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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Does Attraction Marketing Really Work in MLM

Does Attraction Marketing in MLM really work online? It certainly seems to be the buzz word these days, doesn't it? Everywhere you look, someone is talking about it. But, how many people are really practicing it, and can it really be done?

How do you set yourself apart and draw customers and prospective business partners to you? Well, it's really fairly simple, and actually easier to do online than offline.

Think of the many people who you may have run across online who are "peddling" their MLM Opportunity. Spamming it is probably a better word choice. Most Network Marketers online think that the way to build online is to over-hype their opportunity to EVERYONE they come into contact with.

They buzz onto Facebook, make a zillion friends and then zap them all a message telling them how great their deal is; how much money they are making and how "just plain stupid" you are for not joining them yesterday!

How many times have you clicked to know more when you get these obnoxious posts? Probably none!

So how do you begin an MLM Attraction Marketing Magnet? How do you get people beating down your door to join your business?

I'm going to give you three key concepts to practice when you are marketing your business online.

Concept One – Be authentic. This is easier said than done for some, but seriously, how hard is it to just be yourself? Share your story and let people see who you are. Don’t try to embellish your experiences in MLM or try to be a "success story" that you have not yet created.

Instead, share your successes and your failures; your hopes, goals and dreams. Talk about your motivation and reason why you are building a business. Share things that you have tried that didn't work out. Share what you see in your opportunity in a very real way, without using any hype.

These things are what will bond your prospect to you because there will likely be some common ground between you.

Concept Two – Provide content and value – give your knowledge away freely. You may have
seen it said that you must be willing to give in order to get. Be willing to give away some of your "Secrets" to building successfully. Share tips and resources that have worked for you. Share as much free stuff as you can find.

It's okay to offer affiliate programs and other monetization models that help fund your business, but make sure you are not always coming after your prospects or your audience with your hand out. Give away more than you profit from, and make sure what you give away offers true value.

A good way to give away content of value is to do a review on a product or service you have used online. Or, perhaps explain an effective way you have discovered of using Facebook, or a particular application there. Have you figured out a great way to manage your Social Networking activities? This would be something great to share with an audience who will be hungry to know any time saving techniques you can offer.

Content and value are what reign supreme online and you will quickly generate a following and many prospects when you can be counted on for great information.

Concept Three – Become a consultant in the Network Marketing Profession. This doesn't mean give away all of your time, but be willing to devote some time to assisting those outside of your own downline. When someone comes to you with a problem or question, pick up the phone and give them a quick call if possible. You will likely make their jaw drop and they will appreciate and remember you for this.

Make sure you make that time about the person you are calling and not just a chance for you to go on and on about yourself or your business. Ask questions and listen. See if you can get to the heart of this person's need and find a way to provide a solution.

You never know when the time might come that this person will be looking to make a company change. I promise that the time you invested in that person and that phone call will stand out and likely prompt them to consider joining your team!

Attraction Marketing works like a charm if you will take the time to master the skills of coming from a place of contribution. Give generously and know that you will soon have prospects lining up at your door! Be ready to coach them to do the same!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Building Relationships/Partnerships Online With Message Forums and Social Networking Sites

Is it truly possible to meet people, share a business concept and sponsor others into your business without that face to face, "belly to belly" experience that we have been taught about our Network Marketing business? Can a person really build strong relationships using the internet?

The answer is absolutely yes, and my goal is to offer you some thoughts and ideas about using one of the most popular online methods – Message Boards, Forums and Social Networking Sites. A discussion or message forum is like a bulletin board online. It’s the “water cooler” of the Internet. It’s where people go to research, express and share ideas, share needs, etc. There are online message boards and forums for virtually anything you can think of. No need to limit yourself to just "Network Marketing" or "Home Business" forums.

To be effective online, there are a few areas you'll want to define for yourself. These include:

What is your goal?
Who is your target market?
How will you add value?
How will you develop an action plan within each group and be consistent?

When I set about defining goals around my participation in online forums it always starts with creating relationships. Meeting people online follows the same basic principles as meeting people offline. Say hello; ask questions and get your new acquaintance talking about him or herself; find common interests.

I like to picture myself as walking into a party when I enter an online forum. I may know one or two people, but that is about it. So, I walk in with the intention of meeting lots of new people and expanding my horizons.

Just as you would not walk into a party flashing a neon sign that says "Ask me about my business," you don't want to do this online either. Leave your business in the background in the beginning.

So, here is what you do.....

Get the rest of the article here >>>>

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Are You Making This Online Marketing Mistake?

Have you ever sent out an email blast; tweeted or posted a Facebook Update using your product name; company name or something about who's making how much money?

Here is a clue about your target market for your opportunity – they don’t care about your product or service; the name of your company; what big name is behind it; or who made 6 figures last year. What they care about is how it can solve a need that they have. Provide the solution to a problem, and you’ll sponsor another team partner.

It’s as simple as that, really, and yet so few people “get it.”

Instead, most internet marketers, particularly those involved in Network Marketing, spend their time talking about how great or unique their company’s product is; all of the patents it holds; and how one can make easy money in the business.

You’ve seen the ads, right?

“Make $100K in 6 months with our proven system.”

“BIG NAME promises to create more millionaires with his entrance into Network Marketing.”

“Guaranteed - $1000 in 24 hours.”

“No selling, No Sponsoring, No Meetings, No Cold Calls!”

First of all, no one believes the person who is advertising making big money quickly because we have figured out by now that the people who are making big money don’t advertise it in that way. It’s the “posers” who feel the need to blast that type of message.

Second, when one makes something look and sound so easy, who do you think it will attract? Someone who expects it to be easy and we all know that there is no short cut to true success.

Well, then, how DO you attract people to what you are offering?

You start by having a genuine conversation. You ask questions, and you get to the heart of what is most important for your prospect; what problem exists and what solution they are looking for which has you in conversation in the first place.

Success in Direct Sales/Network Marketing has little to do with the product, the compensation plan, or the big name behind the company. It has everything to do with the relationship you forge with your prospect; and the interest you take in assisting them in getting what they want.

Don’t make the mistake of projecting onto your prospects your own interests; wants and desires. It has no place in the conversation unless the prospect asks you specifically. Even then, be brief and turn the subject back to them.

Be a great communicator. Be more concerned about what your prospect will get out of your message than what you think you are saying that matters.

Before you begin a conversation, either written or spoken, get yourself into the shoes of your prospect. Feel the pain your prospect feels and communicate based on the challenges he/she faces. Communicate so that your prospect knows you “get them.” You know where they are coming from. You want them to feel identified with you. This establishes critical trust.

You want to make a connection between the desires, wants and needs of your prospect and the outcome or benefit that you are offering. The closer you can make that connection, the better. The more you will draw them in and the closer they will become to taking action.

You want to make them know that what stand between them and what it is that they want is exactly what you are offering.

Communicate that regularly and effectively to your prospects and you will become the sponsoring superstar you long to be. Your paychecks will increase and you will no longer feel the need to communicate anything to your prospect except exactly what it is he/she is looking for.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Eben Pagan's Mastermind Live Event - Follow on Twitter

Well, it's almost time for Eben Pagan's Live Mastermind Event in Los Angeles this weekend and I am so excited to attend.

The investment of time and money that I have made into his Home Study Course has been the best investment I have ever made. I have learned so much and am not even half way through absorbing all that the course offers.

Add in the bonus live event this weekend and it is truly value packed.

Here have been some highlights so far -

a) understanding how to better relate to my prospects

b) creating content that is compelling and "speaks" to the prospect.

c) balancing my business and my real life!

d) developing a business plan that resonates with my goals and desires for the next few years.

e) working smarter, in less time, freeing up more time for me and my family.

I have been very involved in studying and learning and am looking forward to the live Mastermind Event in Los Angeles this weekend.

I'll be "twittering" updates so let's connect on Twitter if we aren't already -

I look forward to sharing more as the week/weekend moves forward!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, July 06, 2009

Online Branding - What Does it Mean Really?

Some people seem to think that branding yourself involves coming up with some catchy website name; or user profile but that is really missing the mark.

It's really about forming relationships online, which creates a following of people who are interested in what you have to say and share. They get to know you by name; face/picture/logo and begin to seek you out for business advice consistently because they know you offer value and not some sales pitch.

There is a real key piece there - "value and not some sales pitch!"

Think along the lines of Oprah or Dr. Phil, only on a smaller scale, in your own niche market.

Provide quality value and content and you will create an online following that brands you. Make sure you are "branding" yourself in the way you want!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

If Only MLM Had a REAL Instruction Manual

Have you ever felt this way? You see an opportunity; you get signed up; you start going through the back office information; the information provided by your sponsor; and all of a sudden you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by what to do.

It's almost like there are a few parts missing. How do you get from point A to point Z, where the big bucks are?

Do you lead with product; do you lead with opportunity; just what do you do first?

Have you ever heard Network Marketing compared to franchising? It happens all of the time. And here is the important thing to remember about how franchising REALLY works and how your Network Marketing business will really work.

The job of the franchise company is to sell more franchises; and open more outlets. These outlets sell the company products and market for the company. McDonald's didn't get to the point of selling billions of burgers through one single store, right? They have thousands and thousands.

Your job as a networker is the same, essentially. The more outlets you open, the more products can be sold. You open outlets when you sponsor new distributors into your business and teach them the simple principles of the business.

Here is a point to keep in mind –

Does McDonald's have the best hamburgers in the restaurant business? The best packaging? Are their stores the fanciest? Do you think someone buys a McDonald's franchise and then calls corporate complaining about the way things are done?

Wouldn't you agree that McDonald's is currently the most successful franchise in history? And imagine this – they did it with sub-par food; plastic booths and teenagers.

What does this mean for you? What this means is that your product does not need to be "the best in the world" in order for you to be successful. Your product doesn't have to look the best in order for you to create gangster income. As long as you have a good product, that performs well, that you believe in, you are set for life!

When you sponsor people into your business, you are selling them a system for success. The system is simple – talk to 2 people a day; find those who have a need; fill the need with the solution that your business offers.

And, if teenagers can make McDonald's into what it is today, don't you think you can easily do the same in your own business?

The biggest mistake most networkers make is that they lead with their company name; the products; and the "best blah-blah-blah" out there.

Who believes that in today's world, when we are mass marketed to on a minute by minute basis?

Offer people a solution to their greatest problem and then show them what it's going to take to get the results they want and you will have people lining up at your door (or website) to join your opportunity. Find the system that fits for you and then develop a plan to teach others how to do it to.

Contact, invite, present, follow up, sponsor, train and duplicate with the willing.

Contact and invite are the only two areas that will differ in your system, depending on how you approach this. Present, follow up, sponsor, train and duplicate will be the same.

Define the methods that get you excited for contacting and inviting. This could be warm market; running ads; walking and talking; buying leads; or internet marketing. Once you have the prospects, take them through the rest of the process.

Find a mentor to teach you how to master the skills of the methods you want to use and let nothing stand in your way.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Friday, July 03, 2009

Do I Lead With Product or Opportunity

Network Marketers have asked this question for decades and although the answer will vary depending on who you ask, there is really only one right answer – lead with a solution.

No one ever bought a drill because they wanted a drill – instead, it's a hole in the wall that they are after. The drill provides the solution. Likewise, very few people ever wake up and say – "Hey, I think I will join a Network Marketing company today. I want to be a MLM Professional."

What really happens is they wake up and say – "I'm tired of my Boss; I'm tired of my job; I need more money; I want more control; etc."

Or, if they are in search of a solution for something that your product line offers, that's what they are looking for.

Your goal then is to determine what solution your "product" can offer and offer that solution. By "product", that can be either the product of opportunity, if your prospect is looking for more money or a financial solution. Or, it can be your actual company product line, if your prospect is looking for a solution that can be solved through your products.

This is where defining your target market becomes critical. Yes, everyone "could" be right for the opportunity product, but not everyone will be interested and so why waste your time or theirs?

Your number one goal is to find people each day who have a need that your business can offer a viable solution for and then offer that solution. From there, it's up to your prospect to decide if that solution is right for them.

You are a solutions provider! And the more solutions you can offer to more problems, the bigger your check will grow!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tools to Learn Magnetic Sponsoring

Are you frustrated by trying to learn Internet Marketing? You want to take your Network Marketing business online, but are stumped at how to actually get this done?

9 years ago, when I began the process, no one involved in Network Marketing was sharing any "secrets" on how to do it. So, I invested time and money learning from the Internet Marketing masters. These were not people involved in Network Marketing, but rather people teaching the basics skills of marketing.

It's the best thing I could have done to truly learn the system.

Today, there are several "one stop shopping" resources to learn internet marketing from Network Marketers. Mike Dillard is one of those resources.

Here is my review of his products and my story of success using the principles of solid "Internet Marketing" to build a million dollar Network Marketing business, and a substantial secondary income source along the way through Affiliate Programs.

Learn more and watch the 7 Free Video Series and see if this might be a fit for you.

Please share your feedback and comments!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer