/10th of 1% of all network marketers. I share this not to "toot my horn" but to let you know it's been done without ever making a promise, other than to offer support, coaching and training; without flashing a paycheck; and without using any of the words on the "forbidden verbiage page" of the new school Network Marketers.

And, it is so much BETTER and ultimately easier this way.

Anyone else can do this too! Hype and spam will never get one anywhere, or at least not keep one there for long.

I recently read this comment on another blog and found it particularly interesting. This was about a new company in pre-launch that is being advertised online in some very "old school" ways - hype, claims, etc.

"We are at the very beginning, it doesn't get better then that"

Funny, most company statistics will tell you that top income earners come in after the 7th or 8th year a company is in business. Most people won't stick around in the beginning to work through the growing pains. They aren't willing to wait it out and grow their business while things are falling into place.

There is NO perfect time to get started in a network marketing business except when it is right for YOU!

To say that there is no better time to get into a company than at the beginning is just more hype.

Whatever business you are in, know that the New School way works just as well, builds just as quickly and will provide much higher retention rates for you over the long haul.

After all, wouldn't you rather know the truth about what it is going to take to be successful from the start? Wouldn't that start you off with a much higher level of trust and satisfaction with your sponsor?

We could use more win-win's like that!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer