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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Effective Use of Facebook for Your Business #2

More on the series of how to be effective with Facebook and social media marketing.

Number 2 – Please don't SPAM me.

When I started marketing my business online, 10 years ago, I adopted one business principle for certain –

If I wouldn't do it at a party; event or in a crowd offline, I shouldn't do it online.

That just seems like common sense, doesn't it? Evidently, some people didn't get the memo!

Would you walk into a party wearing a sign that reads – Join me and make a six figure income next month? I hope not. So why would anyone do this online.

When you get involved in conversation online, whether updating your status; sending a message to a contact; or posting on someone's wall, think about how you will be perceived.

Blasting someone with your opportunity is rude and unwelcome. It's like interrupting a conversation. Would you do this offline?

Always think before you write online. Think about who you will attract with your message. Anyone who has TRULY built a successful business knows that these type of messages do not attract the type of person with the commitment to build a business.

Creating content and value; developing relationship authentically; being INTERESTED in others is what builds a successful business, online and offline.

So, save your SPAM for the dinner table!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, August 24, 2009

Effective Use of Facebook for Your Business #1

Facebook is an amazing tool for many things. I have enjoyed it most for reconnecting with friends and people from my past – school, previous jobs, previous places I have lived, etc. And, I certainly enjoy and use it as a business building tool.

It can be a very effective tool for your business, when done correctly. Here are a few ways to make your time spent on Facebook, and other social media marketing sites worthwhile, and beneficial for those you connect with.

This series is going to share some tips for success with Social Media Marketing.

First, if you are going to request a friend from someone you don't know, take the time to look at their INFO page and know a little about them. To me, it's very irritating to have someone request my friendship, and then send me a message asking "tell me a little about you. What do you do?" Well, duh, why did you want to make friends with me if you weren't really interested in knowing about me BEFORE the request.

It's much more effective to take a moment and read a little on the INFO page (I realize you can't see it all) and then send a message commenting on something specific. That lets the person know that you are sincere and not just racking up a huge number of friends with no regard for the quality.

Building relationships is the first step in building a business and it starts with sincere interest.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Fortune is in the Follow Up

There is a very popular saying in Network Marketing and it goes something like this - "the fortune is in the follow up." Consistent follow up is what separates the average networker from the "big hitter." Following up with your prospects consistently is what makes the numbers game work out in your favor.

Decades of study and tracking by marketers and advertising agencies have proven consistently that most people will not make a decision until they have seen or heard about it at least twice, and most often many more times than that. If you make one contact with someone and then leave it up to him or her to get back with you if interested, you are short changing yourself and stunting the growth of your business.

Most marketers will tell you making seven contacts is not unreasonable in order to get the sale. Unfortunately, most networkers give up the pursuit after the first contact.

Think about how busy you are. Have you ever forgotten to follow up because you got so busy? Well, your prospect is no less busy, so chances are he/she got too busy as well. Don't make the mistake of reading this as a "not interested" sign.

My first sponsor in network marketing didn't make a dime for his first ten years in Network Marketing. Today, he is a million dollar a year earner. He consistently follows up and never gave up.

What if I told you that ten years from now, you would be earning one million a year? Would you stick with it? Would you wait it out that long? What if I told you that you wouldn't make anything for most of that ten years? And, you might invest $30,000 in your education along the way.

Would you stick it out then? Would that million a year still make a difference?

What else could you do right now that offers the promise of one million dollars a year?

You are a winner! You are in for the long haul! Write out that million dollar check now and put it in your wallet or purse. Take it out each time you go to make those follow up calls.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Leadership Principle #3 - Importance and Appreciation

Importance and Appreciation

Have you ever had an encounter with someone where you knew you were not appreciated or important? It's not a great feeling. Every person is special and deserves to know that. And, it takes so little to impart this feeling to another.

No matter how busy you are, take a moment to connect with people each day. Ask about their day; their life; their business. Ask how you can add value to their life and be sincere.

The CEO of my Network Marketing Company went car shopping the other day and first stopped into the Lexus Dealership. He was dressed in jeans a sweatshirt, and you have to know right up front that he is a wheeler/dealer! He loves the art of the bargain and negotiation. He began to negotiate on a high priced Lexus.

After the car salesman "sized him up", he pointed to another car, and suggested he consider that model. It was priced much less. My friend made a quick exit and drove right over to the BMW dealership where he was treated as the most important person on the planet by that car salesman.

Guess which car he bought? Guess how many people are hearing this story? Guess the value of positive press for BMW and negative press for Lexus?

Never make assumptions about someone based on their clothing or other "physical" things about them. Get to know another before forming a lasting opinion.

Let people know they are important in every way that you can. Appreciate their talents and contributions to your business and your life.

This leadership principle was taken from the Mary Kay Ash principles taught in the book, The Mary Kay Way.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leadership Principle #2 - Build With People

Build With People

Look at any great company and you'll find great people behind it. How many times have you seen corporate buyouts of successful companies only to see those companies run into the ground by poor management and leadership of the purchasing company.

Each person has amazing gifts and talents just waiting to be released. Set a goal to always "sponsor up" and look for those who are better than you. This builds a very strong, stable business.

You can't cut corners when it comes to growing people. Let people know that you are there for them; willing to listen and mentor them to success. Yes, they must match you in the effort. Always make sure that you are sincere in your sponsoring and willing to go the extra mile to assist someone in achieving the success desired.

Find out what people want and reach out a hand to help. Empower them to reach inside and find their own greatness to move themselves forward.

This leadership principle was taken from the Mary Kay Ash principles taught in the book, The Mary Kay Way.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are You Benefiting From the Internet in Business?

The Power of an Internet Based Business

When asked recently why I felt the Internet had played such an important role in my business, I had to really stop and think about just what it has meant. Really, if I sum it up, it's the difference between having a business and creating a lifestyle, and having a job.

See, the Internet provided the total solution for me when I began using it nearly ten years ago. I was struggling in my Network Marketing business prior to taking my business online. As the mother of small children, my ability (and, yes, willingness) to leave my children with a sitter or in daycare to run around town giving business overviews greatly stunted my ability to build an effective business.

Once I had exhausted my warm market, I needed a way to find interested prospects. Well, heck, if the internet is the greatest self help tool ever invented, then it makes sense that many prospects must be online looking for a business, so in essence, looking for me, right?

Well, that is absolutely right and that is absolutely what has happened. I took my business to the Internet; I struggled through building a personal website; learning lead capture and auto-responder details; and finally, how to market my business online.

One thing I knew from day one – jumping into social networks; forums and other places where people hang out and blasting out worthless messages about how great my opportunity is was not going to build a stable business. How is it that I "got that" ten years ago and so many people have not? It's worth repeating – if you wouldn't do it at a party offline, don’t do it at a party online! It's not welcome and it's obnoxious!

The second thing I learned is that picking up the phone and making contact as soon as possible would create relationships and friendships that would lead to business partnerships. The Internet is a great tool to make contact, but it doesn’t develop the relationship. It has no true human factor and network marketing is still a people to people business.

Finally, I know that I would never be where I am today if not for the Internet. See, I could have built the business I have, but it would have cost me the relationship I have with my children. It would have required me to be gone; out of the house for probably 4 nights a week and one weekend. It would have required more travel than the "once a quarter" trip I take now. It would have meant much more time on the phone.

So, for me, the Internet has been a priceless business building tool. It has been the center of my business, besides the people who are involved. It has connected me to some of the most amazing people on the planet. It has allowed me to "multiply" myself and be many places at once.

I encourage you to see how this tool might benefit you and your business. If you pursue it and commit to master it (as best it can be mastered) like I have, you will never look back and never regret it.

My best to you.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, August 17, 2009

Leadership Principle #1 - Golden Rule Leadership

Golden Rule Leadership

As you develop your leadership style, think about the way you want people to speak of you as a leader. What things will be written about your leadership style?

Adopting the principle of "Golden Rule Leadership" helps insure a win-win for everybody. It's pretty simple – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Not just when it is convenient.

Think about how you like to be treated and then treat others in that same way. Everyone deserves respect, certainly in the beginning. Everyone deserves the chance to be heard; listened to.

When you make a promise or commitment, keep it. When you make a mistake or are wrong, admit it and apologize. This is something that seems to have been lost in our culture. It only takes a handful of people to make a difference, though. Be part of that change!

Make it a point to make a difference in as many lives as you can each and every day. A simple, sincere compliment can truly change a life. When you shake someone's hand, be fully engaged in that person and look them in the eye. Make them feel important to you through your actions.

Give more than you expect to receive. Give whether or not it means a financial payout for you. You will reap the rewards many times over.

When faced with a challenging situation, ask yourself, how can the Golden Rule fit into this? What would that rule dictate for the solution? Often, this will quickly reveal a solution that is a win-win for everyone.

This leadership principle was taken from the Mary Kay Ash principles taught in the book, The Mary Kay Way.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, August 15, 2009

MLM Success - I'll Show You Step by Step

Think about the top names you know in Network Marketing - Randy Gage, Mark Yarnell, Richard Brooke, Doug Firebaugh, Jan Ruhe, etc. How many of these people made it to the top by having some one take them step by step through the success system?

None of them, actually! If you've heard their stories, you know that they were given the basic concepts of the business and told to "go for it!"

So, if they can create success in their MLM business without having someone hold their hand, why can't you? What's stopping you?

You can learn the basics of Network Marketing – Contact, Invite, Present, Follow up, Sponsor, Train and Duplicate – in one day. You'll spend more time than that getting good at it, but that is how it is with anything you do.

The reality about success in MLM is that it is truly "trial by fire." Everyone is going to do things just a little bit differently. You must find our own authentic voice and style. It takes some time practicing and trying new things to find what that voice is. If you practice it with good intent, you'll make money while you discover your own style.

For me, my success has come by being what I call a "Solutions Coach." I love connecting with others and helping them find a solution to whatever their challenge is. Sometimes, that puts them into my business. Other times, it is about pointing them toward training that helped me. Still other times, it's just listening and helping them coach themselves past their fears and frustrations.

You don't need a step by step manual for MLM Success. That can be a recipe for MLM failure if you aren't careful. Find your path and carve it deep!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are you in Big Business Mode or Stuck in Small Thinking?

Are you thinking small or big business?

Business slowdowns are occurring in much of the business world, so if you've been thinking that it is limited to just you or your business, ask around. It doesn't matter what your home business or what your product, chances are, you're experiencing a drop in business. This is not the time to throw in the towel, however. It's the time to do a full court press and take your business to the top.

I've been conversing with other networkers who are sharing the same sentiments. Some are starting to let fear grip them; and others are taking a proactive approach.

If you've read the business section of your newspaper, or jumped onto Yahoo News lately, you'll see what's happening elsewhere in the world of business.

Car makers are downsizing; governments are downsizing; and the list goes on. This means the loss of jobs by more workers all around the country and in many departments. These companies are'f currently closing their doors, but they are refocusing their businesses and going through everything to see what works and what doesn't. Many other types of businesses are doing the same.

What are you doing with your business plan? Are you going through everything? Seeing what works and what doesn't? Sharpening your focus and re-working your business plan? This is the sign of someone thinking big business.

I've heard from networkers inside and outside of my business who are quitting. Things are getting tight and instead of looking at their business as an asset, they are choosing to see it as a liability; something that must go. This is an interesting way to think about a business, designed to bring in money.

Now is not the time to throw in the towel. Leave that to your competition. That is very small business thinking and is not the type of thinking you need to move your business forward. Tough times mean increased opportunities, if you'll look for them and put yourself out there.

So, let's get out that business plan and give it an overhaul. Let's start with an inventory of what you have been doing. Get out a sheet of paper and write out what your daily action plan has consisted of over the last few weeks; months or even years. What has brought you the greatest success? What has brought you the greatest passion toward working your business? In what areas can you make improvements?

What type of monthly advertising budget are you working with? Where are you committing that budget monthly? How effective is this for you? What have you learned from this advertising? What can you do to increase your advertising budget without taking from your family budget?

Success in your own business involves just a few simple things. After all, when you think about it, there is nothing different from someone who is not having success compared to one who is except action, belief and consistency. These are the essential ABCs of business success.

Action means doing something to move your business forward each day. These can be small, meaning not a long list or super time intensive.

Here is an example of some action steps to take daily –

Pass out your business card to two people each day.
Make 2 new friends on Facebook, Twitter or another social networking site.
Call two leads who have responded to an ad for home business.

There are others, but these are two that are simple to do. Find the methods that work for you. This checks of the A part of the success plan.

Belief is the next one. How do you know that the sun will come up tomorrow; that the seasons will change? We have no real proof except that it has happened before, so it should happen again, right? This is belief, and it plays an important part in your success.

How to you make yourself believe that you will be successful, especially if things have been rocky? Who do you know who has already had the kind of success you are seeking? What is it about this person or these people that makes it work for them? What steps do they take each day? Are these steps that you could also take?

If you know that others have been successful in the same company, then you must believe that if you follow in their footsteps you will be, too. Belief is powerful, and a necessary part of your business.

Consistency is the final piece of the "big business thinking plan." McDonald's did not become successful by offering French fries only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or, by opening only when they feel like it. Their success has come as a result of being open for business at posted, scheduled times, and remaining open and in business even when no customers are in the store. They have a big business approach.

How well will any business do if it is only open an hour or two a month? What if those two hours consist of reading email; checking into the back office to see how many hits the website has received; and wondering why no business is coming in?

The key piece of Consistency is taking Action, based on Belief. No one has ever failed who has pursued this avenue of business success.

So, as other businesses and competitors close their doors, do you see this as a trend you should follow, or opportunity to increase your market share?

Put your big business sunglasses on and use this time to be a business success story, surviving in an environment where a large percentage of your competition is quitting, leaving a wide open opportunity for you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Are You Attending Your Company Events?

As I write this, we are on the final day of my company's convention. It is always so inspiring and empowering to attend events where you meet people committed to their dreams. I hope you are making plans to be at your company event.

Company events are a critical part of any MLM business and can be a make or break of one’s success. It is always a highlight for me to visit with many different people from different places and different walks of life, and most importantly, different “places” within their business journey.

It’s enlightening to watch people’s listening and learning styles as they absorb information and knowledge from those who have traveled the path before. I always reflect on my own early days at events and what I took away from those who I interacted with.

I was always looking for the Holy Grail at these events. I was convinced there was some magic script; secret handshake; perfect pitch or some key piece that I was missing from my business portfolio. I would make a list of each top money earner who I wanted to spend just a moment with and the questions that I wanted to ask. I would stay up late at night in my room, making lists of the business building activities I was going to jump into once I returned home.

This was going to be the month that I was going to finally get serious about my business and do whatever was needed to propel myself into the top income earner ranks.

The reality for me back then is that I was not ready to truly move myself forward in my business. I was too outwardly focused on the “how” of doing the business and not the “why.” I was looking in all of the wrong places for my success.

What was missing was a significant purpose and end goal for me to focus on that would make the difference. Something that was measurable and achievable.

My first and primary goal was to make sure I was able to stay home and raise our children without day care. Well, I had already accomplished that and didn’t have to be a top income earner to do it.

I also wanted to be able to travel and enjoy life. Well, since my husband is employed as an airline pilot, we already had good flight benefits and so I was able to travel much more than most people because we had flight passes. So, even though I wasn’t meeting my exact goal of traveling in first class, staying in first class hotels and enjoying first class food without regard for price, I was still doing pretty well with that goal.

I believe everyone has a turning point in this business. An event or epiphany that occurs that moves them from hope, thought and inaction to drive, ambition and inspired action.

Mine occurred after reading a quote from one of my mentor’s daughters who was headed out to an education at sea program. It’s an expensive school program and when the student was asked “what does your dad do that allows you to go on this educational experience?” She replied “My dad? You mean my mom. It’s what my mom has done.”

That was a strong measurable and achievable goal for me. And while it didn’t necessarily mean one of my children would choose to participate in a program like this, I wanted to be in the position to give them this opportunity.

And, most of all, I wanted them to know that it was me, their mom, who had moved forward and had the tenacity to create a successful business, while home with them, that would benefit our family and provide us with the ability to have all of the extras we wanted in life.

What was or will be your turning point or epiphany in your business? Are you like I was, attending events and having the best intentions but never fully committing full out?

It’s certainly a “been there, done that” for me, and if I could impart one piece of advice or encouragement it would be to first work on yourself if you are not ready or are struggling to get yourself into action in your business.

The key for me was to continue reading the stories of others and to see myself as writing a success story in MLM. It was to find that measurable goal that would move me forward. It was to continue to believe and have hope, knowing that as I struggled and “failed forward” I would get there. I would arrive at that place I so desired.

Wherever you are in your journey, it’s important for you to know that you can get there. Nothing is stopping you but YOU! It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it. Take the steps necessary to grow yourself and become the best that you can be.

If anyone else can do it, so can you. Let this time be your time to shine. Get it done now and then enjoy the rest of your journey knowing that the hardest part is behind you and the pot of gold is there in every day that you celebrate your success!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Build Your Business Before You Need It

When we started our network marketing career, over 15 years ago, we did so with 2 thoughts in mind.

One was income replacement – to eventually develop a business and an income that would replace an employee salary. The second was an insurance policy.

At that time, the industry we worked in (airline) was going through major mergers, paycuts and downsizing. More than a decade later, the same is still going on and through in pension cuts on top of it.

While we didn’t "need" the income at that time, we did need the insurance policy for peace of mind. So, we rolled up our sleeves and started building.

Today, virtually everyone should be evaluating some type of "Plan B" business that can be started without a large investment and built over time. This just makes good business sense given the times we are living in.

Here are some steps for getting your Plan B started –

1. Do your research carefully and choose a business that fits you.

2. Don’t get caught up in hype and slick marketing.

3. Know that it is a 2-5 year business plan. You aren't going to get rich and quit your job

4. Have a long term vision for success and the patience to see the job through.

Let's look at these one at a time.

One, do your research carefully and choose a business that fits you. Spend some time evaluating your likes and interests. That old saying – "Do what you love and the money will follow" is very sound advice. When you involve yourself in a business you enjoy, you are much more likely to stick with it. When evaluating a Network Marketing Business, use my checklist.

Two, don't get caught up in hype and slick marketing. This can be a big challenge, especially when you are researching online. Marketing messages are written to be persuasive and everything sounds great, and the next one sounds even better, right? Educate yourself and be sure you understand exactly what it's going to take to make a successful business for yourself from the business you choose. Look beyond the hype; talk to people and make a sound business decision.

Three, understand that just like any business, it's typically a 2 to 5 year plan to achieve the success you desire. Get rich quick has no place here and won't ever last. If it were that easy, everyone would be involved. Develop a business plan and be willing to be coached by those who are successful already. Understand that there will be some challenges and times you'll feel like quitting. Make a commitment to always wait until the next day to quit. Sleep on it and see how you feel the next day.

Finally, have a long term vision for success. Develop a dream book or board that spells out exactly what you are looking for. Set some timelines to achieving some of those goals and work steadily toward accomplishing that. Work in 90 day cycles for success. This will give you the ability to do a fair analysis of what is working.

Build it now, before you need it and create the security that comes from knowing you always have a cushion to fall back on.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, August 09, 2009

You Didn't Fall For "The Next Big Thing" Did You?

If you've been on the Internet (and you have since you are reading this) you may have fallen prey to "The Next Big Thing" syndrome that is out there. It's rampant on the Internet, and if you are signed up on very many newsletters or notification lists, you are likely seeing it regularly.

You're cruising through email and BAM – an email drops into your box with a screaming headline about how great this new opportunity is; and how much money you are going to make with this new opportunity; and how so-and-so-big-name is getting involved with this big opportunity and this opportunity is going to help you dump your mediocre status that you've had so far in M.L.M. and you are going to finally make some REAL money!

Question for you – how many opportunities are you going to join before you realize that none of this has anything at all to do with your success? New; better; best; big name; matching bonus, blah, blah, blah. This is not what true success is about.

It's not the company; it's not the big name; it's not the products; it's not the pay plan; it's not your upline; it's not the "turnkey, duplication system"; it's not any of these things that determine your success in Network Marketing. These are just things sold to you by slick marketers who know how to invoke your emotions and make you think you are going to win the lottery if you just join "their deal."

The opportunity you have in front of you most likely has all of the components to allow you to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams. If anyone in your company has done it, so can you.

The only thing that is missing for you, if you aren't getting what you want from it, is your belief; your commitment and your focus. The success you desire is all about you, and your ability to get it lies within you.

You just have to decide to stop looking around; procrastinating; making excuses; and thinking that it can't happen for you. You have to decide that every day, you are going to put one foot in front of the other and BE the success story you desire.

No one gets lucky in this profession and no one gets a free ride. The top distributors get to the top by developing a business action plan and taking action. Simple as that. In the beginning, they work hard to lay the foundation. Sometimes, it seems like there is no progress. They certainly work harder than the ones standing on the sideline saying "It's easy for so-and-so. He/she has ______ and I don't."

In the beginning, you must treat your business like a JOB if you want to create the benefits it offers. It's not the lottery; it's not get rich quick; and everyone pays a price to be successful. It's a high price, too, but it is so worth it.

The average networker, however, does not treat the business like a JOB. They don't make a commitment; and they aren't willing to pay the price. They think that when they order their starter pack, they are buying a lottery ticket guaranteed to win. Or, pulling the arm on a slot machine.

Knowing this, what steps will you take today to get your business into the race? How will you develop a disciplined work ethic so you can begin to see the results that you want? The grass really is not greener anywhere else. It's thick, rich and fertilized right here, right now. If you aren't getting the results you want out of your business today, who is going to change that? It's not your sponsor, and it's not the company. It's you.

Cruising the Internet looking for something easier; more this or more that isn't going to change your results. You will face the same problems there and have to overcome the same challenges.

You have to be willing to decide what it is you really want; decide what price you are willing to pay to get it; decide what you must and will overcome to get there; and decide to take action starting right now and every day.

It's that simple. I remember the day I made that decision. I remember the price I was willing to pay. I remember my challenges and what I had to do to "get over myself" essentially. And, I remember every day how glad I am I had "that day."

Let today be YOUR day!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Using PPC to Develop Your Keyword Strategy

You've built your website to promote yourself and your business, right, and now you want to work on your keyword strategy for getting high search engine rankings and driving that ever elusive traffic your way! Well, here is a great way to determine what keywords are going to work the best in your business.

Start a Pay Per Click Ad Campaign with Google, Yahoo Search and/or MSN.

Let's use Google for our example. It's simple to open a PPC campaign and the minimum amount it will cost you is $25. This is a very inexpensive way to test what's going to be the best strategy for attracting the most customers and prospects to your page.

This can save you thousands of hours and time is money, right!

Make sure you read my previous post on SEO so you have an idea about developing your website keyword strategy. -

Once you have identified your target market and the most likely terms that they might use when they are searching for a site/business like yours, you can start your PPC campaign and test out those keywords to see which ones pull the most traffic.

Get a free Cheat Sheet on how to get this started and what it all means.

Once you open your account, be sure to read through the Beginner's Guide so you know what you are doing. Be prepared to trial, test and make changes for a full 90 days so you can see how to best adapt your site to fit your visitor profile through the most popular keywords. Your goal is to make the most of your advertising efforts; spend as little as possible for the highest level of results.

Using this strategy, you can track the number of clicks it takes to get your end result. This result could be for your visitor to opt in to your campaign; buy something; join your business, etc.

Once you've tracked out 90 days, you can begin to fine tune your website based around these keyword strategy results and begin to generate organic search engine traffic as well.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Friday, August 07, 2009

Key Quality #6 of the Successful Network Marketer

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

Key Quality #6 – Be Accountable.

Accountability is a key piece of success in the profession of Network Marketing largely due to the fact that this is a volunteer business. It doesn't come with a job description; a time clock; or a set paychecj at the end of two weeks.

It's up to you to make things happen in your business.

Staying accountable to yourself will help you keep focused, remain committed, and know what steps you will take in your business journey each day. Find a partner to be accountable to, if that helps.

This is not meant to be "your boss!" But, rather, this is your friend. Your personal assistant, committed to assisting you with those oh-so important business steps.

Use a Weekly Planner to chart out what steps you will take and then follow through with action. Adapt them to fit your style. Talk to your sponsor about accountability sheets that might be available to you.

Spend some time today reviewing your goals and objectives in this business. Also, reflect on the available time you have to commit to your business. Get clear on the action steps that will take you where you want to be.

Write down your goals on a 3 by 5 index card. Write down your 5 most important action steps for each day.

Place these near your phone, computer, tape to your mirror, etc. Make sure this is in front of you each day.

If you get side tracked one day....oh well. Each day is a new beginning.

Tracking is essential to your business. It does two things - it improves on those actions you are already good at and it shows you your weaknesses.

Pay attention to those weaknesses. There is great wisdom there as to why things may not be going the way you want.

One of my mentors once said - "Is your business growing? People spend months "doing" the business, then get a paycheck and think 'this isn't working.' That's not true! What they are DOING isn't working."

Certain proven activities produce results in network marketing. These don't really change from company to company.

That same mentor above created the Pocket Tracker Training. I have used this for years in the business. It helped me grow to a six figure income earner and I know it will help you, too.

Find out more at -

"If we did all of the things we are capable of doing, we would
literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

Here's to a great day!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

PS - I'm headed to my company convention today and look forward to sharing updates!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Key Quality #5 of the Successful Network Marketer

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

Key Quality #5 – Attend Company and Distributor Events.

Getting yourself "plugged in" and familiar with the company, culture and story behind the company best occurs by actually being physically present. There is something magical that happens when you attend your first company event. IT's hard to describe, even.

Beyond providing proven, critical training, it instills something in the new distributor about how "real" the business is and the possibilities it contains. You'll meet the top income earners and leaders within the company, the management team; and by the time it's over, you'll realize that you have as much potential as anyone of taking your business to the top.

Find out as quickly as you can what events are planned and begin immediately to plan on attending. Determine dates; costs; and details that you'll need to take care of in order to get there. The more events you attend, the more your business will grow.

The more people on your team who you get to events, the faster your business (and theirs) will grow. Your team will attend if you attend. This is not a case of "do as I say, not as I do." If you want a growing team, grow yourself by being at events.

Promote these events way before the month they occur so your team can make plans. Have a special gathering for your team at these events, if possible, and make sure people meet and get to know each other.

After the event, share your thoughts and experiences and announce any upcoming events to get your team in the planning stages to attend. Get others to share their experiences, as well.

This is a very important, non-negotiable part of your business strategy for success. You simply must be at events!

Tomorrow, Key Quality #6 – Be Accountable.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Key Quality #4 of the Successful Network Marketer

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

Key Quality #4 – Follow a System of Single Daily Actions.

Let's face it, your business is going to grow by doing only two things – finding customers, and signing up new distributors who find customers and new distributors. So, you'll want to incorporate these two things into a plan of Daily Actions.

Your system for doing these things will consist of your list and methods for finding people to speak to about your products and business; your presentation to these prospects; following up; and taking action with those who say yes.

Decide how you are going to grow your contact list. Start by using the notification process to advise those you already know about your business. From there, determine the methods of generating leads that most appeal to you. Talk to your sponsor about different ideas and find your best fit. This will help ensure that you take these action steps daily.

Your daily action plan should consist of talking to at least 2 people per day about your business. As you do this, you'll also incorporate follow up as part of your action plan, since you'll be following up with your daily contacts. Sponsoring and training will also become a part of your daily business plan, as well.

These consistent actions will take you to the top levels of success in Network Marketing.

Tomorrow, Key Quality #5 – Attend Company and Distributor Events.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Key Quality #3 of the Successful Network Marketer

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

Key Quality #3 – Study Your Profession.

If you wanted to learn to fly an airplane, there would be some education and study required, right? What if you wanted to become a surgeon? Same thing. Network Marketing success is no different. You must be teachable, and you must be willing to seek out and learn every day.

Talk to your sponsor about the methods he/she uses to build the business. Find out what training resources you should be learning from. Set aside time every day to expand your learning process.

As you begin learning and studying the profession, you will find stories and experiences shared by others that are just like you. Everyone has moments of challenge and struggle in this profession. Everyone who is actually working the business hears "no" much more than they hear "yes." And, the successful ones keep going. No matter what.

As you study these stories, it will instill in you that you can be a success, too, if you just keep taking action. Your first days in Network Marketing can be the most challenging, and if you are plugged into learning and studying from others, you will know that what you are experiencing is common and this can keep you in the game.

Your business will grow as fast as you do and you'll grow faster by studying and learning from others. Stay in student mode and be ready to share this important activity with your growing downline.

Tomorrow, Key Quality #4 – Follow a System of Single Daily Actions.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Monday, August 03, 2009

Key Quality #2 of the Successful Network Marketer

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

Quality # 2 - Develop a Loyal Customer Base

I know, I know – you were told that Network Marketing isn't about selling; it's simply sharing! Whatever. Do you want to be successful? Then don't be afraid of the word – SALES! It's not a dirty word. Sales goes on everyday and you are a part of it in some way every day. Why not profit from it yourself, since you offer great products and you believe in those products.

Big checks are created through sales volume and there is no better way to create sales volume than to develop a few, loyal customers and teach others to do the same. People will stay in the business when they have success, and that first success of getting a customer goes a long way to securing everyone's future.

Here is a shocker – not everyone you know is going to want to get involved in the business. In fact, most won't. But a strong number of those people will be interested in trying out your products.

For me personally, no one in my family is involved in my business and no one in my circle of close friends is either. They are, however, my best customers and strongest source of referrals. This creates a retail income source to fund a marketing budget for the business and it builds volume. As a leader, I am setting a good example for my team by retailing.

Set a goal of finding ten to fifteen customers. These are people who just use your products and are not interested in the opportunity. As I mentioned yesterday, I give away a lot of my products. Try this as well. Give a demo to ten or fifteen friends, along with a catalog and order form and see what happens.

Provide good customer service by following up to see how they like the products and check in regularly for repeat orders. Give discounts and add in bonuses. These are tax write-offs, and more importantly, they secure your customer base.

Teach your team to do the same and watch your group volume and commission checks soar!

Tomorrow, Key Quality #3 – Study Your Profession.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Key Quality #1 of the Successful Network Marketer

Key Qualities of the Network Marketing Professional

What defines success in any profession? Typically, there are a few qualifiers and Network Marketing is no different. Too many people, however, enter our profession and think success will happen even if they take shortcuts. Not so. Network Marketing, like any solid profession, requires mastery of a few essential components if one wants to experience true success.

1. Use your products, all of them. That old saying "become a product of the product" is critical for you to become comfortable and fluent discussing what your business offers. Nothing will put doubt into the mind of your prospect faster than quickly discerning that you don't know your product line. How can you instill belief in others if you don't truly have it yourself?

If your company offers a large starter pack of all of the products, get started with that. This is a business and getting started with all of the products will get you off to the fastest start. No excuses!

Go through your home and place every competing product you have that your company offers in a garbage bag. Give it away or throw it away and replace all products with those from your own store. This helps develop your product story and you might be surprised how many people who visit your home will ask about your products.

Also begin to share your products with others through samples and demos. I give away my products all of the time and this has come back to me tenfold in profit, repeat orders and customer referrals. Your products are the bet sales aid and tool you have, so why not use them? It's a solid investment in your business and a tax write-off.

As you sponsor others and grow your team, spend your time with the ones who commit to the product line as well. Those who commit to the product line from the beginning deserve your time and will likely be your most stable business builders.

When you are solid in your belief and use of your products, others will notice and become curious. Commit to yourself and your business through this first key quality – Use Your Products! And, then naturally recommend them to others.

Tomorrow, Key Quality #2 – Developing a Loyal Customer Base.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Are You Confused by SEO and Search Engines?

It's always educational to chat with others who are building a business online and find out those things that are most challenging or puzzling to them. One topic that comes up so frequently is Search Engines; Placement and Search Engine Optimization.

I thought it might be helpful to share some thoughts around the topic and some of my own experiences. While no one really knows what Google wants (except Google!) there are some things I have noticed and tracked over time.

Let me first share, however, that you can build a wildly successful business online without a top 10 Organic (meaning not paid) Search Engine listing. I know this because I have done it, so this is not theory. Yes, search engine traffic helps and is a big boost, but it takes time and involves more than good, "elbow grease" marketing.

Search Engine Optimization sounds scary, but it's really just about creating content on your site that uses a "keyword strategy" to target the audience you wish to attract. So, it's starts with getting into the mind of your potential prospect.

You have a business and you want to attract others to do business with you, or join you in your business, right? What word or phrase would your potential prospect type into a search engine in order to find you, if they don't even know you exist?

Spend some time brainstorming the top keyword phrases that your prospect might use to find you. Use your top keywords on your website as you write your content. Or, if your site is already done, you can re-write your content to add these keywords in. The objective is to get Google to "read" your site and determine that it is "worthy" to be ranked on their search engine results.

You want to place these keyword phrases on your site enough that Google reads them and places your site appropriately, but you don't want to make them so redundant by repeating them too much that your reader loses interest.

Each page of your site is independent and can have its own keyword strategy, so spend some time with each page. This does not have to be an overwhelming process, though. Take a page a week and spend an hour or so working on it. Over time, these efforts will pay off as you fine tune your site and "gain favor" with the "Google Gods!"

Each time you update a page, you can re-submit it to Google using their "Submit Your Website" feature. You don't have to submit your site more than once, as Google will revisit over time, but it can boost the process when you add content. Or, if you do a complete site overhaul, be sure to re-submit.

As you are working on your Search Engine strategy and rankings, make sure you are taking time daily to promote your site as well. You can do this through Social Media sites where you can create a link back to your site. Any time you have the chance to include your website link in something you are doing online, this creates exposure for you immediately, and it lets Google know your site is "busy" out there. Make sure you are only posting appropriate links, however.

This is how I was able to generate lots of traffic; build my list and grow my business successfully long before Google even knew I existed. And, quite honestly, it's a much better way to develop relationships. My strongest business alliances have come through people I "met" while out and about online.

Up next – we'll be talking about good places to create these links using Social Media; Blog Comments; Video and more! Don't you love the Internet? It really does weave a "web" of opportunity when it all comes together.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer