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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Prospect's Biggest Need/Want

Here's a hint – it's not your product, except perhaps in .01% of the population. Your prospect is looking for something else. The products are just the way he/she sees to reach that solution.

So, to communicate more effectively, which leads to sponsoring more inspired team partners, we must get to the heart of the need and he/she knows that this business can provide what it is they really want.

Asking questions is a big part of this. It helps you uncover the reason your prospect is looking –

What interests you most in a home business?

How long have you been looking?

What happened XX time ago that made you start looking? (This is a KEY question!)

When you can determine these answers and then effectively weave how this business, with your support, can solve their problem, you have a serious prospect.

When you can move them beyond their own fears about whether they can do it (which is all a money objection is anyway) then you likely have a business partner.

When you can move them beyond any other negative beliefs, you have a business builder!

Here are some other ideas to help you overcome your own challenges when working with a prospect –

When they don't call you back, it’s not about you.

When they say they are going to sign up and then don't, it is not about you.

When they sign up and then quit, it is not about you.

When they build a HUGE business, it’s still not about you!

Be Columbo (detective show from the 70s for you young'uns!) and ask probing questions!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, May 24, 2009

MLM Duplication Myth

I recently read an interesting thread on another BLOG and thought it might be useful to cover the concepts here. It involves the ever elusive theory of "duplication" in MLM. Maybe you can relate. I welcome your comments.

Here's what was written -

"To get duplication, keep the system so simple that even stupid people can do it." (I'm quoting my upline here who used to say, "Keep it simple stupid," or "KISS". He later changed this to "Keep it short and simple," which still stood for KISS... I imagine because some were offended by the word 'stupid.')I think this famous network marketing motto is completely off base.

It puts people's focus on the wrong side of the fence. My upline who used to say "KISS" made $300,000+ a month, but I didn't notice one person on his team who he worked with that wasn't a star player--he attracted them because he knew the principles that make you INFLUENTIAL.

And THAT is why he saw the duplication.

There was a time when I could enroll a lot of people into my organization by working hard all day, every day, at an intensity few would endure for long--The end result was OK, but nothing close to my potential and it wasn't at all rewarding because I knew I wasn't tapping into my potential. I knew I couldn't help others tap into their potential if I wasn't.

Mike Klingler

My thoughts and response -

I took my business online over 9 years ago; a network marketing business. I was told then, and am still told today, that what I do is not duplicable; too complicated; that no one can "do what I do." Ouch.

Hmmm, and yet many of the strongest leaders in my organization are forging their own path through internet marketing. And, interesting to note that I am the highest paid in my company with the largest downline. (I certainly don't take credit as getting this done all by myself.)

I'm glad I didn't and don't buy into that misguided theory. After all, I'm a stay home mom who didn't have a lot of time, or a ton of money, but did have a BIG desire. I've never taken a computer class in my life and everything I have learned is self taught, so why can't another do that?

It's vain for anyone to think that "others can't do what I do" or to doubt that another could follow such a complicated system. Take the very shy person and tell them to join BNI or the Chamber of Commerce to generate leads and that person will be out of the business in short order.

Show me any leader or top income earner in any company and I will show you how they somehow forged their own path and differentiated themselves in some way. Nothing wrong with that; all success stories in any profession do this. And, there are always those who will follow and forge their own path as well.

Why do we tell people evaluating network marketing to "think outside of the box" and then when we sponsor them, we want to put them back into a box – "our box"; the box called – simple duplication; the cookie cutter approach?

How many people really succeed at working their warm list? Is this method duplicable? Sure. But if it were really such a "simple" process then we would have less people quitting the profession of network marketing and more people quitting their jobs.

Success in a business, ANY business, requires developing a successful skill set. PERIOD. Good communication; speaking and marketing skills; and leadership are all part of the equation. These are the things that must be duplicated to be successful in MLM, and the way to develop these skills will vary based on the individual and their PASSION.

People often ask me what the BEST way is to generate leads online. For me, the BEST way is the way you feel drawn toward and passionate about. What is BEST for me will not necessarily be BEST for you. That's okay, it’s not a right or wrong, it’s just a FACT.

Once a person moves into developing their own skills, the process does become (dare I say it?) EASY. It really does. It is EASY for me to sponsor 10-20 people a month now. It was NOT easy to do this before I developed my own skill set.

I worked harder BEFORE I developed these skills and made a LOT less money and had a LOT less fun.

10 years ago, I decided that the theory of "Duplication" being taught by so many is a complete myth. I am not interested in a cookie cutter business or being forced into someone else's "box."

It takes time, money and, more than ANYTHING else, a commitment to "going back to school." Going back to school involves learning, researching, and getting rid of the desire to say "This is too hard." It is "hard" to make a lot of money, in anything. And, "hard" is relative.

Understanding the reality of the 2 – 5 year plan is imperative in Network Marketing, and , in most cases, even with internet marketing, because one still has to develop that skill set.

How fun, though, to earn while you learn and develop those skills following a passion and helping others. So, to echo a sentiment, before you ask –

When will I earn $5k a month? $10k a month, and so on; ask this – what value am I offering another? What skill can (WILL!) I work to develop today that will make me better, even if it doesn't yield an "immediate" gratification result?

Like the analogy of going to the gym, the first week that you set out on a workout routine, you don't look in the mirror and see dramatic results. We don't see what is happening behind the scenes. But, it's happening none-the-less.

Same with developing our business skill sets in Network Marketing. I cringe when someone quits after a month or two in the business and says "I'm going to try something else." I want to tell them to save their money.

Here is the reality, until the SKILLS needed are developed, the results will be the same. Guaranteed.

So here is the very simple business plan for success – decide what you are truly willing to commit your time, money and energy toward learning and mastering.

Once you have that determined, write it down and then seek out a mentor who is doing what you want and will coach you (not just teach, there is a difference) in developing your skill set. Pull out all of the stops to get it done and resist the temptation to quit when it seems just a little tough.

I look forward to YOUR insight and comments.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Attraction Marketing Explained

Attraction Marketing is sure the buzz word these days! And, it's something I've been practicing online for the past nine and a half years! Believe me, it works! My MLM Business exploded once I learned how to attract prospects to me, who are already interested in a business; interested in network marketing and ready to learn more.

Wow! What a difference from what I used to do!

So, how does it work and what do YOU need to know to make it happen?

I've created a short video outline to explain what tools you'll want to have and steps you'll want to take! Have fun and get those business prospects coming to you -

The biggest key - provide value and content and don't be a spammer of your MLM Opportunity. No one wants that; no one likes that!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Developing Your WHY for Success in Network Marketing

Do you know what you are working for in your Network Marketing business? Do you have goals and dreams of what will be different in your life once you have "made it?" Do you have these concepts written out on paper?

Developing your "why" is a powerful step in insuring that you set yourself up for success in your network marketing business from the very beginning. Think about it – Network Marketing is a volunteer business. We choose on our own to get started and pursue a business. No one forces us to sign on the dotted line. For many, this can be a double edged sword.

This means there is no boss setting up a job description for you; no one making sure that you complete the tasks necessary to be successful; and no guaranteed paycheck! You are now your own boss and you are in charge of your own success and paycheck. You must be self-directed and disciplined. You must do it without being told to.

Laying your foundation for success is important to keep you in the game and taking action steps daily. When you are very clear on what it is you are working toward, it makes this much easier and more fulfilling. After all, it's about more than just money. What will the money provide for you?

I remember my first day in Network Marketing as if it were yesterday. It was filled with all kinds of different emotions - excitement, belief, desire, anticipation, fear, disbelief and anxiety. I felt all of these feelings and all at the same time.

Have you felt that way? Do you feel that way now? If so, you are quite normal, which means you have what it takes to be successful!

The secret of the first day is to write down those positive feelings right then. Put them in a notebook, along with your goals, dreams and the vision for your life. This helps shape your reasons for pursuing your business.

Those positive excited feelings are what you are going to fall back on each step throughout your career in Network Marketing. Still today, before I sit down to make phone calls or send an email to prospective business partners, I conjure up those excited feelings and bask in the feelings and emotions that they create. After a few minutes of doing this, I am inspired and motivated to make those calls and make them great!

I suggest you start a dream book. This will serve you well as you travel on your journey. I know CEO's of Fortune 500 companies that have dream books. It's a very powerful tool. Go to a nice bookstore, such as Barnes and Noble or Borders and buy a journal with blank pages. Lines aren't necessary. Pick one that really fits you. Do you like fabric? Floral or stripes? Paisley or something else? Maybe leather is more your style.

Pick something that really fits you. After all, you are going to create your perfect life in this book, so it needs to be YOU!

Begin thinking about the things you want in your life. There are three areas to consider -

Things you want to have. (Your dream house, dream car, exotic trips, jewelry, etc.)

Things you want to do. (Start a foundation for disadvantaged children; speak onstage at a generic Network Marketing Event or your company convention, be a Top 10 Income Earner in your company, etc.)

Who you want be. (This is a BIG one. Are you a teacher, motivator, inspirational, or altruistic? This involves words that are about you. Words that people use to describe you.)

Get some magazines and begin cutting out pictures and word descriptions of what you want to have, do and be. Now, begin pasting them into your journal pages, and feel free to write about them, too.

You would be amazed at how many of those pictures from my own dream book are now a part of my life. Some of them I cut out, pasted in the book and never really thought of again. And, then, they showed up in my life!

Read through the pages of this book twice a day, at least. Once in the morning, first thing, and once at night, just before you drift off to sleep. Run these "pictures" through your mind every day to get yourself inspired and create an anchor for your success.

Now, you have a very powerful reason established for pursuing your business. As you build it, this will compel you to continue moving forward when someone tells you "no" (and they will), someone says you are crazy, or tells you that you have joined a cult or pyramid! Let your dreams and passion keep you from ever quitting or losing your drive to keep going.

Surround yourself with people who support you in your dreams and those who also share your goals. Work daily on developing the right attitude for success, and keep your belief system strong. Believe in yourself, the profession of Network Marketing and the power of your dreams.

You'll get out of your business exactly what you put into it. Make sure you have compelling dreams and goals and give your business the best you have each and every day, and it will reward you with the best offered!

Here is a short video on your WHY -

Get busy developing your WHY!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer