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Thursday, January 31, 2008

More on Prosperity Consciousness

Do you think with Prosperity Consciousness?

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

--Zora Neale Hurston

Which year is this for you? Are you still asking questions; trying to determine what is going to be the right path for you? Or, have you embraced the journey that has opened before you through this opportunity and are full of answers?

There is not a right or wrong answer to the question. There is really only what IS.

This is the time to create that new chapter in your life, because after all, the past does not equal the future. Now is the time to dream, for dreams are the pathway to change.

What are you hopes for the future? What changes would you like to experience this year? Get out a piece of paper and begin to make a list. Write until you cannot think of anything else. Then, go through the list and choose your top three for this year.

Ask questions of yourself about how change will come. Be open to the answers.

What if you knew that one year from today you could be living your most wonderful, happy, joyful and creative life?

The German Poet Rainer Maria Rilke wrote – “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves. Do not seek now the answers which cannot be given because you would not be able to live the and the point is to live everything. Live the questions now…..”

Ask those questions most worth asking and wait for the answers to come. Those answers always lie deep inside you, waiting for the right moment.

You already possess everything you need to make every dream come true. Believe it into existence!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MLM Regional Events Create Synergy

MLM Company Events

I don't often post about my own company events. This seems like a good time to make a point about the value in regional and company conventions, even though many of us are largely internet based in building our businesses.

For me, these events have always offered the opportunity to connect with, and bond with those on my team, as well as others within the company. Because I do all of my team building online, I only get the chance to meet my personally sponsored team members and others at events such as these.

In looking back at my team over the last 5 years, my strongest relationships have come from those team members who I have met face to face and spent time with at events. The relationship begins online, and moves to a new level with the face to face meeting.

I hope you'll consider this when deciding about attending your company sponsored events. Read on for my recap of my company's latest event.

Wow! Seems like a pretty lame word to sum up the experience of the 2008 Las Vegas Company Regional Conference, but I did come away a bit speechless. Perhaps "Explosive" "Awe-Inspiring" "Unbelievable" would better describe it.

We are poised to enter a new era in our company and be advised – get ready!

The success of any network marketing company really begins to show up when key leaders and visionary's begin showing up among the ranks. Some of them may have been in the company for awhile, just incubating, and some may come in and roll up the sleeves, getting to work right away. We have reached that point where we have the team in place to assist everyone in growing a long term, stable, successful business. There was an energy in the room among the speakers and it was electric!

Just decide what you want and plug into the tools and resources already in place and those that are on the way. More is coming. It just gets better and better!

It was such a personal thrill and so gratifying to have spent such quality time with so many of you there, sharing in your story and your goals. From those conversations, some very sleepless nights and busy days have followed as I have brainstormed and planned out some focus groups with many of you for moving us forward as a company and carving out our very solid niche in this industry.

Some of the focus groups we are working to target include burned out professionals, both men and women; Generation X and Y, and preparing for Generation Z, as they enter the fold. And, we certainly have the internet focus and the traditional offline focus. We are so young as a company and there is so much untilled soil out there. Opportunity is ripe for anyone who wants to grasp it and now is the time.

The first 5 years of a company are pivotal in laying the foundation and building upon that. We've poured the concrete; smoothed and shaped it and now is the time to invest in the best building blocks to build our company strong.

Make plans now to attend Summer Fling the last week of July. Focus on reasons to attend and not excuses for not being there. I learn something new from every event I attend. What important information are you missing out on by not being there? How is this slowing you down in your business? What might happen to your business if you get involved and surround yourself with successful ideas and people?

Set some goals now for "where" you will be when you attend Fling. Maybe your goal is to have your business pay for your trip (great goal!) Maybe it is to bring a team of 10, 20, 30 or more people with you from your organization (another great goal!) And, perhaps it is to move up a pay rank in the compensation plan. Whatever it is, know this – you have everything external in place to achieve it. Work on developing your internal belief and motivation and you'll achieve everything you want and more!

I look forward to seeing you up on that stage!

EXPECT Success!
Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prosperity Consciousness in MLM


The word alone conjures up a variety of thoughts, ideas and opinions.

What comes to mind for you? For me, I think of opportunity and potential; creating relationships, friendships and partnerships based on like goals and values.

What comes to mind for you?

What makes the difference between one person succeeding in this business and another person not?

What makes the difference in one person seeing the Retail price of your products as exciting and competitive and another seeing them as overpriced?

What makes one person embrace the potential of having his/her own business and directing the future of that business, and another asking why he/she should have to pay to sell products for a company?

And, what makes another view this business as competitive; seeing every other member of the team NOT on his/her personal team as a competitor?

My personal belief is that it all comes down to each person's prosperity consciousness.

Defined -

Prosperity consciousness is based on the idea that our thoughts create the reality we see and experience on a daily basis. By using a specific set of tools, we can root out the negative thinking which is causing us to experience lack and transform our lives on all levels and attract a bounty of abundance.


If you will work aggressively each day to raise your prosperity consciousness, you will forever change the direction of your thoughts, your success and your life.

Here are some steps you can begin taking RIGHT now to make a difference in how you view this business; how you view yourself IN this business; and what you see as your birthright where success is concerned.

Step 1 - Start a Gratitude Journal - You can do this on loose leaf paper; a spiral bound notebook; or something fancy. It doesn't matter, just start it right now, TODAY. Write down 10 things you are grateful for. If you are struggling to find ten things, then you REALLY need this practice. How about - another day above ground? The promise that the sun will come up tomorrow? The faith and knowledge that God, or a higher power loves you and has your best interest at heart? From there, you can surely come up with 7 more.

Step 2 - Take Yourself on a WILD, crazy dream adventure. If no one was looking (and they aren't) spend 30 minutes on one of those sheets of paper from your gratitude journal and write out your perfect life. Pretend your fairy godmother touched you with her wand and granted you ALL of the money you need (want) and all of the time you need (want); what does your life look like? Your home? Your bank account? Your favorite charity? Your car? Your day? Those who you surround yourself with? Write it ALL down, no holds barred.

Step 3 - Get into a very calm, still place. Close your eyes, say a prayer or whatever affirmation speaks to you. Now ask yourself, "What is holding me back from having this? What is the number one thing?" Write down, and/or acknowledge mentally whatever pops into your head. Avoid the temptation to rationalize; make it right or wrong; or be defensive. Go with your first thought.

This gives you a starting point for expanding your Prosperity Consciousness.

"Every spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world, and beyond its world a heaven. Know then that world exists for you."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MLM Warm Market

Have you ever worked your warm market list looking for MLM leads and prospects for your business? You know the drill - make a list of everyone you know and ask them -

"Do you keep your business options open?"
"Are you interested in diversifying your income?"
"Do you want to work from home?"
"Are you happy with that you do?"

And so on. The hope is that a percentage of those will be interested right away; and a percentage of those will take pity on you, check out your business and get excited by what they see.

And, you know what? It can and does happen like this in some cases.

The challenge for me is that I felt like I was bothering people. I felt like my friends would think I was trying to make a profit off of them. I knew that it was different than recommending a great movie.

So, I decided to make my MLM Business an Online MLM Business.

That meant that I was no longer going to work warm market; no longer going to work offline; and no longer going to boring hotel meetings weekly.

Yippee! Inside, I was thrilled. Outside, I was euphoric!

And, my offline MLM business partners told me I was crazy.

8 years and nearly $1 million later, I am sure that I was/am NOT crazy.

Recently, my company's VP of Marketing said this to me -

"Jackie, you still work your warm market. You just work a different warm market. You don't work your local warm market of your friends, family and people with whom you socialize. You work a warm market of people who find you online and come to you asking about your MLM Opportunity."

Wow! I like the way that sounds.

How about you? Are you ready to take on a new MLM Warm Market? Ready to ditch that list and get your prospects coming to you?

I'm working with a Mastermind group now of people who want to take their business to a new level.

Get signed up for my Internet Marketing Newsletter and let's work together to make this happen for you.


Let me know your goals! And let me know you are ready to get those prospects who interested coming to you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Friday, January 11, 2008

MLM Leaders

What defines leadership in MLM? Is it something one is born with, or something that can be developed?

Have you ever thought about quitting when your monthly autoship shows up damaged? What if your order gets waylaid somewhere? Your sponsor doesn't call you back on your timetable? The first 3 people who you talk to about the business tell you that you are crazy?

Or, you spend money on leads and they all slam the phone down in your ear?

Well, these are truly just bugs on the windshield, and while frustrating, no reason to leave an amazing MLM opportunity.

When I was in the airline industry and transitioned over to a MAJOR airline they messed up my paycheck for 3 months. No kidding. The first month, I didn't even get paid! Now, I was 24 and didn't exactly have major resources available to fund a month of living with no paycheck.

And we are talking about a MAJOR corporation here with nearly 100,000 employees at that point. The second month, I got paid, but only what I was supposed to with no back pay. It was a full 3 months before the situation was worked out. I was incredibly thin by then from lack of food and walking to work because I had no gas money. (Just kidding!)

The point is - I didn't quit that job. And, it didn't stop me from doing my best in that job.

Same goes with your company and your business. Focus on getting things worked out as you want them to and try not to allow your focus to drift to the negative. Negativity breeds more negativity.

Put your game face on and get out there and and take action! Share the gift you have through this opportunity with others.

Here is a GREAT article written by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter on attracting leaders and becoming a leader. Enjoy!

EXPECT Success!
Jackie Ulmer

How To Attract Good Leaders

by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

"Stop fooling around! I already know all that! Just tell me where I can get some good people!"

The caller wasn't very happy with me. My suggestion to improve one's skills and attitude certainly hit a raw nerve.

"Hey! I've been in Network Marketing for over five years. Don't give me any of that phony self-improvement stuff. I'm not some wet-behind-the-ears beginner. I just need to find some quality people."

Well, there was the caller's problem all laid out. He just wasn't listening to himself talk. In fact, this caller was one of the thousands of Network Marketers who just don't get it.

They think that networking success is outside of themselves. They are looking for someone else to make them successful. They hope that a great ground floor opportunity will go to work for them while they wait for the big, successful bonus checks to arrive in their mailbox. Or, they hope to find a really good prospect who will go to work and make them rich while they watch.

Whoops! Networking isn't about other people making you successful. Networking is about making yourself a better person so that you can make others more successful. Boy, that's a big difference.

Let's take a look at the Networker who constantly changes companies. Why does he change?

Because his present company didn't make him successful. They didn't send the products on time. They didn't come out with that four-color brochure soon enough. And, their products just didn't sell themselves.

So, if the present company just isn't doing its job, what should the Networker do?

Yep! Join another company and hope that company does a better job.

Sounds pretty logical until you find out that companies don't work. Companies only provide an opportunity.

It is the distributors who work (or in my caller's case, don't work). The misinformed Networker is constantly looking for the perfect company that will make him successful. Too bad. Most companies have to hire people—so there goes the perfect theory.

Will this misinformed Networker spend his entire career searching for the perfect company? Sometimes. Eventually, most misinformed Networkers get frustrated by the constant stream of imperfect companies, so they quit networking and look for the perfect job, a government job. Now you know where the government gets many of its so-called "workers."

Believing in perfect companies sounds pretty silly, doesn't it?

However, where do you think our prospects and new distributors get this perfect company idea?

From us.

Aren't we the ones who tell them that the reason they should join our company is because our company is the only perfect company? And so they believe us and stake their career on this mistaken foundation.

Then what happens? The company makes a mistake. Oh, it might only be a little-bitty mistake, but now the company is no longer perfect.

What's our distributor to do?


And then search for the perfect Network Marketing company that will make him rich.

Preparing Our Distributor For Disappointment

The solution to this overselling is obvious. Instead of using the "perfect company" pitch in our presentation, why not tell our prospect that our company is not perfect?

That's right. Our company couldn't find computers to fill all the positions and had to hire error-prone, imperfect humans. And, our company utilizes the post office, a shipping company, and the local telephone service. There are plenty of chances for errors right there.

Let's tell our new distributor that our company will make mistakes. It's part of business and part of life. However, we can add that our company fixes the mistakes—most of the time—to our satisfaction.

That's all we ask. We just want a reasonable chance to develop our business. The real foundation of our success will come from what we do, not from what some distant corporate office does.

One distributor who didn't believe this quit his company with the following words:

"Now my business is ruined! I didn't receive my order in time and some of the items were mis-packed. My whole career and business has failed because of the actions of a single minimum wage employee in a corporate office 1,500 miles away."

Yeah, right. And this so-called leader allowed himself to be controlled by that "single minimum wage employee." That's not much of a leader, is it? Maybe the sponsor should have recruited the home office employee instead.

When we prepare our distributors for the eventual and hopefully occasional company mistake, our life becomes a little easier too.

Now when our distributor calls to complain that his newsletter got wrinkled in the mail, we simply inform him that this is just one of those challenges that comes with being in business. We don't have to defend every little perceived imperfection in our company. We don't have to pave a rejection-proof path ahead of our distributor.

And the best part is that we have realistically prepared our new distributor for the real world.

No hype, no lies, and no false expectations.

Our new distributor now sees these ordinary problems as ordinary problems—not as career-destroying forces of evil.

Now that our new distributor has a clear vision of the road to success, he can drive at the maximum speed limit to financial security.


P.S. So how do you attract good leaders? By becoming a good leader yourself! And if you're ready to become a good leader, this program would be your next step!

Reproduced with permission from "Big Al's" Fortune Now Newsletter. Subscribe: Copyright KAAS Publishing 2008. All rights reserved worldwide.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MLM Companies : Changing Companies

First off, if you haven't jumped on the Site Sell $20,000 Network Marketing Contest, PLEASE get the details and join in! You will come out with a powerful website designed to make you MONEY, generate leads for your business and get people coming to you!

Details are at -

You have until midnight January 4th to get a 2 for 1 special on a website there. For about $25 a month, you will have access to the most amazing tools and learning. More on that tomorrow.

There is an amazing learning forum there for building your network marketing business; and building it online, and that forum prompted this discussion.

Choosing the right company the first time around can be a very challenging proposition. We often come into this industry un-educated, un-informed and only looking at some exciting comp plan that we don't even understand.

There is a common issue that goes on with Network Marketers in that sometimes we don't always choose the company that is best for us on the first try.

Actually, this is pretty common in the JOB world too, but it is handled differently when we leave.

In the JOB world, when one decides to move on for personal reasons, there are typically well wishes and no one gets their feelings hurt or gets bent out of shape over it.

In Network Marketing, however, one is quickly labeled a QUITTER for making a decision to move to another company.

I was with my first company for 6 1/2 years. I had built a successful business but found that my idea of ethics was at odds with the company's and I no longer wanted to be associated. That company went bankrupt and hung their distributors out to dry a few years later. Glad I got out when I did.

I handled my departure very ethically, and never contacted any of my downline, upline, or crossline to prospect them for my new venture.

I was well into internet marketing and focused on attraction marketing. I didn't need to seek out people as the internet allowed them to seek me out.

I also felt it was out of integrity to take advantage of all of the work my upline and others had done on my behalf.

That didn't stop my "friends" in that company from turning on me and calling me a traitor, quitter, and some other unmentionables, ha!

The point of this is that we often DON'T make the right choice the first time around in MLM. We get excited about something and don't always know how to choose wisely, evaluate comp plans, hidden elements of comp plans and company policy.

There is NOTHING wrong with making a decision to change companies when you find that you didn't choose wisely and that there really is not a fit. And, it's important not to let anyone (especially yourself!) beat you up for making a business decision.

As you become educated in the process of choosing a company, an upline, a product line, a sponsor, etc, you may decide you want to do something different.

It's okay, and it's often part of the process.

This does NOT make you an MLM junkie! It makes you an informed business owner.

And, in the reverse case, if someone on your team decides to make a move, handle it with grace and dignity. Respect each person's right to choose what is best for him/her. Shake hands (even through email) and wish them well.

Never burn a bridge and you will find some will return.

As I see some people struggling in this forum and on other forums about whether they are crazy for considering a change, I thought it might be a good time to let people know that it is okay to make a change and you can go on to HUGE success.

Educate yourself at every turn and make sure you are SOLID in your choice. This allows your authenticity in working with your prospects and downline shine through.

Any doubt, even the slightest, shows up!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer