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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MLM Fears: Be Empowered

By What You Do NOT KNOW

So often, we come into this business of MLM and we are afraid.

Many of us don't know how to -

Run a business.

Set prices for our products.

Handle taxes.

Talk to people.

Build a team.

Work the Internet.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, in my business, everyone knows how to light a candle; open a lid and put it under a nose, and express your own enthusiasm.

Be empowered to find those answers to what you DON'T know and allow NOTHING to stop you.

I'm cleaning and organizing my office and files today (yuck) as family is coming in for the holidays and we have a big party here Sunday and my office is a wreck. And, I almost ALWAYS sell candles, so I want to be able to bring people into my office, ha!

As I was sorting, I came across the notes that I took on my very first internet marketing tele-conference in October, 1999. That day clinched my decision to take my business online and NEVER look back, except to gloat!

That was back when the issues about Y2K were such a big deal and everyone was warning me to be careful. Man, can that be 8 years ago?

Anyway, I took notes on as much as I could because the entire call was GREEK to me. It was like he was speaking a foreign language.

These were terms that I did not recognize and had no idea what they meant -

Domain Name


Auto responder

Search Engines (I knew that Yahoo was a way to find things but didn't know how or why!)


Online Newsletter


Viral Marketing

Auto Contactor

Message Forum

Those were only the ones that I had time to write down. I am sure there were more.

I was a full 6 months online before I figured out what an autoresponder was and how it worked. I was AMAZED at how quickly people would respond when I would ask for information off of someone's website. Man, they had FAST fingers!!!

There were MANY days I really wondered what I was doing, and wondered if I had lost my mind. There were many days I wanted to give up. I built my first website on a laptop that is 15 inches long. Imagine the size of the keyboard. My back ached from being hunched over it. My mind was exhausted from lack of sleep and information overload. But my stomach and heart had a fire in them.

I spent over $1000 on eBooks and manuals to teach me what to do. These were all by online marketers, not network marketers. I couldn't find anyone in M L M doing what I was doing. I am sure they were there, I just had no idea how to find them.

I had two hours during the day to work on things. I would drop my son at school and my daughter at preschool and race home to get to work. I thanked the other moms who invited me to bagels and coffee, and declined. I wanted to go, but I wanted a successful business online MORE!

When I would get home to the quiet house, I would sit for 5 minutes and gather my thoughts. I would visualize myself building a HUGE organization of people who found me online. I visualized publishing my OWN eBooks to teach people what to do. I visualized being on stage and empowering and inspiring others.

I had not made ONE DIME online at that point. But I KNEW I had a goldmine and NOTHING was going to hold me back.

Today, all of those things I visualized have come to pass. Today, there are more visualizations in my mind. I expect those to come to pass as well.

What things are YOU visualizing for your future and in your business? What pieces of knowledge are you lacking that will give you the posture to move forward?

Keep those pictures in your mind and do whatever research you must to get the answers you need. There is not one question that cannot be answered if you ask, seek and knock!

MANY doors will open to you if you do!

I love you all, and I wish you an AMAZING holiday season and Merry Christmas!


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer -----===(*)===-----

Thursday, December 13, 2007

MLM Success Tip: Stay In The Game

One of the keys to success in this business is to just stay in the game. Be there once the dust settles and your competition fades away.Longevity in this business and on the internet are imperative. Many times, I have signed up new distributors who originally heard about the business from someone else, and when the time came that the person was ready to get started, the original distributor had quit the business.

My good friend was scheduled to have a clothing party for a direct sales clothing line in October, during the California wildfires. The party was cancelled. She called this week to reschedule and the woman has already quit the business.

What if she had stayed in and someone from the party would have signed up to be a distributor? What if that person had gone on to build a goldmine?

She'll never know what might have been.

My 12 year old daughter is taking an acting class with a professional actor and a casting director who live here locally, and work out of Hollywood. These are people who know that business and have been involved for over 25 years. They have seen actors come and go.

Her acting coach gave some amazing advice to the class the other day and I thought how appropriate for this business -

"Success in this business can be elusive and frustrating. You think you are going to get a call back, and then you don't. Someone else gets the part.

But always remember that your competition is frustrated as well and just days away from quitting; moving on to something else; throwing in the towel. Be the one who is left standing! Always be fine tuning your craft and always be learning something new. Never stop training and never think you've learned all there is to learn."

Sound like our business?Most people give up when they don't have the results they desire after a few days. Maybe they run an ad once and don't get a ton of calls. Or, they work 5 Team Coop leads a month for 2 months and then decide it doesn't work, the leads are bad. They ask 3 friends to host a party and no one says okay.

They are missing the power of longevity and consistency.Decide what it is you want for 2008 and decide on a monthly business plan to get you there. From that, set daily plans and goals and then see the job through. Commit to this action for a 90 day cycle and see it through. The results will show up! You can't possibly know the success of anything after only a few days or a few weeks.

Keep track of your results. Get signed up for the weekly accountability series. Tracking forms are part of this series. Send an email to

This is open to anyone, and does contain some of my company specific information, but can easily be adapted.

Let nothing and no one stand in your way, or knock you down and out of the game. Be the one who is still standing this time next year, only much further up the mountain.

I don't care what anyone says, the view from the top IS better! See you there!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MLM Leads: How Late Can You Call Them?

Does this describe you? You're gung ho in your MLM business and ready to get started working with leads. You've seen the MLM Scripts; you are fairly certain you know what to say; and so you spend money buying leads.

Maybe you've run an ad, or are specifically buying leads. Whatever the case, the leads come in and now it's time for you to call them.

Suddenly, there is so little time and so many things to get done. You just don't have the time today to call those leads, so you delay until tomorrow. Then, the next day; and the next; and the next.

You may shoot off a quick email, hoping that will do the trick. And, maybe you just do nothing.

Or, perhaps this scenario fits you. You are well along in your business and something comes along to upset the daily routine and balance, and you have a hard time getting back into the swing of things. It's kind of like eating right and working out. Once you get in a groove, all is good. But fall off track and getting back on board can be tough.

Here is some good news for you - it's never too late to call those leads.

Can I be honest here? I've been a real slacker in terms of calling leads since the end of October. So much has been going on here with the fire evacuations; assisting neighbors and friends who lost homes; the holidays; my family; and my general feeling of "not wanting to be on the phone and not feeling especially perky."

I thought I might just coast through the holidays and get back to business after the first.

Here's what happened to give me the boost I needed to pick up the pace. My husband and I went to a holiday party on Sunday evening. It was a fairly small gathering of most of our very close friends. As I've said before, my friends know I have a candle business, but they think it is "just my little candle business." They have no idea the scope of it or what all it really entails. And, they have no idea of my income level. I like it that way.

Well, word is getting out. Seems a friend of a friend of a friend found me online and "told on me."

Long story short, the husband of one of my friends cornered me in the kitchen and said -"I had no idea the extent of your business. I thought you just sold a few candles here and there, but I had no idea." We chatted for a bit about the internet; how I work my MLM Business and so on, and he wants to chat more after the first of the year. He's a fellow airline pilot who is facing retirement in the next few years and he wants to retire but have something. We all tease him that he will NEED something as he has a darling, high maintenance wife!!! And she is one of my dearest friends so I mean that in the nicest way, but that girl can shop.

Who knows where it will go, but it really boosted my energy level and put me right back into the saddle.

MLM Slacker no more!

What will give you that boost you need to take your business from hum-drum to the stratosphere? (And I ain't talking Vegas, baby!)

I spent the day yesterday going back a full month to leads I had delayed calling. I had no great reason for not calling, but I was busy and just didn't feel like making the call when the lead came in. It happens to us all, no matter how long we have been in the business, or where you are in your business.

Some days, it's just not fun to pick up the phone.

And, right now during the busy holiday season, you may have a bit of a grace period!

So, I just went back and made the calls. I apologized to those who I spoke with and to those whom I left a message. I didn't give an excuse; I just apologized for the time delay. Everyone I spoke with was still very receptive and interested and I mailed out packets to them. They all knew the business I was referring to and fortunately, all have been receiving messages from my autoresponder, so it wasn't like there was a total void.

If I left a message, I followed up with a personal email directing them back to my site and letting them know a packet is on its way. Many of those wrote back and are still interested. Some entered the candle drawing. So far, no one was rude or told me to take a hike. Keeping my fingers crossed!

So, the bottom line is, CALL YOUR LEADS, no matter how old they are. Find out if they are still interested. If they have moved on, oh well! If they are interested, get information out to them immediately.

We all have those times when we miss something important to our business. Being timely is important, but it is not the end-all and in many cases, if you are just REAL, authentic and honest, you can pick right up. This also gives your prospect "permission" to not be perfect.

Even though it is the holiday season, I encourage you to not wait another minute. Make some calls. You will feel SO good once you do! And, you'll create some momentum in your business that will take you right through to the new year. There is nothing like starting off in January with momentum already in place.

It's never too late to make a first impression!

Be sure to follow up after the holidays and you'll be amazed at how many people will join your team in January.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is the BEST Way to Build an MLM Business?

In October of 1999, I attended an internet seminar that changed my life. I was a struggling network marketer trying to do things like my sponsor was doing and had long ago used up my family, friends, neighbors and warm market.

I was tired, had toddlers at home, and had no idea how I was going to make my business successful given my time, money, and mind set constraints.

Then, along came the seminar and although most of it was a gimmick and a waste of my time, I got totally turned on at the thought of developing my MLM business ONLINE and having people come to me.

Well, the first thing I did was build a personal website, because the internet gurus were telling me that is what I needed to do, and I needed to get traffic to my website and start writing a newsletter. These were NOT MLM guru's, by the way, but people making MILLIONS online annually all while home in their PJ's.

The second thing I did was tell my upline, who promptly dumped on my dream of building my business online, from home, without friends, family and the like. So much for the positive mindset of the networker! He told me I was going to lose my downline and that it would NEVER work because this is a belly to belly business.

It didn't matter. I refused to be deterred and was steadfast that I was going to do this thing and do it amazingly well!

8 years and 3 companies later, it has been the best business decision I have EVER made. And yet everyone told me I couldn't do it. After all, the odds were against me. I knew virtually nothing about the internet and had no clue what a "domain name" was; a URL was Greek to me and whatever an autoresponder might be was of no concern to me. It sounded too scary.

The best way to go about building ANY business is the way that just blows your socks off when you think about it; it’s building in the way that resonates with you when you think about it, and what gets you out of bed raring to go.

Making more lists; talking to more friends and family; and chatting it up with unsuspecting people in malls was a total turn off to me and did NOT get me out of bed.

Connecting with people online and finding those who are looking did and does still get me out of bed.

I am not saying that the internet is the ONLY way to go; or that the methods named above are wrong. It isn't and they aren't.

But, it's GOT to fit you. It's GOT to be right for you so you'll actually DO it!

Educate yourself on the process and get very good at it.

Be willing to practice; try; be bad; get better; and get embarrassed every once in awhile. It's all part of the learning process. It's all part of what gets you there on your journey!

BELIEVE, Have faith and hope and keep turning over stones until you find what is right for you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Friday, November 16, 2007

Riding Out the MLM Business Storm

Are you struggling with the storm that can come with building an MLM Business? Most people do because there is a bit of a storm, and most anything new you do will have its own storm, so this is no different.

The challenge with the MLM storm is the havoc it can wreak in our minds, affecting other aspects of our lives. It's not always easy to get up every day and face it all again.

More phone calls; follow ups; no shows for appointments, etc.

This is the storm that you must face in this journey. There is a storm of putting in MUCH time FIRST for very little, if any pay. Sometimes, your balance sheet will reflect negatively.
All of us must walk that path of putting in a lot of time for little income so we can reach that place of a LOT of income for little time.

The question is "will you keep riding that storm out?" Will you put on your blind faith and move yourself forward; even when the storm is so intense that you feel you can't see where you are going?

All who reach the top go through this. The challenge is that most of the time, people see those at the top after they have made their ascent. After they have lived through their own personal storms and fought the hard battles.

So, it's easy to look at them and think that they surely didn't struggle like you are struggling. They surely did not face as many challenges as you are facing.

The reality, though, is that they did. Ask any top income earnerand they will share stories with you that will make you know that you are on the right path.

Today, on the treadmill, I was thinking of the struggles of the business and specifically the struggle of keeping your mindset where it needs to be in order to get where you want to go. I believe this is the NUMBER one struggle we face.

And as a big music buff, my treadmill time is always spent jamming to music that keeps me motivated in my workout. I relate much of life and business to the lyrics written by others. Why? Well, because they are often writing from the viewpoint of a struggle with something that is going on in their life, whether it's love, business, politics or whatever.

And, we can often find our own story in the words written by another. A few changes here and there, but the same basic story.

Today, it was once again REO Speedwagon and their song "Ridin the Storm Out." It really started me thinking about the storms we all face and how we deal with them and our commitment to weather those storms.

So, here are the lyrics and then mine as to how they relate to our business. I hope you find some piece of yourself and your story within them. Let me know if you do.

Ridin the storm out, waitin for the thaw out
On a full moon night in the rocky mountain winter.
My wine bottles low, watching for the snow
Ive been thinking lately of what Im missing in the city.

How this relates to your MLM business-

Riding the storm out. I'm building this MLM business; wanting and waiting for the acceptance of others and the team to grow, I am reflecting on what has been going on when I could be many other places in my life. My energy is challenged and I sometimes feel exhausted as I push myself to move forward, often feeling that I am swimming against the current to get there. And, while it is challenging, I think of what I could have in my life if I were choosing a different path.

And Im not missing a thing
Watchin the full moon crossing the range
Ridin the storm out
Ridin the storm out.

How this relates to your MLM business -

Here is what I could be doing if I were not committed to this business. I could have: A boss; an alarm clock; day care for the kids; lunch in the break room with other whining, unhappy employees; a long commute with traffic, etc. This is what I am missing and so I am really not missing a thing by spending my time building the business. I have the joy of being home and not missing those things that are important in my life. I'm going to keep on taking action and ride the storm out until these things don't matter any more.

My ladys beside me, shes there to guide me.
She says that alone weve finally found home.
The wind outside is frightening,
But its kinder than the lightning life in the city.Its a hard life to live but it gives back what you give.

How this relates to your MLM business -

I have my sponsor and this team of other people who share my goals and are here to support me in this journey. Many others have walked the path and fought the storms before me and their journey is a guide for me to follow, and together we will reach our goals and help others. It's tough to fight the doubt, disbelief, rejection and other things that go along with the process, but the personal growth that goes along with it is priceless and I know this is the path I must be on. It's not always easy, but the ultimate rewards are priceless and I will get back everything I have given and more.

How are YOU going about weathering those storms you face in your business? Would you choose to do things differently or do you see where the rainbow that waits on the other side of the storm is priceless?

I wish you belief and faith on your journey!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Keep Pushing On In Your MLM Business

Have you ever had one of those days, or maybe even weeks or months where you feel you can not push on for one more minute with your MLM Business? You can not possibly talk to one more person or face one more rejection.

Well, we have all "been there, done that" and the key to success really is to just keep pushing on.

I was at the gym this morning, "wired up" as my son calls it with my Ipod. It's Sunday and I usually take Sundays off from a work out or do some cardio at home, but my son wanted to go.

As I was starting to feel the "wimp out" mode setting in, REO Speedwagon blasted on the scene with their song "Keep Pushin' " and I knew I had to go the distance. It was just what I needed to finish my workout and even push it just a little more.

The same can be true of our business. We make calls and don't get any positive responses or feedback. We work on the retail aspect and some people say the price is too high, or something else is just not quite right. The new distributor who was ready to go and set the world on fire just called and quit.

It's times like these when the temptation is strong to just throw in the towel; hang it up; quit. After all, who needs this aggravation? Who needs to be laughed at by friends and family? Who needs this volunteer business?

Well, actually, YOU do!

You need it for a few reasons, and in no particular order -

1. You'll develop personal inner and outer strength through the lessons of the business.

2. You have the capacity to set any paycheck that you want for yourself and you'll be paid on your efforts and sweat equity.

3. You have the ability to positively affect the lives of thousands of people, most of whom you don't currently know and will often never meet.

The impulse to quit in a business like this is strong, and in the beginning, it shows up quite frequently. Until you reach a certain level in your business, this is just part of it. There is a point though, and if you keep with it you WILL reach it. And, the thought of ever quitting becomes a distant memory as you break through to higher places.

Think of all you have to gain by staying with it, by staying in the game. And think of all you have to lose by quitting. Think of all of the unanswered questions that will remain; the uncertainty about what would have been.

Take a little breather if you must. Take a 5 minute pity party. Call your sponsor just to vent. Read a great book on self development and know that every one who reaches the top in his/her desired area faces similar obstacles and challenges.

You have everything you need inside of you to see the job through. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and Keep Pushin'!

And i'm gettin to know myself a little bit better
Whoa , i keep pushin on
Keep pushin on, yeah

Goin through all the changes i made so many mistakes, oh yes i did
Tryin to leave behind the heartaches
And sometimes i think i was a little bit crazy, oh yeah
Whoa, i keep pushin on

Keep pushin, keep pushin, keep pushin, keep pushin on
Keep pushin, keep pushin, you know you have got to be so strong
Keep pushin, keep pushin, well even if you think your strength is gone
Keep pushin on

Well it's comin together i finally feel like a man, oh yes i do
I never thought that i'd be where i am, oh
Everyday i wake a little bit higher
Whoa i keep pushin on, oh yeah

REO Speedwagon Lyrics

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
Six Figure WAHM

Friday, November 09, 2007

Six Figure MLM and The Employee Mindset

I was recently asked why some people take the steps to take their network marketing business seriously and some don't.

That's a question that could launch a thousand ships and win the Nobel prize if one could produce the answer.

I guess it goes to show that the 80/20 rule is alive and well. Why won't/don't most people follow the success system that is in place and can produce what they want?

Well, I believe it is because too many people have made MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Mail Order and most business that can be run from home sound WAY easier than it really is.So, people believe they are buying a lottery ticket and when they don't "cash in" that first week, they are gone, looking for the next fake promise.

I have people who call me about my business tell me that they want to earn a 6 figure income.

That is great, and it can be done.My first question to them is - Have you ever earned 6 figures before?

The answer is almost always no.So, what will make this endeavor different for them? What will make a business of their own instantly generate that type of income? OR what makes them think that it will?

Especially if they are coming from an employee mindset where they don't want to spend money on anything, and yet they want to earn that type of money. Is it possible?

It is highly doubtful and I won’t say that it can't happen, but most likely, it won't.You buy a McDonald's (at $1 mil plus a pop) and can't make a six figure income even within 5 years in most cases, so why would this be different?

Those who can shift to an employer/business owner mindset are the ones who will take the right action, invest where investment is needed and reap the rewards.

The rest will jump from one program to the next wondering why it isn't working.

You and I can not change that. It's a decision each person must make for his/herself and follow through with commitment.

Simple as that and the greatest challenge that we face, all at the same time.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, November 08, 2007

MLM Success Keys

I wrote this as an article and put it on my website over 7 years ago. I was doing some updates today and found it and am amazed that some things never change.

These ARE the keys to making your business the success you desire.

Keys To Success

What does it take to make an MLM business successful? What does it take to make YOUR business successful? Make no mistake: starting, growing and building a successful business is possibly one of the hardest things you will ever take on.

But, make no mistake about this either: it is probably the most exciting, challenging, personally satisfying and best decision you can ever make.

At least in your professional life. Setting your own schedule, being your own boss, calling your own shots...there is nothing like it. These ten keys are the keys to your success. Follow these and you will create the lifestyle and business of your dreams.

Belief - To have belief in your products or services and your industry is essential. But most of all, it is your belief in yourself that makes all the difference. You will achieve only what you believe in.

Commitment - A commitment is your pledge to do whatever it takes to get the job done - no matter what. When you are committed, you persist. You don't quit.

Contribution - Always give more than you take. It will build your business strong with integrity and good will, which in turn rewards you with good profits.

Goals - Your goals are your objectives. They provide a direction for your efforts and a way to measure your progress. You must have clearly defined, written goals. It is imperative to your success.

Knowledge - Knowledge is power, or so it's said. But really, knowledge in action is power.
Continually gather knowledge in your endeavor and put that knowledge to good use.

Partnership - You may be in business for yourself, but rarely by yourself. Build strong relationships with those you partner with in your business. Never burn a bridge and always cultivate win-win relationships.

Personal Growth - Most successful business people will tell you that personal growth and development was essential to their success in their business endeavors. Personal growth is a lifelong learning process. Practice it every single day. No matter how much you think you know, there's always more.

Take Action - Plan your work, work your plan. You must have a business plan that incorporates

SDA's - Single Daily Actions. You must put first things first, prioritize and follow through.

Treat It Like A Business - There is no substitute for treating your new endeavor like a business. Regardless of how much it cost you in time or money to get started, you must treat it like a million dollar business each and every day. Even if it's a part time business, treat it with respect.

Vision - Vision is a mental picture of all the achievements you aspire to and have yet to bring into being. It's the source of all of your beliefs, expectations, motivations and actions. It's the key to your future. Design the movie (vision) of your life and watch it unfold.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Friday, November 02, 2007

MLM Fears

Fear, the next common MLM business challenge.

Fear is another one of the great business stoppers. It will
stop a person dead in his/her tracks for no REAL reason. Why is this?

Well, when we begin delving to the bottom, this is a good

Most people whom I have spoken with tell me they are fearful
of not knowing what to say to a prospect about their MLM business or product.

Well, here's a big clue - there is no perfect script or magic
line that is going to be the answer to building your business successfully.

There is, however, your perfect story, that is going to hit the right people at
the right time.

Your perfect story consists of developing your
"speech" around your reasons for joining the business or trying the
product for the first time.

Think about your MLM business and your
. What do you LOVE about both? Develop a simple paragraph around these two things and share that with people. Share it passionately and from the heart…..with no hype.

No hype means absolutely do NOT tell people you have the
best ANYTHING. Not the best product, best pay plan, best upline, best training,
etc. When you do this, people's eyes begin to glaze over because they have
heard this dozens of times from dozens of people.

Do yourself a favor - allow your prospect to decide if
anything about what you are offering is a BEST for him or her.

Spend some time developing your STORY and try it out on a
few people. Watch how things change.

Now, another common fear is around MLM
. Many people fear success deep down.

I know I did and it was a real business challenge. I didn't
realize it until I did some soul searching and used a journal to record my
thoughts about things.

My fears of success involved fearing that I would not be
able to handle the demands of a successful business. As a mother of small
children, this did worry me.

I also feared that I would not be able to handle the leadership skills that a successful MLM business would demand to last for the long haul.

Does any of this seem familiar?

Here are some things I realized. First, kids grow right
along with you and the more you involve your children in your business, the
more they will work with you in meeting and handling any challenges.

Second, you will grow personally in direct proportion to
your team and your paycheck.

Seriously, you can take my word for that one!

So, what questions do YOU have on that topic? What fears are
challenging you? I would love to hear back from you.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MLM Duplication

What is duplication and what can and can't be duplicated among your team?

This is an issue have pondered over and over for 14 years and have come to one conclusion - duplication is a choice.

Network Marketing statistics have shown that around 80% of those who come into your business will not duplicate ANYTHING that you offer to them.

That good old 80/20 rule applies all the way through, eh?

Duplication is defined by Michael Clouse as - "Duplication is what I am about to do with you, you must be able to immediately do with the next person you meet, with or without my help, whether that person lives across the street, across the town or across the country."

The basics of our business CAN be duplicated by anyone willing to DO the duplication.

Make the list, contact, invite, present.

As we all grow in the business, however, new ways of developing the business will evolve. ALL are duplicable to someone somewhere, if he/she chooses to.

I write articles; ebooks and build almost exclusively online by getting involved in communities of some type.

And, I enjoy writing so it comes naturally for me.

For some, they will see this process as not easily duplicated. Can it be? Yes! Will it be? Only by some.

Some people like to buld their business through buying leads and calling. It's a process, if you've ever done it, you know. It takes a pretty thick skin. Can it be duplicated? YES! Will it be? Only by some.

Mark Yarnell has shared on his early taped trainings that he used to dress in a suit, go down to the business district and stand on the corner approaching people about his business. He would collect cards of those who said yes or maybe, and then st up in home meetings at his home to show the business.

Can it be duplicates? Sure, you bet! Will it be duplicated? Only by some. (And certainly not me, although I would never argue with his success!)

So, is duplication a myth? Do we need to worry about every method we use to build or business being duplicated by the masses?

My thought is train on the basics, and train on other methods as well. It's like offering a buffet, so to speak.

Making the warm list and going that route can provide the fastest growth, if done right. And, there are also those stories of that creating the fastest route out of the business due to rejection.

So, how do YOU get your business duplicated? What steps do YOU take a new person through?

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
MLM is YOUR Insurance Policy

Network Marketing is Like Buying Insurance

When I started my network marketing career, nearly 14 years ago, I viewed it very much like buying an insurance policy. It was insurance against pay cuts; downsizing; pension cuts; and anyone else controlling my financial destiny.

Insurance is one of those things you must buy BEFORE you need it. Building your network marketing business is the same.

You don’t want to wait until you need it to begin thinking about it.

Because we are a “volunteer business” it can be very tempting to procrastinate taking the action steps necessary to create a true business and income. When you begin your business, it is a lot of time for very little pay. This is normal and the same is true for everyone who starts a business of this type.

Some people will take massive action (meaning lots of time and activity put into their business) and it will create a faster growing business and a faster growing paycheck. Others will take the slow route.

Whatever your situation is, I would encourage you to MAKE time (you’ll never find it) to take action in your business every day. Squeeze in that quick conversation about our products and our business as many times a day as you can. Get committed and go through your calendar and carve out pieces of time to work your business. If you work full time, “life style” your business as you take breaks; go to lunch, etc.

Taking those steady, consistent action steps will begin to pad that insurance policy that you are building. Your business and income will grow, and you’ll begin to find more time to put into your business.

You never know when you are going to need to cash in on that insurance policy, so it’s best to have it ready and available for when you need it.

As I write this, we are evacuated from our home for the second time in four years due to wildfires in our California Mountains. Four years ago, I was just beginning my journey with Scent-Sations and had not yet made the full out commitment to build it to the top. While I was wondering whether or not I would have a home to return to, I made the decision that when I did get home, and if I did have a home still, I was going to put my blinders on and build this business as fast as I could.

That is exactly what I did and have not hesitated once in that four years. With the exception of vacations and fun days off, I have taken action daily and had faith that the rewards of that action would follow.

Today, those efforts have produced a business (insurance policy) that I can cash in on. The income it produces is solid, steady and at this point, requires very little of my time to produce.

This is a record breaking month and will finish as the biggest month so far in the journey.

While I really didn’t think we would be faced with this situation again, out of our home and wondering if it would still be there when we return, I can’t even begin to describe the freedom that comes from knowing that in the midst of worrying about many other things, money and finances is one that we simply don’t need to stress over. The gift that this type of freedom provides is priceless because it allows me the opportunity to be there for my children in a way that I might not if I was stressed over money, and creating income to continue living.

I think of our many friends who not only have homes threatened in the area, but businesses and jobs that are suffering because they can not be there, trading time for dollars. I think of the added stress and strain that this type of worry puts on relationships and I am so grateful not to have this added to our list of challenges.

Take out that insurance policy NOW, before you need it. Decide what it is going to take for you to have the income from your business that will give you the freedom of peace of mind.

Determine what action steps you will take daily to make that a reality in your life. Get committed and do it!

Money can’t buy happiness, but lack of it can certainly create unhappiness. You’ll never regret having that insurance policy when you need it.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, October 15, 2007

MLM Business Journey

MLM Business.

Network Marketing.

It's not what I was looking for when I set out to start a home based business in the early 90's. Although I wasn't entirely sure what "it" was, I knew one thing for sure - it was bad, and I should steer clear.

I equated it with - "lose your friends, lose your money."

But, nothing I else I found fit my "work at home criteria. This criteria included -

Enough income to stay home with my children and not just a hobby income.
Flexible hours - one baby and an airline pilot husband left little "spare" time.
Adult interaction, a way to keep my foot in the "adult world" while home with toddlers.

That was it. It looked simple enough to me, and all roads kept leading me back to an MLM Business and Network Marketing. I knew I needed to educate myself.

The more I researched, I could quickly see that it was the one home business that would fit my criteria.

But, could I do it? Could I fit the network marketing criteria for success? What would it take to be successful?

I would love to tell you that my journey was easy; that the road was smooth, simple and that I rocketed straight to the top. Not exactly.

I faced many obstacles and the biggest one was truly ME!!!

Here's how it went -

Seeking to secure our financial future outside of the airline industry, my husband and I began our Network Marketing journey together, working side by side. My vision of what that partnership would look like was that he would do the “list making”, the prospecting, show the plan, do the follow up and sign them up. I would assist with training, and of course, cash the big, fat paychecks.

And, that worked out pretty well for the first three years. That is until he came home and announced that he was worn out, and done with Network Marketing. He could not work his full time job, have time for his family and also work this business.

“But,” he assured me, “I will support you all of the way if you decide to continue.”

Wow, thanks a lot, I thought. How was I ever going to get to those big fat paychecks?

That is when I first realized what everyone meant when they said this was a business about personal growth and self development. If I really wanted to create the success I desired, I was going to have to go to work on myself.

See, deep down, I wanted everything that MLM / Network Marketing offered, but I didn’t really want to have to be the one to stretch myself and go after it. I was content to walk across stage on my husband’s arm, looking adoringly at him.

That illusion was shattered when my husband said “No more!” I had to make a decision.

Change, grow personally or abandon my dreams.

Well, abandoning my dreams was not an option, so I got busy. I found mentors and empowered myself to lead my own change and my own business.

It wasn’t long before I realized that I really did have the ability to chart my course and my history. I had the ability to shatter glass ceilings and earn more as a woman than I had been able to before.

The best thing about the entire process is that there were many people along the way to cheer me on; to assure me that I could reach my goals; and to support me in moving forward. It was so different than corporate America, where a climb up the corporate ladder usually meant stepping on or over someone else.

So, what specifically does it take to get ahead in this industry and how does it differ from traditional business? The answer lies so profoundly in the personal growth and development.

Many people (myself included) make the mistake of wasting a lot of time and energy looking for that “secret” in the industry; looking for the Holy Grail that is going to make the difference in success or failure.

So, they waste time looking for that perfect “script” to say to people; or that perfect “Sizzle line” to dial prospects into; or something elusive that they have not quite grasped yet that is going to make the difference.

Fact is – the type of Holy Grail they are seeking does not exist. The Holy Grail that does exist is that of working on oneself; understanding what skills and beliefs are required; spending time every day working on mindset and the ability to attract exactly what is desired.

Once I began to work on myself, amazing things started to unfold for me. Prospects began to call me; sign ups were a consistent weekly occurrence; attrition rates dropped; and I began my rise to the top of my company’s pay plan.

How I went to work on myself really came down to a few simple things – focusing on feeling good and expecting success to come my way, ALL OF THE TIME; staying tuned into my “positive meter” and making sure that I did not make calls or speak to people if my attitude and mindset were not at a ten or above.

I did these things by spending time – 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night focused on what I WANTED to have show up in my life, and focused on what I knew that feeling would be like once it arrived.

And, like magic, I began to take inspired action. I would wake up knowing what I wanted to accomplish for the day, and what steps would be required. I went about taking these steps joyously and in anticipation of what would show up.

It’s really as simple as that.

So, now you have a better idea of what is meant when people say MLM / Network Marketing is a course in self-development. Yes, we have awesome products and a great pay plan. And even beyond that, we are vested in assisting YOU in being the best you can be in all areas of your life.

The skills that I have developed have prompted me to now focus on creating a win-win in every relationship I encounter. It’s no longer about “getting the sign up.” It’s about seeing how I can serve another and what I might bring to the table to enrich each person’s life, through the business first, and through a connected relationship next.

I simply can not imagine my life without Network Marketing in it. I can not imagine not having the interaction with the types of positive, like minded people that this industry has placed I front of, and beside me.

What are you seeking to find in your journey through our industry? Are you looking for financial freedom; time freedom; great skills and great relationships? You are surely in the right place if your answer is yes, because even if you only seek one of these at this point, stick around and you’ll find that you won’t get one without the other.

THAT is truly a win-win!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, October 13, 2007

10 MLM Upline Tips

So, you’ve just sponsored your first person! How exciting! You are now an upline because you have a downline. And, you’ve just tapped into the secret of how to make the most money in your MLM business.

Here are 10 tips you can take to the bank on being an effective, awesome upline leader for your team.

1. Be an effective communicator. Communication is the key to every successful partnership. Don’t wait. Pick up the phone immediately and call your new team partner. Welcome he /she aboard and see if there are any questions you might answer. Being an effective communicator doesn’t mean you must know all of the answers. Know how to find answers and know where to refer your team to find answers. Communication is a two way street, so make sure your team know that your line is open for calls as well.

2. Provide Leadership. Great organizations are always built around a few key leaders. Leaders blaze a trail through their words and their actions. They deal with difficult situations and exercise integrity in their actions. Leaders go the extra mile; pick up the phone sometimes instead of email; and provide a sense of team unity and direction.

3. Continue to recruit. The time to slack off on personal business building happens when you are ready to retire, or you have enough personally enrolled team partners keeping you busy and involved with assisting them with their journey in leadership. It took me 13 years in the industry to reach the point of backing off slightly on my own recruiting efforts in order to provide coaching, training and leadership as needed to those on the team. You’ll know if and when the time is right. Until then, avoid falling into “management mode.” No one needs a manager in this business. Provide guidance, tools and then get back to work.

4. Work on Self Improvement Daily. Leaders are readers and one of the greatest gifts you can give as an upline leader is to share great books, tapes and conferences with your organization. Start your own “recommended reading list” and make sure each team member has access to it. Start a “Book of the Month” recommendation. This offers ideas and direction. Make sure it is a book you have read or are reading and share why this book has impacted you and why you are recommending it.

5. Attend all Company Events. When your company invests time and resources to bring the team together for an event, make sure you don’t miss it. This time is priceless for you to get to know the company, your team and the leaders who are shaping the company. Words can never convey how important it is to be there. You must experience it for yourself. When I attended my first company event, 13 years ago, I was told that for every 5 people I had there from my team, another 25 per person would be there the following year. We brought 8 people to that first event from our team. The next year, we had 130 there. Those numbers were pretty accurate. Success gives clues – attending company events is a big clue. Don’t miss one.

6. Inspire your team through your own goal setting and accomplishment. Set your goals and share them with your team. Specifically, share your business goals. You don’t have to share income goals, but give your team some insight into what it is you are working toward. This sets a vision for where you are headed and the team as a whole. While everyone is working toward their own individual goals, by putting yours out there, it provides a sense of direction and demonstrates your commitment. This creates a sense of security among the team. Show them that you see this as the awesome opportunity that it is by your actions.

7. Strive to create leaders among your team. Duplication is the key to ultimate success in MLM. You can create a nice paycheck through your own efforts, and you will create “obscene wealth” by duplicating those efforts with others. The first step in this is to identify and cultivate leadership in those who have similar goals. Get these aspiring leaders involved in leading the team. Conference calls, articles and recognition all go a long way toward creating that leadership vision in those desiring leadership. Sometimes, people can be hesitant, and hold back. Be bold and push them ever so slightly into stepping into their own greatness. This creates security and camaraderie in your business.

8. Develop tools and trainings to duplicate the process and watch your team growth soar. While we are lucky to have more and more training tools and “how to guides” emerging in our business, we still have plenty of room for great ideas and coaching. If you feel something is lacking in the training process, step up and put together what you view to be a valuable resource. Share it with your team and provide it for others to use, add to, improve upon, etc. This goes a long way in encouraging the duplication process.

9. Recognize the efforts of those on your team, both large and small. “It has been studied and noted that people will work harder for recognition than tangible items. We are starved for attention and recognition. Most people don’t get it at work, and many, not at home either. Look for successes and let the person know, and the rest of the team as well. Nothing brightens a face faster than seeing one’s name in print, for a job well done. Recognition is such a win-win. You make another feel great and you feel good in the process. Who can you give some recognition to today?

10. Express your gratitude. Again, another win-win is created with gratitude. Do you take time to let your team know how much you appreciate them? Appreciate their efforts? Appreciate their contributions? Gratitude creates ongoing success. Start today with gratitude about where you are in your life, your business and your journey. You may not be exactly where you want to be, but appreciate what you have today, and watch how that will expand tomorrow. Start a gratitude journal. Every night, list 10 things you are grateful for. There is no right or wrong in gratitude. On those days when nothing seems to go right, it may seem tough to find ten things to be grateful for. It may be the fact that the sun did rise and you are still above ground. That is certainly something to be grateful for. As you practice this exercise regularly, your gratitude muscle will grow. Be grateful for that!

Where are you on your journey to greatness as an upline? It doesn’t matter if you have 0, 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 on your team right now. Practice these 10 tips and you’ll hit whatever mark you have set for yourself. Based on past evidence collected, a good way to start getting what you want is to develop the habit of seeing yourself as already there. Let the greatness in you shine!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

100 MLM Dials a Day

Wow! I was out on another forum today and one member was posting his theory to success in his MLM business is making 75 to 100 dials a day to prospects.

It really got me thinking about Network Marketing in general and the duplication theory. How duplicable is it to expect that those who you enroll, especially if they are new to the industry, will really find making that many calls a day acceptable?

I know for me, had my sponsor introduced that to me as part of the business plan, I would have never signed up. I would have found something else.

Where does one go about finding 100 people to call in a day? The phone book? Some worn out leads list?

How many hang ups would it take to get your new member to quit?

In my 14 years in this industry, I have to say I have never called 100 people in one day. Today, even as a six figure income earner, I average around 10 calls a day and these are to people who come to me through the internet, fill out the form on my website and ask me to contact them.

This is a much warmer contact, to say the least.

What image does it give about our industry to someone if they are coached to make these 100 dials a day? Is that what it really takes to make it in the business and how many people are truly willing to do this?

I subscribe to the law of attraction theory and am much more focused on creating a relationship based business filled with people who are interested, excited and ready to follow a much more simple plan. I am committed to having fun in my business and 100 dials a day, to anyone, does not sound like fun or something that would keep my interest for very long.

How about you? Are you up for 100 dials a day?

What am I missing?

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, September 27, 2007

If I Knew Then what I Know Now!

Boy, can we talk! this topic is a favorite of mine because it is TRUE and it is my story. And, most of all, it's my gift to offer you to save you from wasting time, energy, getting frustrated and the works!

PLEASE take note, even if you find yourself shaking your head and saying to yourself "I don't need that. I won’t do that, etc."

I learned to pay attention to those things I resisted. And, I learned to turn resistance into a positive and fine tune things to suit me. I warn you, this is going to be a coaching filled with "I's" and it is only meant to share what I have experienced and what I would truly do differently.

My Story, in a nutshell (click to read it all!) -

Stay Home Mom - Extrovert, but not when it comes to business
Didn't want people to think badly of me (Network Marketing Business)
Didn't want to spend money
Didn't want to use my credit card to finance

Does this sound familiar to you at all?

Success leaves clues. I always loved listening to the stories of others who I felt were just like me, or had similar qualities. It gave me hope.

Follow success and be willing to adapt and let go of what is holding you back. It doesn't serve you.

I'm going to start with mistakes I made. See if any of these sound like you -

I didn't start with a budget
Lack of consistency in my action steps - 1 week on, 1 week off
Tried too many different things at once, didn't get into a groove
Lack of self-development
Used challenges as a distraction and an excuse
Short Term Motivation - events
Didn't understand the learning process
Not listening to anyone - upline, prospects
No business plan
No single daily actions
Lack of Organization
Excuses, did I mention that already?

Does any of this ring a bell with you?

My goal is not to make you squirm or feel badly, or anything like that. More than anything, I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling these things, and they can be overcome.

What I wanted -

Travel - I was fortunate to travel on an expense account and see the world
Life Style
Private School for my kids
Order and make purchases without being price conscious
To feel successful in business
Peace of Mind

Does any of this ring a bell with you?

So, what changed for me to really turn things around?

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe things happen for a reason. I also believe that some people are spurred along by negative motivation. I know that negative motivation can really work for me.

First, through a series of events, I spent the $80 that I felt I didn’t have budgeted for this endeavor and signed up for Upline Magazine. One the one hand, I was interested in reading it. On the other hand, it would at least LOOK like I was taking action in my business, even if it was just reading.

And, again, what changed to really turn things around?

I did. My thinking, My reading, My outside influences -

TV, newspapers, friends who did not support me in my goal - not financially, but even subconsciously.

My mind pictures

My thought processes

I became aware

Have you ever become truly aware and paid attention to how you feel at each hour in your day?

Here is something to keep in mind though- don't share your transition with everyone. You don't need any negative influences. Let go of your need to share everything and let go of your need to be right about what you are doing. Get clear on what's right for you in your own mind and let go of the other.

Over time, and reading stories, I began to see myself in those stories. Those stories began to inspire me to take some steps I had not been WILLING to take before. Notice I said had not been WILLING. Only I was stopping me.

Frustration became inspiration.

I would make one call and instantly feel better about my day, and myself, even if no one answered.

Little Steps, measured only by me.

I turned my vehicle into a mobile library and lifetime learner, even today. I am always in learner mode.

I accepted slow and steady as my progress rate.

I stopped comparing myself

I began to find ways of doing the same things that others were doing that worked for me.

I had to find my own way.

I sought out female role models - Jan Ruhe, Venus Andrecht, Sandy Elsberg, Rita Davenport. I bought the Women's Tapes on MLM.

I read as much as possible. I found Kim Klaver, who I closely aligned with in ways of speaking to people and doing the business

I trusted myself to adapt my own style, as long as I was taking action steps.

I made sacrifices. I had to find business time in the midst of baby time and friend time.

Things began to change and success began to show up. First, it was success in attitude, then in my paycheck.

So, what would I do different today. Starting right where I am, with my business, the first steps I would take to get my business started would be to go through the Partnership Agreement and take it seriously. For myself, more than anyone.

I would set up a weekly and monthly business plan. I would know each day what my steps are going to be and where my focus is. And, I would know how that is going to build for the week.

I would make sure I truly understand the power in team building and what residual income can provide. I would make sure that recruiting is one of my preferred methods of making money and I would do whatever secondary method needed to develop that marketing budget to move me forward.

I would set a true business budget. I would find ways to have marketing money and I would retail the heck out of my products to get that budget. I would look at EVERYTHING I spend money on and cut back where I could to develop that budget, too.

I would invest every cent back into my business until I had a successline growing under me and my paycheck is steadily growing each month, without me doing all of the work.

I would start out each day doing those action steps that move me forward in the business. Not lost in email.

I would DECIDE to make time to read 20-30 minutes each day. Even if that meant going to my car during my lunch break and reading.

I would insist on my family giving me at least 30 minutes a day to put into the productive end of the business. I would have a heart to heart with them all and explain my goal.

I would attend every event available to further my growth and development. Nothing beats face to face.

I would be coachable and listen to my upline and others experiencing success. I wouldn't waste time trying to reinvent the wheel.

I would spend time day dreaming each day about what I BELIEVE this business will provide for me and my family.

I wouldn't sponsor someone and then sit back and wait to see what he/she was going to do. I would focus on being there, coaching and training, and also finding more people who want to jump on.

I would do whatever it takes to make success in this business a reality.

More than anything, I would understand the process. I would understand that you have to be bad, before you can be good, and good before you can be great. One step builds on the next. Know and understand this now and get the "bad" out of the way. We have so many tools, trainings, scripts and so on to support you in this. Understand the process in growing yourself into the leader you'll become as your organization grows.

Don't worry about the "what if's." How many what ifs have come true in your life?

What if a prospect hangs up on you? Will you die immediately? So what if your best friends says she likes a competing product better? Will that stop you from being the best?

Surround yourself with positive people on our team to support you and affirm your belief in what you are doing.

Believe in the process and believe in yourself.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, September 20, 2007

MLM Commute

I don’t know where you live, but I’m in Southern California and the morning/evening commute to work has always been a nightmare and it’s a nightmare that is getting worse.

It appears that the trend is moving to all parts of the country, according to recent news reports.

The Texas Transportation Institute (a Texas A & M based organization) released a report on Tuesday indicating that nationwide congestion on freeways and roadways is a $78 billion problem, with 4.2 billion hours in lost productivity and 2.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel.

In my local area, commuters are averaging an annual loss of 49 hours due to traffic, accidents and commuting circumstances. Yikes, that is 2 full days a year!

Which two days of your life last year would you be willing to part with? If you are 25, and retire at age 65, that is over 80 days you are cutting off of your life.

Who has that kind of time to waste?

Imagine a morning commute that involves rolling out of bed and sauntering down the hall for all of ten seconds to your computer, phone and home office. What kind of difference would this make in your life?

What kind of time would you be willing to put into developing your MLM business to the point that it would allow you to walk away from that job and that commute? What would an extra 2 days of time mean in your life each year?

So what will it take to get your business rolling to the point that you can walk away?

First, it takes a decision. Decide to decide that you’ve had enough; that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work; that you are willing to give up some things and rearrange others to provide you with the time you need to invest in your business.

Ten to twenty hours a week of focused business building time can create an amazing business and lifestyle for you and your family. The key word if FOCUSED. This isn’t time surfing email, or reading anyone else gripes and soap operas online.

This is time spent promoting yourself; your business; contacting prospects; providing information; following up; sponsoring; training and duplicating.

It does not have to be complex.

MLM is a business system of – Use your products; introduce your products and business to others; sell (yes, I did use the “s” word) products to those who are interested in products alone and not the business; and sponsor those who want to earn a side income as well and beat the morning commute.

There are dozens of ways to do both of these. You don’t have to do them all. Just pick two or three methods that work for you and work them tirelessly.

You’ll create a business that will get you out of that wasted commute and you’ll assist others in realizing that dream as well.

Where do you find people who are also interested in leaving behind that morning commute?

Well, how about at the workplace water cooler. Start a conversation about traffic and commuting. Many will complain as well. Some will just be interested in complaining and some will be interested in doing something about it.

Many of those people are on the internet at night, searching for an alternative. Be prepared to be the one to offer that alternative.

We aren’t talking hard sell here. We are talking about sorting and sifting; providing information to those who want it and moving on from those who do not.

I left behind my morning commute 15 years ago. I can not imagine going back. I am only interested in going forward and assisting those who want to leave it behind as well.

Know anyone who might also be interested in something like that? Send them my way!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MLM Duplication

Is your MLM Business Duplicable? Good question to ponder, huh? And, one I have pondered many times.

What is the definition of duplicable? Well, it starts with "duplicate", which means an EXACT copy of the original. Hmmm. Well then, can any of us truly duplicate another's business, or rather style of doing the business?

My belief is that we can duplicate the concept, and the more we are able to make the process our own, wiht our personality and what feels good to us, the more likely we are to duplicate the outcome.

The process behind a successful MLM Business involves a few key components -

Contact or Invite
Train and Duplicate

(Oh, if only it was this simple, eh?)

Each person in your MLM business is likely going to go about doing each of these slightly different. And, that is okay, as long as the outcome is the same and the last two components HAPPEN!

Let's take these each one at a time.

Contact or Invite

This is simply the process if letting others know about your business. This is not the phase where you show them how it works, or explain the details of the comp plan, etc. This can be done with warm market (people you know); leads, advertising and cold market; lifestyling (talking to others while you are out and about in your daily life); asking for referrals; or any other way you go about CONTACTING AND INVITING to know more about your business. This is the most important FIRST STEP in your business because as far as the "team building, recruiting" aspect of things, nothing happens without this.


This is the phase where you actually show and explain how the business works. There are many ways to do this - one on one, face to face; video; conference call; information packet; web site; any way and every way that you can go about explaining to people how it works. I also consider follow up part of the presentation phase as you are still in the presenting mode when answering questions, and before they actually join you in the business.

Using the tools of your business is an important part of this process because you are always modeling for your prospect (or potential business partner) what he/she will be doing if the decision is made to join you. Make this as simple and streamlined as possible.

And, detach from the outcome. This can be tough, but it is important. Their decision has nothing to do with you. It is all about that person and not you. People do things for their reasons not yours, so you want to get yourself out of the equation right off the bat. Their own personal reasons, issues and life situations are what determine when and what they will do.

Even if you are very successful in your business. Most people have the ability to look at that and know that if the time is not right for them, your level of success won't equal the same for them.

And, people resist being told what to do, and what they "should do." Never "Should" on somebody. I don't know about you, but that gets my hackles up. The more information you can provide them with to understand more fully what they will be doing; how they will be doing it; and where you will be in the support process, the better.


Some people think this is where the process ends but it is really just where it begins, or at least it should be! The sponsoring part is simple once you have contacted, presented and followed up, answering questions and allowing your prospect to sell him or herself!

You can present your reasons all you want about how and why the business would be perfect, but in the end, your prospect will decide based on his/her own experiences.

So, sponsoring means getting your new partner signed up into the business, and then taking on your role as sponsor very seriously. Your next step is to provide training, support and resources for success in the business. Even if you are very new, someone upline from you will have these items in place and ready for you to pass on.

A sponsor is one who "assumes responsibility for another during a period of apprenticeship." Be sure you are fulfilling your role in this partnership.

Train and Duplicate

Finally, we come to the real nuts and bolts of what will make your MLM Business a success, and that is the training and duplication.

Training is almost part of the sponsoring process, since you are "assuming responsibility." And, it's a separate part to me because it is so very important.

For me, even though I do 99.9% of my sponsoring through the Internet, I take the training part of if offline, in terms if follow up and communication. Yes, the training does come to them through the internet, but weekly phone calls and conversations are the key to establishing and bonding that relationship.

And, it's key to me in knowing that I am taking my responsibility seriously and upholding my end of the partnership.

Email is great, but nothing beats the live interaction where clarity in communication is more assured.

And, as this is modeled, the hope is that it will be duplicated on down the line. It will provide confidence in beginning the process of contact/invite, present, sponsor, train and duplicate for the new partner.

And, while I always share my way of working these 4 items in the business, each person will adjust these components, even if slightly, to fit their own style and way of doing the business.

Really, we are not a "one size fits all" business. Because we are all unique and our reasons for doing the business are unique, our own personal style will reflect these.

So, MLM Business Duplication is possible, and it does exist. Just perhaps not as an exact copy!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
MLM Phone Skills

Great phone skills are important to your MLM Business and here is some good news - These skills can be developed.

Do you ever worry that you are stumbling over your words when you talk to someone on the phone about your business?

Do you ever listen to leaders on the business calls or the training calls and wonder how they are so smooth, polished and always seem to know exactly what to say?

This is a skill that can be DEVELOPED - isn't that great news?

And, in our business, the telephone is your most important tool!

Here are some tips to assist you in developing your phone skills and learning to relax and have fun during the process!

Yes, it CAN be fun!

1. Have a separate phone line for your business and have a professional greeting on the answering machine.

2. Put a smile on your face, and in your voice when you talk with people. Happiness and enthusiasm shines through!

3. Paint word pictures when you speak.

4. Ask for clarity if you are unsure what the person means by a question or statement they make.

5. Return calls promptly.

6. Listen and ask questions. Relax, you are NOT trying to sell ANYONE ANYTHING. Your goal is to share information and allow your prospect to sell him/herself! That creates a win-win.

7. Be clear on your why and your purpose. Be solid in your belief and conviction.

8. Detach from the outcome. Don't worry about what the other person says. There are TONS of people out there waiting foryour call!

9. Have a 3 step process to lead your prospect through in looking at the business, or evaluating a retail sale or fundraiser. Always know what you are going to say and what the next step should be for your prospect.

10. Follow up and let people know you are interested in having them join you as a customer or team member!

Practice,practice, practice! After I finally mastered the art of phone calls, communication and how to let my prospect sell themselves, I developed an e-book of Scripts. You can get that at -

Make it a GREAT week and let me know how you are doing with it!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, September 13, 2007

MLM Slight Edge

In any pursuit, it is often the “slight edge” that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary, and the successful from the not-so-successful.

This is certainly the case in Network Marketing. If one observes the ongoing, steady actions of the top income earners, it can often be noted that it is only a slight difference that separates the two.

The “Slight Edge” advantage can be defined as going the extra distance.

In your MLM business that could be just a few minor things that will make all of the difference –

5 extra contacts a week
5 extra minutes calling leads
5 extra follow ups to prospects
5 extra potential customers contacted
5 extra calls to downline team members
5 extra minutes spent on personal development

Imagine what doing these things on a daily or even weekly basis would mean for your business. Imagine if you had a team of 10 people taking advantage of the “slight edge” challenge in each one’s business. What if that team grew to 100 duplicating this process? 1000?

The slight edge starts with you, and it starts in your mind. It starts with your MLM mindset and your willingness t push yourself to go that extra distance when you don’t feel like it; when Gray’s Anatomy is about to start and that 5 minutes extra will roll into the hour; when the neighbors are going for happy hour right now; when you’ve been told no and hung up on for the last 30 minutes.

What might happen if you shrug it off and dive into that extra 5 minutes, knowing that deep within, these are the 5 minutes that make all of the difference? What if this 5 minutes inspires you on to 10 minutes tomorrow?

The Slight Edge starts today. It starts right now!

I encourage you to start a slight edge notebook and detail your daily actions in your MLM Business Opportunity.

Then, make a note of each time you push yourself into the Slight Edge Zone and go that extra distance. Make detailed notes of who you speak with and track the outcome of these extra steps over time.

My guess is you’ll begin to find that it is these “slight edge” moments that make the biggest difference in your MLM Business.

And, when the going is rough and your mental troll tries to talk you out of pushing yourself forward, push ahead anyway and get into that euphoric zone where nothing can stop you.

Get your MLM “slight edge” on and let’s take it to the limit!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MLM Fitness

How’s your MLM Fitness Level?

Does it match your physical fitness level? I don’t really like to run (or at least I didn’t) but I do like staying fit and healthy. And, nothing beats the healthy high I feel after I finish a good run.

Same in my MLM Business. Nothing beats the business high I feel when I finish a few hours of solid business building activities.

Taking Single Daily Actions in your MLM Business is key to improving your MLM Fitness Level. Think about the time you spend each day working your business.

Grab a piece of paper and write down what those activities consist of.

How does it look? How much of that time is devoted to actual MLM Business Building Activities?

This would include calling new prospects; gathering new customers; following up with business prospects, etc. These daily actions are the lifeblood of having a very fit, healthy MLM business.

There will always be time for getting bogged down in email after these activities are completed.

About a month ago, I decided to take up running again. This is after about a 20 year hiatus. And, I was not feeling very motivated about getting it started.

What I was and am motivated about is decreasing body fat, increasing lung capacity and feeing good about accomplishing my goal.

Same in my MLM Business. I don’t always feel motivated about calling leads, or answering many of the same questions that prospects have. However, those are all part of the price for keeping my business, healthy, fit and growing.

And, like my motivation for keeping fit, I am motivated to continue moving my MLM business forward. And coaching others to do the same along the way.

So, I encourage you to do a fitness check on your business.

Here’s your fitness test –

How much time per day are you putting into your MLM Business?
How many new business partner prospects are you introducing to your business each day? Week? Month?
How many new customers do you introduce your products to daily? Weekly? Monthly?
How many calls do you make weekly to your MLM Downline?
How many training calls do you get on?
How much time do you waste, I mean SPEND on email daily?
How do you feel each day, about your business actions, at the end of each day?
Do you feel healthy and fit, knowing that your business is moving forward? Or do you feel guilty, disappointed and regretful about what you didn’t do?

Today is a new day. Dust off those running shoes and run a mile! Dust off that telephone and that script and make a few MLM Business calls. You’ll make some major advancements in your business and your physical fitness!

Today is the day to take your MLM Business to the next level. Today is the day to run that MLM Marathon! I’ll see you as we both cross the finish line!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MLM Business Opportunities Go Mainstream!

Well, not exactly, and what I mean by that is, as an MLM professional of nearly 14 years, it has been mainstream in my life for a long time.

It's nice to see new and positive press constantly making its way out into the public sector, though.

Good Morning America recently ran a segment on the more positive aspects of a Direct Sales, MLM type of business. Details here!

As someone who has used the internet for almost 8 years to build my MLM, it is nice to have some online positive press amidst so much of the "hypey, scammy" looking stuff that shows up regularly in my email inbox. KnowwhatImean?

So, I started thinking about ways that we can promote our businesses, both online and offline, that create a positive feel among those not in our industry. I came up with these "10 Commandments of Professional MLM", if you will!

1. Thou Shalt Not SPAM thy opportunity to others. (Pretty self explanatory, I would say!)

2. Thou Shalt Not Use Hype and Exaggerated Product Claims to promote your MLM Business. (Again, pretty self explanatory!)

3. Thou Shalt Not Make False or Exaggerated Income Claims about Your MLM Opportunity. (People are going to find out sooner, rather than later, that the big bucks don't usually come in the first 90 days. We are a 2-5 year business plan!)

4. Thou Shalt Not Chase Your Friends and Family Into Your Business (Hey, we are looking for the willing here, not someone who feels a gun is to his/her head!)

5. Thou Shalt Not Tell ANYONE - "You would be great at this!" (How do you know, really? One has to WANNA first, and only he/she knows that. Instead, let people know the TYPE of person and character traits you are looking for and see if HE/SHE thinks it's a fit!)

6. Thou Shalt Not Fool People Into Looking At Your Business - (No Backyard BBQ's, only to pull out the white board before dessert!)

7. Thou Shalt Not Bash Other Companies - (You picked a great company, right. Guess what? There are other great companies out there besides yours! Telling someone that they have a "dog company" does not make you or your company look better in their eyes. It only makes you look unprofessional!)

8. Thou Shalt Not Bash Other Distributors, including your Upline - (As my mom always says, and straight from Thumper's mouth on Bambi - if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.)

9. Thou Shalt Not Talk Badly About All MLM's if Yours Doesn't Work Out - (There are millionaires today thanks to MLM, so it obviously works, right? The fact that yours did not work for you does not mean it won't for you in the future, or for others. Give others the freedom to decide for themselves!)

10. Thou Shalt Not Quit! (Even if you find that the first opportunity you join is not a solid fit for you, that doesn't mean throw in the towel. You are now more seasoned and have a better idea what you might be looking for and what is important to you. Research and get started soon in something that will be a fit! And good luck!)

Now, let's see what we can all do as a community to keep the positive MLM feedback coming our way. After all, Rich Dad, Poor Dad and others can't be wrong....right?

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, August 20, 2007

Old School vs New School Network Marketing

Wow! This one topic is always assured to create some excitement and that is always fun.

To me, old school network marketing is defined as using hype; bogus claims; flashing checks; making exaggerated promises, and so on. Any of this ring a bell with you?

I'm afraid the days of old school and ridiculous hype will probably never end.

Almost 8 years ago, I cashed in my "old school" method of network marketing and opted for new school instead. It just "fits" better for me.

I recently returned from my company convention and took my husband and family with me for the first time.

This is his first Network Marketing convention in 10 years and he was a little hesitant.

Why? Well, because he was used to "old school" network marketing. Ranters and ravers on stages "Selling the Dream," asking you to "pay the price" and making wild claims and on and on.

He knows that I practice new school because he listens to me on the phone, sees my emails, listens to my team training calls, etc.

He had a good time, but he did admit that a few times he crossed paths with some old school'ers and it brought up all of the old angst, about the industry. He was quick to tell me that he finds this new way so refreshing just to even listen to.

It feels so much more authentic and genuine.

I've built to the top of a pay plan and into the top 1/10th of 1% of all network marketers. I share this not to "toot my horn" but to let you know it's been done without ever making a promise, other than to offer support, coaching and training; without flashing a paycheck; and without using any of the words on the "forbidden verbiage page" of the new school Network Marketers.

And, it is so much BETTER and ultimately easier this way.

Anyone else can do this too! Hype and spam will never get one anywhere, or at least not keep one there for long.

I recently read this comment on another blog and found it particularly interesting. This was about a new company in pre-launch that is being advertised online in some very "old school" ways - hype, claims, etc.

"We are at the very beginning, it doesn't get better then that"

Funny, most company statistics will tell you that top income earners come in after the 7th or 8th year a company is in business. Most people won't stick around in the beginning to work through the growing pains. They aren't willing to wait it out and grow their business while things are falling into place.

There is NO perfect time to get started in a network marketing business except when it is right for YOU!

To say that there is no better time to get into a company than at the beginning is just more hype.

Whatever business you are in, know that the New School way works just as well, builds just as quickly and will provide much higher retention rates for you over the long haul.

After all, wouldn't you rather know the truth about what it is going to take to be successful from the start? Wouldn't that start you off with a much higher level of trust and satisfaction with your sponsor?

We could use more win-win's like that!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Always remember to separate yourself from the "no's!"

Whether it is a "no thank" about your product, a fundraiser, or the business, it is NOT about you.

Think about it this way - it's kind of self centered to think that YOU personally have anything to do with the reason someone doesn't want to buy a candle (or whatever your product is), book a fundraiser or join you in the business, right?

When you detach yourself from no, you eliminate the feeling that there is rejection in this business. Truly. I NEVER feel rejected when someone joins with someone else, doesn't buy products, etc. I know that each person must create the best win-win that he/she can for themselves, just as we all want to do.

In fact, knowing what I know about our business, products, team, support, training and so on, it couldn't possibly be about me if they say no. After all, if they know what I know, a "no" would be out of the question.

So, with that in mind, it is easy for me to honor their right to say no, and be fine about it. This allows me to still feel good, and leave the door open for possibilities down the road.

If I could encourage you to do ONE thing very quickly in your business, it would be to let go of the "no's" and always be in the right frame of mind for the YESES!!!!

If you can move past a few "No's", remaining confident in yourself and confident in the product and your business, you will have the mindset for success when the first (of MANY) yes shows up!

When I first started with my company, I sent out my newsletter to over 5000 people, advertising my new venture. These were all people who had WILLINGLY signed up to hear from me. A handful ordered candles (one company Director came indirectly from that group) and a handful signed up (three other Director's came indirectly from that group.)

So, MOST said NO! Some said yes, and over time, even more have said no. And, from that initial batch that said no, some more of them eventually said YES! The majority will not say yes. Not now, and not ever. You will want to know that going forward. And, here is the exciting part - the few who say YES are the ones who matter. They are the ones who want to make their own dreams come true, making yours come true along the way!

Are you willing to get enough no's to lead you to 4 outstanding Director's? Now you know what I know, so I encourage you to make your answer to this question - YES!!!


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer