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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creating MLM Momentum; Overcoming Obstacles and Reaching the TOP of the Mountain

Do you struggle with calling people who never call you back? They request information and then vaporize into thin air? Do you hand out samples and invite people to visit your website, but nothing ever happens? Do you schedule parties and retail events and get snowed out; or few people show? Do you sign people up in the business and they never even get started? They never place more than their first Starter Pack order?

You are on the right path and I want to assure you that everyone who has attained success in our business or any other has also faced and overcome these same challenges.

You MUST keep your chin up in order to have success in this business. Refuse to let events and people get you down or disappoint you. Those who you need are out there, and you never know how they are incubating, waiting to get involved.

Especially with leads. Don't assume that their lack of response means they aren't interested. Often it just means they aren't ready. I have had people join me 2 years after requesting information and many times, I haven't heard anything from them in that time. But they are studying and holding onto information.

Remember that this business is about starting with that small snowball and rolling it across the field until it gathers momentum and you reach the hill, and push it overboard. Once you get to that point, stand back. It flies and it does so quite effortlessly.

The hardest part is keeping the faith until you get a big enough snowball to shoot it down the hill.

Plant seeds DAILY. Water those seeds REGULARLY. Have a BIG vision of what your future holds here. And, never quit on any of these activities.

Instead of standing at the bottom looking at the top of the mountain, just look 10 feet in front of you and take those steps each day and just keep climbing! It's been said that you can drive from Los Angeles to New York in the dark with your headlights focused no more than 20 feet ahead. Follow the markings on the road that have been placed there by those who have gone before.

I promise you this - you will never regret it once you reach the top. You will feel amazing and empowered and you will spread those feelings to others.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have You Struggled With Internet Marketing Success

Editor/Publisher, Jackie Ulmer


I just returned from the MLMCruise where I met someamazing networkers and Internet Marketers. If you arepurusing success in either or both of these businessmodels, read on, you'll love this.

If you've looked into starting an online business then I bet you've discovered it's not nearly as easy as you've been led to expect, right?

Have you struggled with how to use Twitter, Facebook,online forums and other methods for getting prospectsto you? What about blogging, Search Engine tactics, building your list and Google Adwords?

The system and the answer is finally here, in one place.

There are a LOT of pieces to the puzzle - and most of the training out there is missing some (and much of it is pure hype, of course).

Even once you have all the pieces it can be confusing to make them fit together profitably.

In fact, Internet marketing expert Bill Hibbler explains that trying to start from scratch and put the puzzle together is a big mistake.

He admits he's guilty of making the same mistake, too. I know it was sure rough for me when I started9 years ago.

It's just too much for most people who are trying to get started part time on a limited budget, he says.

And he should know.

Bill's a best selling author, speaker, respected marketing coach, and he's got over 9 years of success online under his belt.

He's known for his 'pull no punches' straight talk, so when he said beginners should follow a totally different path to get started, I knew you'd want the whole story.

What's interesting is that the alternative Bill suggests isn't new... but with the arrival of high quality 'Internet TV' the game has changed completely.

I agree with Bill on this.

I think just about anyone who was even a little serious about getting started online will be able to easily do this.

Anyway, I thought I'd recommend you check it out.Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Have an awesome weekend.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
The Street Smart Wealth Team
Walnut Hills, Box 1955
Blue Jay, CA 92317

Thursday, October 30, 2008

8 Rules of Leadership

What Leaders Do

I am reading the book "Winning" by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric and he has some amazing insights into Leadership, and specifically, What Leaders Do.

Here are his 8 "rules" of Leadership. See where you fit in –

1. Leaders relentlessly upgrade their team, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence.

2. Leaders make sure people not only see the vision, they live and breathe it.

3. Leaders get into everyone's skin, exuding positive energy and optimism.

4. Leaders establish trust with candor, transparency, and credit.

5. Leaders have the courage to make unpopular decisions and gut calls.

6. Leaders probe and push with a curiosity that borders on skepticism, making sure their questions are answered with action.

7. Leaders inspire risk taking and learning by setting this example.

8. Leaders celebrate!

I highly encourage reading this book if you haven't as it has great insights into being successful, whatever your business is.

Leaders are more often DEVELOPED than born. Take steps daily to define and develop your leadership.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, October 09, 2008

MLM Advertising on a Budget

I was just asked by a new team member how to build a business on little to no budget. Here are ten ideas I offered.

Many people who start a home based business have a limited advertising budget However for the life of your business it is important that you get the word out as quickly as possible. These tips will help you do just that without breaking the bank.

1. Word of Mouth is one of the best forms of advertising. It is absolutely free and if done correctly, you will get a great response. Talk to everyone you know about your business, Ask your family and friends for referrals. Make an effort to meet new people while you are out and about. If the internet is a tool that you use to grow your business visit message boards, you can meet a lot of people who will be interested in what you have to offer.

2. Go to trade shows and expos. Start conversations and pass out and collect cards as appropriate. Be respectful of others who have paid to be there and be subtle. Save prospecting conversations for a phone call later. Plant lots of seeds.

3. Join a networking group. There are many great sites on the internet that you can join that are absolutely Free. You can meet people that can possibly be interested in your business. If you prefer networking offline, contact your local chamber of commerce. Most hold monthly mixers that you can attend for a nominal fee. This will give you the opportunity to meet local business owners in your community.

4. Make use of your email. Be sure that every email that you send out includes your signature tag. Make it short and catchy so that it will arouse people’s curiosity.

5. Hand out your business cards. Include one in every piece of mail that you send out, give one to everyone you exchange money with, leave them at restaurants with your tip, and any where else that you can think of.

6. Get a web decal. These are great advertising tools and they're very inexpensive. Just come up with a catchy slogan and your url address. Every time that you drive, you will be advertising your business.

7. Wear your business. Get t-shirt, hats or pins that promote your business. This will promote interest and curiosity.

8. Write articles. Articles are a great form of advertising. Your articles do not have to be business related. Write about topics that you are very familiar with and passionate about. Attach a resource box to every article that you write. A resource box tells the reader a little about you and your business. Many websites and e zines are looking for quality articles to reprint.

9. Start your own online newsletter. Newsletters are a great tool to help you build your business. You are able to stay in touch with people who have opted in to receive information from you. Make your newsletter informative and enjoyable to read. There are a lot of newsletters out there so you must distinguish yourself from the crowd. Have Fun and be creative when creating your newsletter.

10. Use postcards to market your business. Postcards are inexpensive to mail and most importantly they get read. With postcard you only have a small amount of space to write, so you want to make sure that you have a catchy headline and an ad that propels people to act. Offer a FREE gift or a discount.

Just do it and you'll succeed!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Who to Prospect in a Down Economy for Your MLM Business

There are certainly MANY industry groups who are suffering from what is going on in the US economy. This is a great time to present your MLM business to those who are looking for some income relief.

I was out and about this weekend at the beach and spent some time chatting with servers and bartenders. It certainly didn't seem like there was an economic crunch as the restaurants and bars were packed, with long wait times.

In speaking with those who work there, what they told me is that there hasn't been a real slowdown in traffic, but what has slowed down are the tips.

People are being much more conservative in what they offer in tips. Many of those I spoke with stated that their average tips are down about 25%.

Yikes, most people can not afford a 25% pay cut. Can you?

So, keep this in mind as you are out and about and be sure to leave your card with these people, along with a decent tip!

They are still working hard. And, some will be motivated to pursue their own business!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, September 27, 2008

3 Simple Keys to MLM Success

3 Keys to MLM Success

If you are struggling in your MLM business it could be that you are missing something in the 3 keys that it takes to be successful. It's a simple system of business as long as you stick to the basics and don't complicate it. Let's cover the 3 keys –

Key # 1 – Belief

Key #2 – Marketing

Key #3 – Training and Duplication

The first key to success in MLM is belief, and belief covers 3 areas, all of which are important to your success. You must have belief in the company/products that you are representing; you must have belief in the system of network marketing; and you must have belief in yourself and your ability to be successful. All of these are important, but belief in yourself is the most important.

Belief in the company and products is simple and can be developed with a few simple steps. Learn the company story and get to know the management team; their background, vision and focus. Replace every single product in your home with products offered by your company. All successful leaders do this and it's the best way to entrench yourself in your business. Once you have taken these steps, you'll know where your belief level stands. If you are confident in what you are offering and the company you represent, you are ready to market your business.

Belief in the system of network marketing is done through education. Ask your upline for five books that you can read to educate yourself on how network marketing works. Learn your compensation plan and study the success stories of others in your company and in the industry. You must know that if any other person can be successful, then you can, too.

This leads to belief in you. Ask yourself this – "Why not me, and why not now?" Success in this business is just about talking to people, each and every day about your business. That can be one person a day, two people a day or ten. The number is up to you. Your goal is to simply make sure at least one person a day learns that your business exists. You aren't begging, convincing or "selling." You are sharing information. Some will join you, and some will not, and either way, it has little to do with you.

Marketing is the second key to success. Your business will go nowhere if no one knows it exists. Decide on the number of contacts you will make each day and then be committed to seeing the job through. There are many ways you can accomplish this. Here are a few I recommend –

First, send a "friends and family" letter and let those who have a relationship with you know what you are doing. You are making a business announcement just as you would if you were opening a brick and mortar business. This letter should include a little about your reasons why; your product line; and what you are looking for in terms of customers and business partners.

Second, advertise. This can be done many different ways. A small local ad in your paper; a web decal or wrap on your car; business cards that you pass out; joining your chamber of commerce and business networking groups; purchase pre-screened leads; and joining online social and networking sites are all ideas of ways to advertise your business. You don't need to do them all. Pick two or three to get you started and grow your efforts from there.

Third, make sure you know and understand the process for explaining your business concept to others. Use the tools offered by your company and upline. Some of these tools may include a prospecting phone number; website; brochure or handout; CD; etc. Keep it simple and show each person that this is a business that is not complicated.

As you find people who want to join you in business (and you will if you are consistently marketing it) you'll want to train and duplicate the process. It really comes down to the first two keys above. Train your new distributors on developing belief in the company, products, system of networking marketing and themselves. Explain the different ways of marketing and show each one what you do specifically so there is a "roadmap" in place. Be there to coach and support and then teach them how to train and duplicate as they bring people onto the team.

Follow these 3 simple keys consistently and repeatedly and you'll have a growing, thriving business in Network Marketing. Keep it simple; make it fun and teach people how to break free of the corporate mold that has trapped so many. We offer a business of freedom and fun. Share it with everyone you can.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

MLM - Is it a Dirty Word?

Have you ever wondered this?

Been asked this?

Wondered why some have that perception?

It's not the industry itself that has created the negative stigma. And, it's not the companies in MLM who will remove that stigma.

It's us - you and me. Those of us involved in the industry.

Those of us who are passionate enough about what it can and has provided for us, and our ability to pass that on to others must take a stand and educate.

For me, M.L.M. stands for My Life's Mission!

How about you?

Do you understand MLM? Let's start there -

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Tips to be a GREAT Upline and Leader in Your Network Marketing Business

Here are 10 tips you can take to the bank on being an effective, awesome upline leader for your team.

1. Be an effective communicator. Communication is the key to every successful partnership. Don't wait. Pick up the phone immediately and call your new team partner. Welcome him /her aboard and see if there are any questions you might answer. Being an effective communicator doesn't mean you must know all of the answers. Know how to find answers and know where to refer your team to find answers. Communication is a two way street, so make sure your team knows that your line is open for calls as well.

2. Provide Leadership. Great organizations are always built around a few key leaders. Leaders blaze a trail through their words and their actions. They deal with difficult situations and exercise integrity in their actions. Leaders go the extra mile; pick up the phone sometimes instead of email; and provide a sense of team unity and direction.

3. Continue to recruit. The time to slack off on personal business building happens when you are ready to retire, or you have enough personally enrolled team partners keeping you busy and involved with assisting them with their journey in leadership. It took me 13 years in the industry to reach the point of backing off slightly on my own recruiting efforts in order to provide coaching, training and leadership as needed to those on the team. You'll know if and when the time is right. Until then, avoid falling into "management mode." No one needs a manager in this business. Provide guidance, tools and then get back to work.

4. Work on Self Improvement Daily. Leaders are readers and one of the greatest gifts you can give as an upline leader is to share great books, tapes and conferences with your organization. Start your own "recommended reading list" and make sure each team member has access to it. Start a "Book of the Month" recommendation. This offers ideas and direction. Make sure it is a book you have read or are reading and share why this book has impacted you and why you are recommending it.

5. Attend all Company Events. When your company invests time and resources to bring the team together for an event, make sure you don't miss it. This time is priceless for you to get to know the company, your team and the leaders who are shaping the company. Words can never convey how important it is to be there. You must experience it for yourself. When I attended my first company event 13 years ago, I was told that for every 5 people I had there from my team, another 25 per person would be there the following year. We brought 8 people to that first event from our team. The next year, we had 130 there. Those numbers were pretty accurate. Success gives clues - attending company events is a big clue. Don't miss one.

6. Inspire your team through your own goal setting and accomplishment. Set your goals and share them with your team. Specifically, share your business goals. You don't have to share income goals, but give your team some insight into what it is you are working toward. This sets a vision for where you are headed and the team as a whole. While everyone is working toward their own individual goals, by putting yours out there, it provides a sense of direction and demonstrates your commitment. This creates a sense of security among the team. Show them that you see this as the awesome opportunity that it is by your actions.

7. Strive to create leaders among your team. Duplication is the key to ultimate success in MLM. You can create a nice paycheck through your own efforts, and you will create "obscene wealth" by duplicating those efforts with others. The first step in this is to identify and cultivate leadership in those who have similar goals. Get these aspiring leaders involved in leading the team. Conference calls, articles and recognition all go a long way toward creating that leadership vision in those desiring leadership. Sometimes, people can be hesitant, and hold back. Be bold and push them ever so slightly into stepping into their own greatness. This creates security and camaraderie in your business.

8. Develop tools and trainings to duplicate the process and watch your team growth soar. While we are lucky to have more and more training tools and "how to guides" emerging in our business, we still have plenty of room for great ideas and coaching. If you feel something is lacking in the training process, step up and put together what you view to be a valuable resource. Share it with your team and provide it for others to use, add to, improve upon, etc. This goes a long way in encouraging the duplication process.

9. Recognize the efforts of those on your team, both large and small. "It has been studied and noted that people will work harder for recognition than tangible items. We are starved for attention and recognition. Most people don't get it at work, and many, not at home either. Look for successes and let the person know, and the rest of the team as well. Nothing brightens a face faster than seeing one's name in print, for a job well done. Recognition is such a win-win. You make another feel great and you feel good in the process. Who can you give some recognition to today?

10. Express your gratitude. Again, another win-win is created with gratitude. Do you take time to let your team know how much you appreciate them? Appreciate their efforts? Appreciate their contributions? Gratitude creates ongoing success. Start today with gratitude about where you are in your life, your business and your journey. You may not be exactly where you want to be, but appreciate what you have today, and watch how that will expand tomorrow. Start a gratitude journal. Every night, list 10 things you are grateful for. There is no right or wrong in gratitude. On those days when nothing seems to go right, it may seem tough to find ten things to be grateful for. It may be the fact that the sun did rise and you are still above ground. That is certainly something to be grateful for. As you practice this exercise regularly, your gratitude muscle will grow. Be grateful for that!

Where are you on your journey to greatness as an upline? It doesn't matter if you have 0, 10, 100, 1,000 or 10,000 on your team right now. Practice these 10 tips and you'll hit whatever mark you have set for yourself. Based on past evidence collected, a good way to start getting what you want is to develop the habit of seeing yourself as already there. Let the greatness in you shine!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, June 21, 2008

7 Keys to Sponsoring With Integrity and Success

If you will always focus your efforts on recruiting with integrity, you will have so much business you won't know what to do with it all! What a problem to have, eh?

Here are some guidelines on sponsoring with integrity -

1. Never bash another company. It only makes you look bad in the end. And, it degrades the entire industry, including your opportunity.

2. Focus on the needs, wants and desires of your prospect. It's about them, not you. Avoid the tendency to talk too much about yourself, except when sharing your personal story and hot button.

3. Never hype or overplay your opportunity. Network Marketing is strong enough to stand on its own without "check flashing" and bogus income claims. In a job interview, no one ever pulls out their paycheck to try and convince you to come to work for them. It should be the same in our industry.

4. If your prospect has already seen your company presentation and been approached by someone else, suggest that the prospect re-evaluate and get back with the person that originally talked with him/her and get started. This shows integrity on your part and if the prospect REALLY wants you to sponsor them, they will tell you. Ultimately, it is up to the prospect to decide whom he/she will partner with and everyone should honor this. We are in a time when more and more people are choosing our industry as a career path and they are "sponsor shopping." This is actually a good business decision. People must ultimately make a sponsor choice that best serves them.

5. Always keep your word. Follow up when you say you will, be on time, follow through on any promises you make and be a professional.

6. Yes, it is a numbers game, but be careful you aren't treating people like a number. Give your best to each person so that they truly believe you are interested in them as a partner and not just as a paycheck.

7. Remember that your represent our entire industry so always maintain your integrity and that of the industry.We have such a tremendous industry and things are really happening for us. If we all work together and respect each other, everyone's business will grow and prosper!

Have a GREAT sponsoring weekend!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gas Prices, Lattes and Your MLM Business

A financial guy on the news yesterday was comparing the cost of gas to the cost of your favorite Latte or coffee drink. His analogy is that it's still around $56 a gallon for coffee at your favorite coffee place. Gas where I live is about $4.60 a gallon, average and won’t take me very far. That latte costs around $4.00 and gives me a caffeine buzz and then nothing.

My business, however, at about $4.00 a day creates an asset that I can support my entire family on over time. In other words, that $4.00 investment builds and doesn't stop a short time later (unless I stop.) I use $4.00 to include marketing and business costs beyond the Autoship. Determine your own daily amount based on your business.

If you could look into a crystal ball and know that you could be earning a significant, full time income your Network Marketing business, what steps would you take to get there?

If you had the guarantee that if you followed the "roadmap" you would arrive at your goal, would you commit to the process?

The biggest challenge most network marketers make is that we come into this with an "employee mindset." We are used to putting in XX amount of time and getting XX dollars at the end of the pay period.

When you are a business owner, you are not an employee with a guaranteed salary; you are now building an asset that can/will generate income for you for years to come. And, if done right, and income that will grow steadily with no more work involved than what you start with, and in most cases, less.

The secret is in knowing this; committing it to your brain and putting on your blinders to just see the job through. Your company provides the products and a great pay model; your upline leaders who have already traveled the road provide you with a roadmap. Now, it's up to you to provide the daily motivation; thinking power; and dedication to carry on your end of the bargain.

When I started in my first network marketing business, I forgot that "work" was part of the formula. Actually, it was more about taking action and doing SOMETHING to promote my business. I didn't get very far. And, I didn’t give up. That was the one key thing that brought me to where I am today.

Too many people want to get their initial order; read and study the manual; maybe talk to a couple of people and say "Show me the money!" Remember, you are creating an asset and the investment of time that you make in promoting your business will increase the return on investment of your asset.

Shift your thinking to that of business owner and leave behind the employee gig! That doesn't get many of us where we want to be in life. It doesn't give us freedom or control; and certainly not financial security.

Read books by successful business owners or all types. From Robert Kiyosaki to Donald Trump; to Warren Buffet and others. The message is pretty much the same although the method for getting there can vary.

You hold an amazing tool in your hands with your chosen M.L.M. Invest yourself in these tools and assets. Decide what your daily investment of promotion of your business is going to look like.

And, if you must choose between the Latte and your business…well, need I go there?

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, June 16, 2008

Creating Your MLM Success Vision

Your vision is the picture that you have of yourself, your life and your future.

Whether you like it or not, it is also what you are living right now. Whatever is your dominate focus in your life is creating your reality.

If you are experiencing lack in your life, check your focus. You will find that you are spending most of your time focused on what you are lacking. You can turn this around by focusing only on what you desire.

It's impossible to have vision and worry at the same time. If worry is holding you back, you must replace that worry with vision.

"What you worry about will come about!"

Now, think about that another way.

"What you visualize will actualize!"

Isn't that much better?

Did you know that your mind does not distinguish between what is real and what is imagined?

Have you ever had a dream, and upon awakening, it was still so real and vivid in your mind that your heart was racing, or your emotions were charged? So, what if you could fool your mind into creating your perfect life?

You can change the entire direction of your life by replacing worry with vision. And, it all starts with writing your vision down.

Take a clear look at your past. How much of it has been dictated by worry, fears, false assumptions, and a scarcity mentality? Most people put their focus on what they lack, instead of clearly visualizing what they want.

The more time you spend in "feeling" anticipation for something great about to happen in your life, the quicker your life will change, and begin to look more like the life you desire!

Begin to write the vision of your perfect life, in addition to your dream book.

Ask and answer these questions while you do this -

If time and money was not an obstacle….

Where would I live?

What would my house be like?

What kind of car would I drive?

What would my family be like?

What type of trips would we take?

What type of charities would I donate to?

How would I spend a typical day?

What type of work would I do?

How would my health be?

What types of food would I eat?

What would be my greatest accomplishment?

What words would be spoken about me by others?

What would my funeral be like?

Now, the funeral part may seem a little morbid, I realize. But, when you think about it, your funeral really sums up the life you lived. How do you want yours summed up?

Have fun with this task and get VERY creative and dream VERY big. After all, life is known to give you what you ask for. You don't want to discover you asked for the wrong things! It's like going through the drive through - you better check your order before you drive off!

Get your vision VERY clear in your head. Write out your "perfect day", answering the above questions. Make several copies of it. Keep one on your nightstand and read it each morning and last thing before you fall asleep. Your subconscious works while you sleep. Keep one in your day timer and one at your desk.

Your Vision is far more powerful than your goals, and will lead you to and through your goals. That is why you must have a very clear, precise vision and stay very close to it.

I want to spend a few moments really exploring the concept of focus and staying tuned into where you are focused at all times.

When we are at a point in our lives where we are not happy, not content and feel that we are lacking in one or many areas, it is imperative that we begin to shifts those thoughts. Yes, it can be challenging to do in the beginning, but most things are. If you set a goal to lose weight, the first few weeks of a new diet, new workout schedule, etc., are the most brutal. Wouldn't you agree?

It's well documented that it takes about 21 days, or three weeks, to form a habit, or even change a habit. Changing your thoughts and feelings of lack to thoughts and feelings of abundance is the best habit you can develop in your life!

Truly, it will positively affect every aspect of your life. (I'm living proof!)

One quick little idea that worked wonders for me was to develop a system where I would catch myself when I was thinking negatively about anything.

First, I put little post-it notes all over that just said "Where are you focused?" It didn't seem to matter what I was doing, I would see those things many times throughout each hour and that would be my reminder to check in on my thoughts and feelings.

In the beginning, it was amazing to me how many times I would catch myself "drowning in my sorrows" and having a pity party. And, I consider myself to be a positive person! Yikes! It was scary! No wonder I was not moving forward at a faster pace toward my ultimate vision.

My current vision (or reality) was a mess with negativity.

I borrowed one of my daughter fancy pony tail holders. It was a pretty, pink rubber band type of hair holder that had beads and trinkets on it. I began to wear that on my wrist, like a bracelet.

I did this so it did not look so funny wearing a regular rubber band! I didn't want people asking me why I was wearing it because it was a personal thing that I did not want to explain.

Anytime I would catch myself thinking in any way other than the way I wanted to be thinking, I would snap that hair holder on my wrist. I would just give it a good pop to get my attention.

After a while, just wearing the band prompted me to be very aware of my thoughts and focus on quality, exciting, positive thoughts about my destiny and vision. I would see it and do a "thought and feeling" check.

Now, checking in regularly with my thoughts and feelings is just part of day to day life. The band is gone from around my wrist, and my vision is taking shape each and every day.

If I do find myself falling back into the old ways, I put that band back on and it doesn't take any time at all until I am jumping out of my seat with excitement and positive feelings.

And, when I find that things aren't cruising happily along, if I stop and check my "feelings" meter, I always find that I am having resistance, negative type thinking of some sort. Once I get that in check, things pick back up again!

Remember this – success is a journey. Often, we think that we will be happy when we get to that place we desire. Not so!

The trick is to be happy on your way there and know every step of the way that what you desire is on its way to you.

It is important to be first. Then you do, and have.

You are the master of your own destiny. And, you must take charge from the very beginning of the journey. And, you must enjoy every step of the journey. It is all invaluable to your future success.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Opening MLM Business Outlets

MLM or Franchising - You Are Paid to Open Business Outlets

It's true in this business like any other. It's the number of outlets that you open that generate your success.

Let's look at why this is -

First, leaders show up at all different times and on all different levels. When I look at my own report, I see leaders on just about every level. Some I sponsored, some I obviously didn't. That means that some who I sponsored ultimately led me to leaders somewhere. Or, rather, led leaders to me.

Some people need to sponsor 5 people to have a leader show up. For others, it is 50. That reality doesn't need to discourage you. The bigger your numbers grow, the closer you are, really! And, with a solid, equitable pay plan, it doesn't matter where they show up!

In my first company, my biggest leader came early on. Because of the way that pay plan was structured, my upline made hundreds of thousands of dollars. I made thousands on that leg. Big disparity. And, certainly not what I would call equitable. But, that experience became invaluable because it taught me to closely evaluate pay plans and understand the good, bad and ugly.

Believe me, there is a lot of "ugly" in MLM Pay Plans. You may think yours is great. Don't be afraid to play devil's advocate with all aspects of it to be sure.

You may be struggling with the "when is it going to happen for me" syndrome. I know how you feel, I've been there myself.

And, it's hard to hear - "Oh, just go sponsor another rep."

But, it's true. If you don't feel you have yet landed someone on your team who shares your same drive and passion. That's okay. They are on their own agenda and that is fine.

Your agenda, however, is to keep uncovering stones until you find one, or two, or twelve. Or, until they lead you to someone.

It's tempting to think - "I must be doing something wrong, or I am not doing enough."

Nope, not true. It's not you. How do I know this? Well, there are some on the team who have a large team growing and really don't provide anything in terms of support or coaching. I recently contacted one of my frontline people, who had dropped to inactive. She has a LARGE organization developing under her. I asked her if she realized what she was missing now, and what she would miss potentially by not getting back involved.

She is now on board again and we'll see what happens. I don't know if she is ready to build a business, seriously, yet, but I did want to point out what can happen.

That growth happened without any effort on her part. A leader was there and took action.

So, as long as you are directing people to the tools and support they need, and fulfilling your end of the bargain, relax. It's not you. It's not anything you are doing or not doing.

Keep turning over stones and keep adding to your frontline. Don't be tempted to "stack in people" for growth. Go wide, wide, wider until you can't control the explosion.

Start that snowball rolling!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, June 05, 2008

What is WRONG with Network Marketing

This question was posted on a blog I visit frequently. Below is my response and I thought it might be helpful to anyone struggling with the "it's not happening fast enough; or why haven't I made a pile of money yet, etc, syndrome!

What is wrong with Network Marketing?

Wow! That is an attention getter.

This blog asks - "Please say who you are, what you do, and how Network Marketing is screwed up."

I'm Jackie Ulmer, and I am a professional network marketer. I don't use that term loosely.
What that means is that Network Marketing is my career choice, and I earn a full time income here.

I had to "go to school" for a few years to get my degree. Maybe I was lucky because I understood that going in. I knew I was going to have to study, learn, be open to learning and spend some time getting experience under my belt BEFORE the full time income was going to show up.

NOTHING is wrong with Network Marketing. In fact, much is RIGHT!

There is plenty wrong, however, with some network marketers. They don't tell the truth. Or, they leave out big pieces of the truth.

This isn't get rich quick; it doesn't happen quickly; you don't need to talk to just a few people; you will need to invest time AND money; you will be frustrated much of the time in the beginning; you must work on your mindset and develop your skills.

Knowing this up front, how many people would actually sign up? A better question to ask would be - how many would actually stay in and be successful? Probably more if they knew the facts up front.

My husband is an airline pilot and has wanted to fly professionally since age 8. When he turned 18, no one handed him a set of wings, a pilot's license and said "get after it" just because he had a wish and a dream.

No, instead he had to get his private pilot's license (and he had to PAY for that!) and then get other ratings which also cost him time and money. Then, he became a flight instructor, earning very little and worked his way up the "airline" ranks; still earning very little for a long time.

Today, that industry is taking massive pay cuts; suffering large layoffs; and having retirements slashed dramatically!

Network Marketing is a viable option for anyone looking to commit and pursue something that they can control. It won't be easy; it won't happen quick; but if you can commit to it like going to college, pursuing a career degree; or taking it further and getting a higher degree, then you can have anything you want with it!

Going to college takes time and money and one can be in serious debt before ever earning a dime in the chosen career.

Seeking success in any endeavor is going to take time and money. Network Marketing is no different. Anyone who knows that going in should be fine! Commit to yourself and build something for YOU instead of your boss or the company owners!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do You Have to Flash Checks to be Successful?

Do you have to flash checks to be Successful?

I just visited another new community website for network marketers. It's designed, they explain, to help you build your business. To encourage members to buy the programs of the site owner(s), they post the typical income testimonials from people who have "achieved financial independence when all else has failed."

Why use income testimonials (including attained 'financial freedom') to sell others, if those stories are really "not typical" and "not representative" and if the sellers of the business programs "have no idea how well you will do?"

Income statements have never done anything for me. I didn't see one when I joined my first company and in over 14 years, have never asked anyone upline from me what they are making.

Nor have I ever "flashed a check."

I didn't need anyone to show me a check to see the value in rolling up my sleeves and going to work in a Network Marketing business. I understood that it wasn't going to happen overnight, and that understanding probably was due to the fact that I entered into Network Marketing by taking a business approach.

I sought out material to study and read. I wanted to master the business skills of building the business and that ultimately led me to the relationship skills.
That's where I have spent all of my time ever since.

Keep your flashy cars, homes, vacations and the like. Give me credit for being able to figure out a viable opportunity without the flash and hype.

I would sign up ten times over with someone who looked me in the eyes, explained what it was going to take, both the good and the bad, and committed to work beside me. The person who flashes the check won't sign me up.

And, as was stated above, funny how when you say "Okay, I see the money, now show me the way to get there."

That's when the "oh it's easy, just talk to your friends and family." Or, "You only need a few people." lines show up.

The reality of finding those few people really means sorting through hundreds and thousands in most cases.

For me, the big money, free time of MLM is appealing enough that I am willing to sort through those numbers. But, I better know it going in!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Your Worst Enemy - Comparing Yourself to Others

Yesterday, my daughter had some pictures taken for a project she is working on and had some fun with a make up artist who was also there. Quite a thrill for a 13 year old!

Iris, the make up artist had a recent copy of one of the fashion magazines, (I think it was Vanity Fair) and it featured Sharon Stone. Iris was laughing and commenting on the magic of "airbrushing" because in the photos, Sharon is flawless and well into her 50's. Wrinkle free, perfect in every way and drop dead gorgeous.

Iris recently saw her at some event and said she looks terrible in real life. Dark bags and circles under her eyes, a few age spots and lots of wrinkles. Now, I'm not dissing on Sharon by any means, but the discussion made me think about things we all do in real life and in business.

We compare ourselves to others, in many cases, comparing ourselves to others without even sort of knowing if it's apples to apples or apples to oranges.

I watch my daughter struggling with this with girls at school; I watch my friends struggle with it regarding weight, wrinkles and aging; and I see many network marketers struggle with it when they believe their business is growing more slowly than others; that others have it easier.

Comparison is always a dangerous thing. Most of the time, things are not quite what they seem, as we know from the covers of fashion magazines. Airbrushing goes on in real life and in business, too.

We see fast starters seemingly shoot to the top of companies; we see people rewarded with bonuses greater than ours; we see names grace the top sponsor lists; and we look at ourselves and ask "Why not me? What is wrong with me?"

Here is a survival tip for this business and life in general - Stop Comparing Yourself to ANYONE. Compete only with yourself and your own personal best.

It's easy to look at Sharon Stone on the cover of the magazine and think how nice for her that she has bypassed all aging that goes along with being 50 plus years old. We look at a fast starter and think that he/she must know some special skill or have some secret; his/her friends must like him/her better.

Here's the thing - there is most always a story behind the story; the one that you and I never see.

Models and actors have the benefit of airbrushing; and most fast starters have a success story from before, that we don't know about and don't take the time to research. Top income earners in Network Marketing pay their dues somewhere; ask any top income earner. And, everyone's life circumstances are different.

Some people have a $500 monthly budget with which to run their business, and assuming they invest is wisely and take action on it, they will likely have faster results than the person spending $25. The person who makes their list of everyone they know; send out the friends and family letter; drops off a packet and some products to sample; hosts a BOSS or networks the business in some way consistently will have better and faster results than the person who gets out into cold market right away.

We all have a learning curve and a process to go through in business success. Sharon Stone paid her dues as a starving actress for years and today is paid very well; and can afford to be airbrushed! We didn't see her in those early days, facing rejection after rejection. We look at her now and think - wow, what a life!

Listening to Jan Ruhe this morning reminded me about what it takes to pay one's dues. She did not have immediate success and yet is a millionaire today. Jordan Adler of Beach Money invested THOUSANDS of dollars and talked to lots of people for over TEN YEARS and had no success in Network Marketing. Today, he is a millionaire.

If you compare yourself to either of those two today, you might feel badly for the rest of the day; think it can't happen for you. However, if you can flash back and make that comparison to either of them in year one, year two, or in some cases, year ten, you might feel VERY good about yourself and where you are.

Compare yourself today to the action steps you took yesterday. How do you feel about that? What can you improve upon?

To quote Eleanor Roosevelt - "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." And, to add to it - "Over and Over again until your results shoot you to the moon!"

I'll see you there!

Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Results or Excuses in Your MLM Business

The Two Things That Speak Loud and Clear

There are two things that speak loud and clear – results and excuses.

Which do you produce more of on a daily basis?

When your business isn't moving forward the way you want it to, who do you blame?

When chaos consumes your life, who do you blame?

At the end of the day, when you are in a funk, who do you blame?

In my early days in my business, I lived with a lot of excuses –

Things will be better when the company does THIS.

Things will be better when my downline does THAT.

More people will be interested when THIS happens.

What a train wreck that kind of thinking was!

I have watched people spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours building systems and the "perfect" mousetrap, and yet no more mice were caught.

Success in this business is NOT about systems; NOT about the next new product; NOT about the perfect script; NOT about what others can and should do for you.

Yes, systems can help; and new products are nice; and new scripts may feel more comfortable. But they are not what determine your success.

Success in this business, day in and day out, lies with YOU. Every day, success is a choice. Every step you take and every step you delay determines your success.

What steps will you take and what steps will you delay today? The answers will determine your success and the speed of it.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Friday, May 09, 2008

Do Your Prospects Know What to Expect From You?

When you are working with potential team partners for your business, do they know what to expect of you and from you if they decide to "sign on the dotted line?"

What type of training and support can they expect?

What will the next step be?

When will they hear from you?

You can increase your sign ups dramatically if you layout for them exactly what to expect and what will happen next.

This can be done in a few different ways -

1. In the phone conversation, ask the question - "Jim, do you want to know what to expect and what the next step will be when you do get signed up?"

(Jim ALWAYS answers yes!)

Here is my answer -

"You'll receive and email from our corporate office with away with your company ID and details for accessing the back office of your site. You'll also receive a welcome email along with your First Steps to Success outline and the Roadmap to Success. Those documents will get you into our team training site and discussion group. And, you'll know exactly what to do first to get your business started.

I would then like to schedule a phone call within 48 hours to go through this information, answer any questions and assist you in developing a business plan that will fit for you.

From there, we'll be working closely together to get your business going. How does that sound? Any questions?"

Now, you've gone a long way in furthering the relationship and the future is right out before your prospect.

My next step is then to give them my website where they can see a little of my training process and email them the signup link, unless they ask for it right then.

Give this a try and see what happens.

To see how I outline my training process, click My Training Information.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, May 08, 2008

What does it MEAN to Build a Business Online?

These are questions I am asked a lot -

What does it mean to build a business online?

What is your strategy for building online?

How much time does it take?

How do I find a business that is a fit with the internet?

All great questions, and let's go through each quickly.

Question 1 - What does it mean to build a business online?

For me, it's not buying leads; it's not placing lots of classified ads; web surfing, etc. It's putting myself out there to be found, noticed, to make contact, etc. How many people do you suppose are online any given day looking for a business? Tons! I've detailed some of my steps and my journey -

Feel free to leave your comments and questions at the bottom. Let me know you were there and I'll answer any questions.

Question 2 - What is your strategy for building online?

Business building is about relationships, so I like to network with people. I'm not about blasting onto the scene and nauseating everyone with my pitch on how great my business is. Who likes that? Yuck! Instead, it's about connecting with people. One method I use is social networking. Have you tried MySpace? I know, I know -I thought it was just for teenagers, too, but boy was I wrong.

Check it out and you'll get an idea of how the site works. If you have a page, request me as a friend and mention this blog soI know how you found me.

Another strategy I use online is creating content around things other than business that I have a passion about...such as cooking! Here is a page I created for Healthy Dinners. This is a great way to meet people outside of the business arena who might just be looking. (If you have a recipe request, leave it in the comments!)

I have met some great people at Squidoo, learned a lot AND sponsored some new team partners.

Question 3 - How much time does it take? This all depends on you and your available time, but I believe 10 FOCUSED hours a week can build a solid online presence and then a solid team. Get disciplined though. You've got to be taking action steps.

Question 4 - How do I find a business that is a fit with the internet? This is a question I hear quite frequently. I recently put up a new site to teach people how to evaluate a business and how to factor in the 4 important pieces of choosing a business. Do you know what to look for in a business, once you move beyond the hype? Most people don't -

Have a great weekend!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
The Street Smart Wealth Team

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MLM Follow Up - The Fortune is in the Follow Up

There is a very popular saying in Network Marketing and it goes something like this - "the fortune is in the follow up." Consistent follow up is what separates the average networker from the "big hitter." Following up with your prospects consistently is what makes the numbers game work out in your favor.

Decades of study and tracking by marketers and advertising agencies have proven consistently that most people will not make a decision until they have seen or heard about it at least twice, and often more times than that. If you make one contact with someone and then leave it up to he or she to get back with you if interested, you are shortchanging yourself and stunting the growth of your business.

Most marketers will tell you making seven contacts is not unreasonable in order to get the sale.

Unfortunately, most networkers give up the pursuit after the first contact.

Think about how busy you are. Have you ever forgotten to follow up because you got so busy? Well, your prospect is no less busy, so chances are he/she got too busy as well. Don't make the mistake of reading this as a "not interested" sign.

My first sponsor in network marketing didn't make a dime for his first ten years in Network Marketing. Today, he is a million dollar a year earner. He consistently follows up and never gave up.

What if I told you that ten years from now, you would be earning one million a year? Would you stick with it? Would you wait it out that long? What if I told you that you wouldn't make anything for most of that ten years? And, you might invest $30,000 in your education along the way. Would you stick it out then? Would that million a year still make a difference?

What else could you do right now that offers the promise of one million dollars a year?
You are a winner! You are in for the long haul! Write out that million dollar check now and put it in your wallet or purse. Take it out each time you go to make those follow up calls.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MLM and a Down Economy - Does it Spell Trouble

Surviving in a Down Economy

One can't go anywhere these days and not read the headlines screaming about the dark days of the down economy. This often sends networkers in one of two directions –

Either they think their business has ended because too many people "can't afford it."

Or, they go full out because they see the opportunity that is there.

Will the current economic times have an effect on your business?

It truly is all in how you see it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is a so-called "recession."

When the economy is good, I have heard networkers say that people aren't looking because times are good. When times are bad, they aren't looking because they can't afford it.

Can't afford WHAT, exactly? A solution so they don't ever feel the pinch again? To invest in themselves instead of a boss? To take responsibility for their own destiny, once and for all?

Mindset is what it really comes down to. Some networkers stop working their business during holidays and slower summer months. Guess what? I joined my first company on Christmas Day, over 14 years ago.

When someone is serious (and boy, I was serious) nothing will stand in their way.

The best thing we can each do is BELIEVE in what we are doing and in our products/services.

Then, do what we do best. Sponsor someone, and teach them how to get a few loyal customers and find others who will do the same.

No matter who your company is or what your product is, what we do is simple.

Find those who aren't afraid of a few obstacles or "bugs on a windshield" and work together to create a recession proof lifestyle!

This requires first going deep within yourself and finding that true grit. Then look for others willing to do the same!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, April 17, 2008

4 Network Marketing Success Secrets

What does it take to be successful in your home business? I asked this question for YEARS. I truly thought there was some hidden secret that no one was telling me.

Maybe there was a secret 800 number that one could dial prospects into that would make them sign up right away.

Or a secret training system that when followed, guaranteed success.

What was the Holy Grail of Network Marketing? What was I missing?

Here are a few things that top income earners kept telling me –

Invest in developing yourself. Read every day. (Huh? What was THAT going to do to grow my business? How would that create the income I desired?)

Pay attention to your "self talk." Replace the negatives with positives; even use affirmations. (Again, just show me the money. Enough of this airy fairy stuff!)

Know your why, which will develop the how. (Okay, this one really blew me away. What does the WHY have to do with the HOW?)

Develop a systematic business plan and approach to working your business. (This one made a little more sense, but what was I supposed to be DOING?)

One day, feeling like I had been chasing my tail for far too long, I decided to give these four ideas a try. I would read and listen to positive books and audios. I would start paying attention to the times I said "I can't" and replace that with "I can, I will, I AM!" I would concentrate more seriously on my why, and see if the how would show up. And, I would write up a daily, weekly and monthly business/action plan and STICK to it for once.

Here is what happened.

My mindset started shifting through my reading and listening. I began to realize that all of the other "success stories" in Network Marketing had also traveled this same path. Nothing was special or magic for them. They also heard the no's; felt like quitting; and wondered if they had lost their mind at times. This made me feel better and my attitude, outlook and expectations began to change, almost unconsciously.

Again, without me giving it much thought, I found myself saying "I can" and "I believe in me" much more. I replaced doubt with positive expectation. Instead of sitting down to make calls and thinking "I don't know why I am doing this; they won't be interested anyway", I found myself thinking "I am going to have a very positive outcome; this person will either be interested or pass on a referral." Just having this positive outlook gave me a posture on these calls and it worked; people were interested.

I wrote out my why, my dreams, and my hopes in a journal. I cut out pictures and word phrases to go along with my own words and began to read it twice a day. I would spend ten minutes of focused time dreaming, thinking about and feeling what it was like to have these things as a reality. With my "why" placed firmly in my mind throughout the day, I became determined to let nothing and no one stand in my way.

And, guess what? The "how" really did show up. I began to come up with creative, inspiring and exciting ideas for working my business. I started having fun with it and actually began to enjoy what I was doing. This made me leap out of bed, ready to get going each day.

This new-found enthusiasm made it very easy for me to map out my action plan. For the first time, I truly knew what I was going to do each day. I set up a 90 day action plan and worked it backwards to figure out what to do each week, and then each day. I didn't personally worry about setting income goals. Instead, I set my "Will do" actions and intentions. And, I accomplished them and added to the list.

The feeling of success that came from just taking action was enough to empower me to create more time for my business, and to do those things that I truly enjoyed. Yes, I spent some time in the areas I didn't enjoy so much, and as more success began to show up, I started actually liking some of those things, too.

What do you think might happen for you if you incorporate these four simple strategies into your business? Do you think it's possible that these might actually be the "holy grail" or "Secret to Success" in Network Marketing? What if it works for you like it has for so many others?

To paraphrase an idea from Glinda's thoughts to Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" – You don't need a secret. You had it in you all along to find the success you were seeking. All you need to do is believe. You don't even have to click your heels together three times.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, April 03, 2008

3 Success Keys in Your Home Business

It doesn't matter what business you are starting, there are 3 key things you must do, and do consistently to be successful.

Success Key #1 – Find out your business fundamentals. What are those things for your business? Well, in most cases it involves two specific things – share the product; share the opportunity. That's it. We are paid on these two specific things and nothing else. We aren't paid for checking email; attending conference calls; re-writing training, etc. We are paid for selling product and sponsoring others who sell product. You are responsible for these two aspects if you want your business to be a success.

This leads to –

Success Key #2 – Learn How to Do the Fundamentals. Hopefully, your sponsor started you with a training guide; a training site and other resources that will educate you and anyone who you sponsor in on how to do the fundamentals of the business. If these were not provided for you, ask for them. Call the company if you can not get what you need/want from your upline and ask for someone further up. You are responsible for finding this out if not provided for you, and you can do it! You don't need a strong sponsor to find and learn what you need to about building a successful business. After all, we do just two things. Refer to Success Key #1.

Success Key #3 – Just do it! That's right. Learn what has to be done in Success Key #1; Learn how to do it in Success Key #2, and now, just take action doing it. Don't waste time trying to re-invent the wheel; or thinking up new, creative ways to do things. You can do all of that once you have the foundation of your business built. But, for now, use the methods and tools that have already been proven to work.

The fastest way to success in Network Marketing is to spend a day or two on Success Keys 1 and 2; and then spend time every day after on Success Key 3. That's it. Be the one who sets an amazing example by just taking action and going fast. After all, if you knew you needed to talk to 100 people about the business and the faster you do that, the faster you'll be earning a six figure income, how long would you wait to pick up the phone?

Guess what? That is what takes you to a six figure income. Set a goal to talk to 100 people your very first month. That is just over 3 people a day. Now, the six figures isn't going to instantly show up, but by getting a few people started from that 100, you are well on your way.

And, you are probably really great now at communicating with people; finding out their why; and introducing your products and opportunity. Why not go talk to another 100 this month?

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Friday, March 14, 2008

Linear Income vs. Passive Income

When one first starts a home business, he/she is often very excited about the possibilities that being the boss; having time freedom; and being in control of the paycheck can bring. We get excited about a compensation plan, and the lifestyle that we see someone else enjoying. We hear that it was done through Network Marketing, and we decide to pursue this.

The step that is all too often missed is the one on really taking time to get educated about what success in this business really means, and really takes. And, it does take an education and while it is simple, it is not as easy as most glossy brochures make it sound.

It's important to note that the time you invest in your business will pay off for you in the future, even if right now it seems that it is just money going out and not as much coming in. I know that feeling because I have been there. What we cannot do is take a look back after the end of the first month and make a decision right then based on how much we have spent in time and money, and how much we have earned in profit.

How many months does it take for a realtor to sell a home after the listing? How long does it take a songwriter to get a song published and performed by an artist after it is written? Success in a network marketing career means moving beyond the employee mindset of expecting a paycheck at the end of the week based on hours contributed. It does not and will not ever work that way.

Once I understood the difference in "linear income" vs. "passive income" I knew I had to continue pursuing my dream to be successful in my network marketing career. I knew that once I mastered it, I would be financially free for the rest of my life. Please take some time to educate yourself on the differences and understand investing in yourself for your future.

Linear income is created when we trade time for money. Work 1 hour, get paid for 1 hour. Residual income can create continuing pay on that 1 hour worked a long time ago. Today, people ask me what I made in this business my very first month. The answer is – "I don't know, I am still getting paid on those efforts."

My first month in the business, I signed up 5 or 6 people who also wanted residual income through our program. Well, that's what they told me, anyway. Guess what? All of them quit but one. She stuck with it and today, we can both retire on what we make by not quitting. We just kept at it. Sponsoring 5 or 6, and knowing that maybe only one would stick around for the payoff.

If I had worried about the fact that more people quit than stick with it, I wouldn't be where I am today. And, you wouldn't be hearing from me. I might be at a job instead. But, I committed myself to the education process. I educated myself enough about the network marketing industry to know that it is not get rich quick. It is slow and steady. When I felt discouraged, instead of picking up the phone to quit, I picked up a book on success. I listened to a tape. I invested in myself.

As I educated myself, I knew that in the beginning, I would be working many more hours than I would get paid for. In the future, I was told that I could expect the reverse to be true. And, today, I get paid for many more hours than I work.

This is time and income leverage. And, it is powerful. The absence of stress over money is like nothing I could have even described.

Do you want the same freedom and lack of stress in your life? Are you willing to make the commitment to education; to self motivation instead of quitting when you have a bad day; to failing forward one step at a time?

You possess everything inside of you already that you need to be successful. Open up that door and release it to the world. Have and be the greatness you were born to achieve. It's not hard. It's about commitment and taking action.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Strong is Your WHY? How Motivated Are You?

Take a deep breath and take a deep look within. Ask yourself a simple question - What motivates you and pushes you to move forward? Then ask, is your motivation strong enough to see the job through?

Tonight, after finishing a high energy conference call, my son invited me to dinner at our favorite restaurant. (He knew I would pay!) It was just the two of us and I jumped on the chance to have some one on one time with the 15 year old!

One of his cross country team mates was our server. It was a very quiet evening, so we spent some time chatting with this kid. I started thinking about the work schedule associated with waiting tables in the evening and I know that high school classes start at 7:20am, and it was after 8pm when we were there so I wondered how he gets enough sleep.

I asked him what time he gets off work and he ran through his schedule with me.

He gets up at 6:30 and starts class at 7:20. Because he is a Senior, he gets out at 1:20 and goes for a run with the track team, for two HOURS! He goes home, showers and goes into the restaurant, arriving by 4pm. He gets home by 10pm, DOES HIS HOMEWORK, goes to bed and does it again the next day.

He does this schedule 5 days a week and works one extra day on the weekend. And, don't forget about those track meets - he is a long distance runner. Seems that endurance skill is paying off for him in other areas of his life.

"Wow" I said "You are very inspiring, why so much work?"

Did I mention that he is a straight A student with a full load of honors classes, carrying about a 4.3 GPA? He beamed when he told me he was just accepted into Notre Dame AND Perdue, and he will be paying his own way through college. He shared with me that Notre Dame is $50,000 a year, and his heart is set on being there this fall.

He knows the value in stamping "Notre Dame Graduate" on his resume after college and he is highly motivated (his words) to work hard, earn money and be there as a 2008 fall freshman. (Yes, sharing network marketing with him crossed my mind, and I know where to find him!)

I don't know his whole story; don't know his parents; whether they are in the picture or what. Seems these days, sadly, there are a lot of kids raising themselves. 18 years old and he already understands that motivation comes from within. He has his eye on a prize, he knows what he wants and he is willing to work hard to make it happen. His parents certainly did one thing right! He could surely get into a fine school here in California, pay MUCH less and still get a good education. But, he knows what he wants and he is pursuing it with passion.

All of this while delivering top notch service to the 3 other tables he was serving. He shared his story in the most upbeat, matter of fact way you can imagine. I left him a nice tip and note that it was a contribution to his college fund and I sure wanted to read about him in our local paper.

What an amazing kid, and an amazing story. I am inspired and have not stopped thinking about him and his quest for success. I believe he will get there. I'm motivated to help him.

So, again, I ask the question - What motivates you and pushes you to move forward? What is your reason for getting up and taking action in your business? What prize do you have your eye on? What will it mean to you when you achieve it? What will it mean if you don't?

I hope you are as inspired by G's story as I am. The wisdom of an 18 year old. I'm sure glad my son was there to hear it.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Am I Normal? Building This MLM Business Online?

It's 3:00AM and instead of sleeping, I'm trying to figure out how to get listed near the top of the search engines. Am I normal?

Am I normal? I pondered that question this morning while I quickly checked email one last time before shuffling the kids in the car and off to school.

Am I normal? It crossed my mind again while racing back toward my home office as I watched a group of moms head to the bagel shop for coffee and a chat.

Am I normal? This afternoon, as my neighbors talked intensely about the latest episode of Gray's Anatomy, my mind kept wandering back to my web site, and I wondered if that was normal.

Those around me tell me I should quit thinking about business so much and just enjoy my children, which I do, but I still wonder, am I normal? Is it wrong to want more?

Am I normal? My friends look at me as if they've seen an alien when I tell them that I'm never going back to my corporate marketing career. I'm building an Internet empire from my home, would they like one too?

Now, don't get me wrong. I love life and live it to the fullest, with lots of playtime. But, ambition and the challenge of "building the perfect beast" push me relentlessly sometimes. I figure you can relate if you are reading this article. You are looking to create something bigger than yourself, too!

But, it's a crazy world we live in. A world where people have learned to stifle their dreams, their desires, their creativity. We are taught to "settle"for what we are dealt in life. All too often, when we try to move beyond that, those closest to us try to hold us back, save us from ourselves.

"Consider yourself lucky for what you have."

"It's a good job and the benefits are great."

"The average American family has thousands of dollars in credit card debt."

"It's too risky."

I don't know how you feel, but I want to LIVE my dreams, have my heart's desires and allow my creativity to blossom. I want to be my own boss, work in my PJs if I choose, take a four hour lunch to go shopping and fire myself when I'm not measuring up. (Of course, I'm eligible for rehire tomorrow!)

Normal SHOULD be waking up when your body is rested, not when the alarm clock rings.

Normal SHOULD be taking a vacation when it fits your family's schedule, not when your seniority allows.

It SHOULD be having a parent at home when a child comes home from school.

To me, normal ISN'T sitting in rush hour traffic twice a day. It ISN'T working fifty weeks in exchange for two weeks off a year, or five days on for two days off a week. It ISN'T wearing my name and picture attached to my clothing.

Everyone must determine their own definition of what "normal" is and isn't. For those of us who have decided to step outside the box, take control of our lives and build our own business, normal is anything BUT normal!

Life is full of risks, it's true. But, everything great that has EVER happened has done so with some degree of risk. I don't want to get to the end and WISH I had taken just a few risks.
I'm urging you to take some risks with me! Step up to the plate! Decide what it is you want out of your life and your business and GO FOR IT!


Create your own "normal!"

We are at the very beginning of the new millennium! The Internet is overflowing with possibilities, as it breaks all growth records ever set by anything, and it is just not NORMAL!

As I lay in bed, building my empire (business) on my laptop, I realize just how much I love my other-than-normal life. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

The clock says 10:07 PM.

Ahhh, lunch break!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Working With MLM Leads and Increasing Your Odds

Working with leads for your MLM business is a great way to get solid training on your business and how to work it effectively; as well as sponsoring people into your business. It can also be a very discouraging activity. Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you work through the process. This will help you avoid those feeling of despair and help you understand your prospects better.

First, think about your own journey into your business. Here are some questions to ask and answer about yourself. This may help you understand and accept the journey that others might be going through in their own decision making process. When you are working in an environment where the people who you are calling don't know you, ask questions to put yourself in his/her shoes.

How long after your initial inquiry did you sign up?
How many phone calls did it take?
Did you need/want to be chased?
What information was important for you to know before signing up?
What is your reason for doing this business?
If you waited awhile before joining, what was it that finally prompted you to join?

Any time you are working with people, human factors are going to come into play as each person sorts through business information; his/her own objections and concerns about a business; finances and timing. These are all important points to ponder when you think about your own process of working with leads. People are basically the same, no matter where we live. Some may join right away and many will not.

Here is the journey I went through while trying to decide about a Network Marketing business. See if you see some of your own story in mine. And, even if you don't, perhaps having this information may help you see each situation through the eyes of your prospect.

I first looked at Network Marketing when I was 19. It was the case of someone springing it on a group of us at a party. I didn't understand it at all, and was not interested, but those circles and the lifestyles of the rich and famous did intrigue me.

Fast forward ten years later. We are about to start a family and I know I will be leaving my job to be home. Again, I am approached about a MLM business, but I am still not interested. The timing is not right and I am skeptical about Network Marketing.

Another year goes by, I am home with a baby and finances are very tight. Now, I am actively searching for a business from home. I am still skeptical about MLM, but much of my research is pointing me in that direction. The friend who approached me last year stops by over the holidays. He doesn't say a word about his business, but his whole demeanor is different. He's driving a fancy sports car, and I am now extremely interested and asking him questions.

It is still another three weeks before I sign up and even longer before I actually get going. I am nervous, unsure and feel I must know everything possible there is to know before I speak to someone. I want it to just "happen" without me actually having to take any action steps. Sound familiar? It was a full three years before I really started to take action in my business.

How many times have you spoken with someone who seems very interested and then they just vaporize? How many times have you heard "I'll sign up tomorrow" and then nothing happens? How many times have you wondered if it was something about you that caused this?

Sometimes, real life does get in the way. And, it's important to always remember that another person's decision has nothing in the world to do with you. It is purely about each person individually, and his/her situation in life right then.

I repeated this same exact process with my current company, although the reasons were different. This time it was 9/11 and a move to another state prompted by those events that delayed things. Chances are, had I signed up when I first considered it, I might have quit. Timing truly does have to be right to effectively work a business.

Think about your own experiences. Perhaps you have never been "chased" by an overzealous Networker who calls you day and night practically begging you to sign up. For me, nothing makes me less interested. It causes me to think the person is desperate.

This is where the art of asking good, probing questions when you are speaking with a prospect can make all of the difference for both of you. Spend a little time in the relationship process with those to whom you speak to about the business. They will remember you for this and you will stand apart from others to whom they might also be speaking to about business.

Find out their reason why and find a way to meet that need. Show them what is in it for them. Provide a benefit statement of what he/she can expect of you as their sponsor. Assure them that they won't be signed up and abandoned. Allow each person time and space to ask questions and make decisions

Understand the two to five year plan of consistent action that is typically required for Network Marketing business success. Continue to invest in your own growth and education as you work with leads and become a more effective communicator. Follow up consistently but not desperately.

Ask yourself these questions daily –

Am I in this for the long haul? Am I willing to wait a year and a half, maybe more, to grow a dynamic team? Am I willing to continue to invest in my own learning, education and growing pains so I can reach the pot of gold? Will I be here when my previous leads are ready to get started?

Timing is everything. And, it is ALWAYS about the prospects timing and not the potential sponsor. NEVER let a "No" steal your dream. Often, you hear no when what is really being said is "not now, but later." Be HERE when later comes.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, February 25, 2008

MLM Business Plan

Okay, so you have a MLM business. Now what? What steps do you need to take to get it off the ground and successful ASAP? What should your MLM Business Plan look like?

Here are some ideas for you -

First, decide on the methods you want to use to build your business, and I encourage you to know all methods available to you and be open to trying a little of everything in the beginning. Then, you can truly determine what works the BEST for you.

Here are some important points you’ll want to consider when writing your MLM Business Plan -

• What is your primary goal with your MLM business? What do you want to accomplish most?

• Who is your target market for customer for your products? Where will you find customer prospects?

• Who is your target market for your MLM business? Where will you find MLM business prospects and leads?

• What is unique about your business and what separates you from your competition?

• What is your MLM business advertising and marketing budget? Will this budget come from your family budget initially or do you have a product that can be retailed to create that budget?

• What is your estimated date for being profitable in your business?

Once you have answers to some of these questions, you’ll want to put an action plan into place to accomplish your goals.

What daily/weekly plans do you have to develop customers and retail your products?

What daily/weekly plans do you have to develop MLM Business Leads for your business opportunity?

What methods will you use?

Don't focus on $$ amounts for your plan, instead focus on what YOU can control - ACTIONS.

Single Daily Actions (SDA's) and Weekly Plan of Action (WPA's) - # of XX each month.

Use an accountability form and find an accountability partner, upline, downline, crossline.

Set realistic goals and then adjust as you need to, and don't cut yourself too much slack.

MLM and Network Marketing Companies pay us VERY well for sharing the story of these products with others. Use this to carve out your piece of this growing multi-billion dollar industry.

What is your weekly action plan? What single daily actions will you take?

Break your weeks down and set a weekly plan of action and then daily steps. If you miss a day due to "real life" you still have the rest of the week to accomplish your weekly plan.

Pay attention to areas of resistance.

Break your year up into quarters, and focus on 90 day action plans. Don't look back until the end of 90 days and then re-evaluate and adjust, fine tune. Consult upline for assistance.

Use the tools and training guides offered by your upline. That's what they are there for.

Attitude-Actions-Results-Quality of Life.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MLM Business Apprentice

Apprenticing in Your Network Marketing Business

Have you ever hesitated to talk to someone about your business because you didn't know exactly the right thing to say?

Did you make the decision not to take any steps in your business until you know everything there is to know about it?

Are you fearful that you might not know the answer to a question or know how to respond to a comment?

Have you ever quit a business after a few weeks for various reasons?

Maybe you are evaluating things based on the wrong mind set and the wrong data. Do you have a probation period in your business? Have you considered this and set this up for yourself?

Examine your thinking and make sure you are evaluating your business success based on the right criteria. Most jobs have a 30-90 day probation period, right? And, per a job description, you must be performing certain tasks daily to pass that probation period, right?

Are you expected to have all of the answers on day one? Or, are you expected to take action and learn and find solutions as you move on?

Being an apprentice means taking action and learning as you go along. It's not about locking yourself up in a closet and working on things until you get them perfect.

It's about knowing that you have resources and a safety net to catch you as you take your first shaky steps in your business. It's knowing that with each step, you learn a little more and you get a little better.

What if you went into your business with the mindset of being an apprentice? What if your upline was willing to coach you and you just need to commit to being an apprentice? Would you do it? And, remember that you can apprentice from others outside of your upline as well.

There are tons of great leaders in the industry. If someone else is getting results that you want, commit to learn from and follow that person.

If you are struggling in one area, are you willing to watch someone who has the skill set you want and learn from them? Then, will you act on it?

Set up the job description that you would give yourself if you were hiring you for a job. What would the daily and weekly tasks consist of? What would be the minimum required to keep the job?

Then, set up a probationary period for the job. Keep a tracking sheet that lists your daily and weekly tasks. Evaluate yourself at the end of each week. Focus on what you must do to improve for the next week. No sense beating yourself up for what didn't get done.

Play full out to the end of your probationary period and then evaluate where your next steps will lead. Do you need another apprenticeship? Are you committed enough to step out on your own?

Treat your network marketing business like the business that it is. Accept that you have entered a new career path and the best thing you can do is accept an apprenticeship from others who have achieved what you want. There are eager colleagues out there ready to advise and counsel you. Just ask!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Preparation and Productivity

Congratulations! You are a business owner and the owner of a business that can create more income in a month for you than most people earn in a year. Sounds exciting, right?

This is very exciting and in order to accomplish this, it's going to require a serious commitment and action steps from you!

The first step you want to take is to get out your calendar and block off those times that are devoted to your business. That may mean you need to block off every other time commitment first and then find time for your business with what is remaining.

Decide how many hours per week you are going to put into your business. Please know that it really does require a minimum of ten hours to really create growth and momentum. Here's the good news. That time does not have to be in big chunks. Thirty minutes here, one hour there, spread out over seven days will make a huge difference in your business.

Now, what are you going to do with that time?

Here is where it is very important to note and track the difference between Preparation and Productivity.

Obviously, you must be prepared for your business to take you in many different directions.

And, you must also spend productive hours to get those results you want.

Here are some activities that can be defined as Preparation Activities –

Going through your company website and studying the back office.

Getting on Conference Calls.

Going through Training Materials.

Making Business Product Samples.

Emails pertaining to ANYTHING other than customer or business prospects.

Working on your personal website.

These are all very important activities, and sometimes, it is easy to get so caught up in doing these things that all of one's time is spent in the preparation mode. But, this will not put cash in your pocket and grow your business. Set aside a block of time right up front to complete what needs to be done and then schedule no more than one to two hours a week after that.

While multi-tasking can be very distracting and ultimately a detriment if one isn't careful, there are some tasks that can be multi-tasked and provide more hours.

An example would be making product samples while listening in to conference calls. A bad example would be sorting through email while listening to conference calls!

Ah, caught you! Yes, I know. Most of us are or have been guilty of this. Let me ask you though, how well can you listen and actually digest what is being said while you also read something of a totally different topic?

Do yourself a favor and unless it is something that doesn't require a lot of brain power, give your full attention to conference calls.

Moving on to Productivity, this is where you will want to spend the bulk of your daily and weekly business hours.

Activities that fall under the Productivity category include –

Making your list of at least 100 names and mailing them the Dear Friends and Family Letter, announcing your business and asking for referrals.

Contacting groups about fundraising.

Attending local networking events and sharing your products and business.

Calling potential Home Party Prospects.

Calling leads from an ad coop or other source.

Follow up phone calls to prospects and customers.

Networking out online and building relationships.

Decide today if your business is a hobby or if you intend to create a major income producing business venture. There is not a right or wrong answer to this. Only what you truly desire.

Know the realities of building a successful business. They are –

Building a solid, successful organization and income takes time. You should plan on two to five years. Know this going in and don't get discouraged when your first pay check is not enough to allow you to quit your job. Rome was not built in a day, neither is a strong, solid business. Of any kind!

It is possible for the average person to make a well above average income.

There has never been a better time to build a successful business.

Network Marketing has been written about favorably by major publications such as Forbes, Fortune, Success, Fast Company, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Warren Buffet owns a direct sales company and Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki endorse Network Marketing as a great way to create wealth. They even wrote a book!

Some people very close to you, including some of your friends and family, will not join you or support you in your business. Be prepared for this and know that you can still be wildly successful! Let go of any bad feelings you may harbor because of this. It will only slow you down and you don't need them!

Some people that tell you "no" in the beginning will eventually join you and build a strong business. You just have to be there when they are ready. Never burn any bridges and always be positive even when they say no. I promise some of them will partner with you later.

Making mistakes is just part of the learning process. The more mistakes you make, the more money you will make over time! (Learn from those mistakes, though!)

You are in an industry that promotes amazing personal growth while you build an income working from home. Embrace the possibilities and commit to your own success!

Preparation is important and Productivity is essential! Make sure your time is planned out to make the most of your available time.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer