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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

MLM and the Law of Attraction

Although I have always viewed myself as a happy, positive, optimistic person, my journey into Network Marketing uncovered some flaws that would need to be corrected in order to achieve the level of success I was gunning for.

I remember my whole outlook changing dramatically when I read Richard Brooke's "Mach II With Your Hair on Fire." My hair might as well have been on fire because my mind made such a dramatic shift that I felt as if I was burning up! It transformed everything.

I knew this held the secret to my success. The exercises are simple. Concentrate on what you WANT to achieve and not what you don't want. Close your eyes and mentally "see" the picture of what you want in your mind. See yourself in that picture and "feel" what it will feel like when you achieve it.

Practice this exercise 3-5 times daily and watch the shifts that occur.

This is essentially the Law of Attraction.

Like seeks like and positive energy seeks positive energy. Likewise for negative energy.

Think about your current situation. Are you happy or unhappy? Are you excited or frustrated? Are you focused only on the end result you seek or are you counting the white stripes on the road as they pass slowly by?

To attract what you want, shift your focus. I know, I know. It's not always easy, but there are some tools that can assist you.

A few years back, I decided to become THE master of my thoughts and feelings. One tool I used was a fancy pony tail holder of my daughter's. It almost looks like a bracelet and I would wear it on my wrist. When I would catch myself thinking negatively, I would pop the band and snap my wrist. Ouch!

Before long, just looking at that evil band on my wrist would immediately put me into focused, positive mode and I would feel the difference in my energy level and my attitude.

I learned to use this tool to increase my awareness and "Attractor Factor" when I would sit down to call leads. I practiced and learned how to speak from the passion in my heart about my business to others. I mastered the skill of letting go of my attachments to anyone else's opinions about what I was doing.

What happened in my life is amazing. Positive outcomes began to show up consistently. I began to EXPECT the Success that I dreamed about, and guess what? It showed up!

I discovered the "secret handshake" of Network Marketing - my own thoughts and beliefs! When my belief is strong and my thoughts are positive, I attract exactly what I want into the business. Simple as that - be aware of and determine my thoughts and also determine my outcomes.

Some people are fearful when they first hear "Law of Attraction" and the thought of each one of us being in control of our own destiny and outcome. Maybe it seems too "Woo-woo" or out there. I personally view it as very empowering, very spiritual experience. It's those times of quiet meditation when I am focused on simply being joyful and expecting the greatness of this world to show up on my doorstep that I have the deepest spiritual connection.

Author Paul Zane Pilzer wrote a fascinating book a few years back titled "God Wants You to Be Rich." I encourage anyone struggling with the concept of wealth and the power of the mind to read this book and get inspired!

Dr. Wayne Dyer summed it up exceptionally well in the opening sentence to his book "Manifest Your Destiny." He writes "You have the power within you to attract to yourself all that you could ever want."

So, I ask you - What are you attracting to your life right now? Is it what you want? Is it what you dream of?

Make the decision right now to begin attracting only those things that are positive, empowering and what your dreams are made of. The choice is yours - choose to attract abundance in everything!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Working a Network Marketing Business Around Small Children

People often ask me how I have managed to work and sustain a Network Marketing business over the course of 13 years, especially as an at-home mom, with small children.

You can read my story and catch some of my "why" about even doing this business at -

It has been a long, but "worth it" 13 years. I started when my son was 18 months and my daughter was not yet born. I had MANY days of frustration because I had no time. When I worked my business I felt guilty about my kids and when I was with the kids, I felt guilty about the business. It seemed like a no win situation. There were many times I wanted to run away, scream, quit, fall on the floor kicking and screaming, etc.

I've lost my composure more than once, but I have managed to regain it!

But, my other options were even worse. Go back to work? No way. Try and survive on one income? No fun! Or, continue to plod along and have patience.

That's what I did. Each year became easier and the day my daughter went to school full day was bittersweet. She was moving a step closer to being out of the nest, and my "baby" was moving on. But, finally, I had TIME!

Now, they are 14 and 11. They still get frustrated with my business sometimes but now they see the benefits because we are enjoying the nice income and "toys" that can come with that. I make sure they are always aware of each goal that I am working toward in my business and what that will mean for our family. They also have found ways to work right along side me and get involved.

Take baby steps every day. First, get organized. Talk to your spouse and make sure you have support, even if it's begrudgingly. Set up some parameters and ASK FOR HELP. This is hard for women to do sometimes because we tend to think that means we are failing. You aren't! You are on the road to creating an incredible lifestyle for your family and others. (It's hard for men to do, too!)

Set an intention to make ONE HOUR A DAY for your business. Notice I said MAKE and not FIND! You'll look forever and never find it, so you must MAKE time. It does not have to be all at one time. 15 minute blocks to make 1 -3 quick phone calls is fine. Take 30 minutes after the kids are in bed or get up 30 minutes before they do to get some things accomplished.

Make email a lower priority. Cruise through email and ONLY deal with business related emails first. Save others for free time.

Set 5 action steps a week that you COMMIT to doing for your business. Find things you can do to get the kids involved. Door hangers are great for this. Call for fundraisers, home parties, 5 people about the business, pass out flyers, pass out candle drawing cards, etc. Check into craft shows and Farmer's Market's where you can bring the kids to spend some time. Let them see you in business mode. Pay them a little for their time and cooperation.

We used to put flyers and "sizzle cards" on cars and then I would take them for ice cream. They started looking forward to it. So did I (cheap labor!)

Don't worry so much about the background being absolutely quiet when you make a call. We are "work at home moms and dads" and we do this by choice! We embrace that those little noises are there with us! We are modeling for others that they can do this with their small children, too.

Be very organized about your home duties, such as cooking and cleaning. Get your kids involved and teach them about personal responsibilities. I love to cook and have learned to get my kids involved. We made Chinese food complete with Egg Rolls the other night. Lots of dicing and chopping and they enjoy this. That is QUALITY time that we spend together and we laugh and enjoy. And, I must confess, that is one time when my mind does not go to business. I love cooking and the whole process, so I am "right there" when we cook together.

Get them involved in cleaning up the house. Have a contest for who picks up and puts away the most in the CORRECT spot. Set a fun date at the park, or zoo, or out to lunch but the deal is the house must be picked up before you get to go. They will spring into action.

If you are a perfectionist about things, work hard to let go of that. Realize that the sun will come up tomorrow even if there is dust on the table tonight. Also, if you spouse is helping out and he/she does not do things exactly as you would, or put things away in just the right spot, OH WELL! Does it REALLY matter?

Get rid of clutter. Get rid of thinking so much about what you are NOT doing.

Learn to make your "to do list" smaller, so you can feel some personal success. ALWAYS make sure those 5 action steps get done and that they involve something that will build your business.

Give the kids "business jobs" as you make a quick phone call. Have them label your products, alphabetize them, etc. Just get them involved. When business time is over, go do something fun together.

If you have 2 hours a day while they are all gone to preschool, DO NOT USE THIS TIME TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. OR, RUN ERRANDS, ETC. Use this time to make calls, return important business related emails, etc.

Go easy on yourself and KNOW that this time frame will pass and they WILL grow up and be gone. Help them to be involved and love your business, too, so as they get older, they want even more involvement. You are giving them the gift of entrepreneurship.

Reward yourself for each success and DO NOT compare yourself to ANYONE else and especially those who are not in your same "life situation."

Those who work fulltime think it's easier because you are home. Those home think it's easier because those at work can sneak in calls and activities.

It's as easy or hard as YOU want to make it. My passion about this business is in LARGE part due to my children. I did not want them in day care, nor to miss field trips, or being able to bring them home when they are sick, etc. So, my passion grew because my business allowed me to do these things and yet still earn an income.

And, like all parents, I wanted to give them more than I had (even though I feel I had it pretty good!) This business can offer all of that and more.

Allow that to stir your passion and give you the strength to move it forward, even little steps at a time, until pretty soon you are running and then sprinting!

You'll get there!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Network Marketing Vs Franchising

Before we started in Network Marketing, my husband and I seriously considered franchising as the option that might provide what we were looking for in terms of securing our retirement and finances outside of the airline industry.

At that time, we were not even SORT OF open to looking at network marketing. (Keep this in mind when someone tells you no!)

We even visited about 3 different franchise headquarters around the country. A few things were always a deterrent to actually jumping in -

1. Cost of Getting Started
2. Amount of investment needed to sustain while in growth mode
3. Time requirement, given that we had not yet started a family

We recently stopped in a coffee shop in Orange County and I noticed a brochure promoting franchising opportunities so I picked it up. We read over it and laughed at what was required, vs what has been required of us to build a network marketing business to a level that essentially offers much more in terms of both income and free time.

Here is what the brochure listed, with my network marketing comparisons listed in parenthesis -

Own Your Own Franchise -

Single or Multiple Stores (wow, I have thousands of "stores" with my networking business)
Proven Business System (same with Network Marketing)
High Repeat Customer Base (we have thousands of repeat customers monthly)
Fun & Friendly Environment (What is more fun than candles from home)
Established Company (Established and getting better)
Extensive Training (Can't beat our training and support)

We Help You Get Started

Site Selection (That was easy, my home!)
Lease Negotiations (Well, you may have to jockey for space with your spouse!)
Store Layout and Design (Taken care of)
Inventory and Equipment Procurement (stop with the big words...we have online ordering)
Customer Service Training (What is your favorite candle fragrance?)
Marketing and Advertising (We got that, Jim!)
Ongoing Support (Same here!)

Ownership Qualifications

Minimum Net Worth of $400k (Have a credit card with room on it, you are qualified!)
Liquid Assets of at least $125k ( we want to help you ACHIEVE this!)
Strong management, social skills (these will help, and can be learned!)
Estimated Initial Investment - ranges from $241,500 to $440,000.

Whoa! For $399.90, you can be in profit immediately! Read on...

A. The franchise fee is Thirty-six thousand ($36,000) dollars.

A. The term of the franchise agreement is ten (10) years.

Okay, so what would you rather do? Invest $399.90 initially along with some ongoing advertising and misc dollars and be in profit VERY quickly, or invest anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 million dollars and not be in profit for a few years and be committed for 10 years?

I'm thinking that might GET YOU the loony bin!

So, what is YOUR choice?


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Thursday, May 11, 2006

MLM Business Questions, or the Business of MLM

Wow! I was just asked some amazing questions by a team member and I wanted to share them in case it might make sense to YOU, and help you in some way!

1. When speaking with a prospect, there are many questions that can be asked. What question would you consider to be the very most important?

My Answer --It depends on where the prospect comes from, but two I ask most frequently are - "What did you see about our business (or ad) that made you want to talk personally (or know more, etc) Again, that will vary depending on the lead. If they come into my website directly, I know they previewed some info to get to the contact page. If it's an ad, something there got their attention. I have scripts published in the training site files that have these questions in them! Remember, our goal is to be relationship based and asking questions, listening and then responding make that happen.

2. It seems to me like your entire focus on the business has been recruiting. I am under the impression, that you have never done any fundraisers, very little retailing, very few shows and parties and you have primarily sold products as a result of prospecting. How then can you successfully sponsor and talk with people about these areas when you have very little experience yourself with them?

My Answer --Well, first impressions aren't always accurate, ha! I have and still do fundraisers. I don't seek them out much anymore, but living in a small town and having worked that avenue a little more in the beginning, some of them find me now. And, my best customers give me fundraising referrals now! One of my very first action steps was doing a home party for a friend, before I held my own open house. I even went to Phoenix to do it! My first summer I did Farmer's Markets and Market Nights every week with my kids, and spent that time "trying to find myself" as I was still with another company and sorting out what direction this industry was going to take me. Due to an odd circumstance, the answer came to me that this was THE business for me, and I jumped into recruiting at that point full bore because I was trained in this industry as a recruiter. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks. The bottom line is, experience each area of building the business to some extent so you can coach others. I have put together a training manual for each area of the business, and this frees up my time to do what I love - recruit and coach others! Find your niche and then work it!

--I've learned to recognize what my gifts are and where my passions lie, and coaching a team and exposing this opportunity to others is my TRUE passion. I proudly claim that I am a focused RECRUITER and COACH! In sports, there is a recruiter and there is a coach. In network marketing, we scout out the talent and work to assist in that development, too!

3. I noticed that you currently purchase generic leads from other sources as well. Are they worth the time and money? or is it better to spend all my efforts to get myself out there online via articles, blogs, ecourses etc. and let people come to you even though it may be a slower process.

--I believe that the BEST lead is the one that comes to you personally. I LOVE working the internet and I see the time I spend out there as equivalent to doing a Farmer's Market or a show, etc. I can hang in my work out clothes, though!! The BEST way to work this business is the way you are most passionate about. When I work leads, I lean more toward candle specific leads, or VERY fresh MOM leads. My thought is that a combination of working both leads AND the internet process is the way to go, assuming you feel good about those methods. My primary methods get leads coming to me, and that is always my desire!

4. What is the number one thing that you think anyone in this business who wants to succeed at a high level should know?

--Know that it is a process. Know that there are times of feeling unbalanced; times of feeling inadequate; times of wanting to quit; times of feeling it will never happen for you; times of feeling that EVERYONE else is better at this than you are. Know that these feelings will pass.

--Know also that there are times of IMMENSE joy. Watching someone you've sponsored sign up their first person; watching someone earn $1000 at a show; watching someone's children get involved; having your (my) son tell me he appreciates my business; having my daughter come up to my office and ask what she can help out with, and working TOGETHER, talking and bonding; having your husband tell you he's starting to feel like a kept man (and he is grinning from ear to ear when he says it!); watching leaders develop, shine and lead their own teams; winning an award; having MANY on your team win MANY awards; learning from the powerful people who have shown up in your group; believing every day that today is fabulous and tomorrow will be even BETTER!

--Know that the only way you experience ALL of this is by staying in the game; learning; growing and developing!

You are a winner! Let that winner shine!!

Thanks for asking!


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The three things you MUST have to be successful in YOUR business -

Desire - you have to have a burning desire. It's hard for me to explain this if you don't have it and if you do have it, you know exactly what I mean. You lay in bed at night, tingling with the excitement of what you have your hands on. For me, it gets me BACK out of bed for an hour or two in the wee hours, because I can't sleep and am excited to do things. And, because this is inspired action, when I go back to bed, I fall right to sleep and wake up rested, ready to do it again. My husband thinks I am nuts, but he appreciates the efforts!

Willingness to Work - I guess that goes along with getting up at 2am, ha! No, you don't have to, but you MUST be willing to actually work your business. Take action steps to move you forward. Nothing great comes without some effort. Check your "Willingness to Work" meter and super charge it if you need to.

Teachable Spirit - Are you truly coachable in this business? I wasn't in the early days. Boy, I am now! Do you read something in the training manual and think " I'm not doing that." OR do you neglect to get on coaching calls, or read at all? Again, check your "teachable spirit" meter, and decide to make a change if it's not registering high. Great things await you if you are willing to make the effort.

Here are three things we all have in common. These are identical for each of us. NOTHING is different about these.

Products - we all have the same products. In my candle business, each of my partners and I each have the same opportunity in the products. Their Hot Apple Pie is the same as mine, and my Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper is the same as theirs. We are alike, here.

Opportunity - we all have the same opportunity. If we are in the same company, the pay plan is the same for me and you. Isn't that great? When you reach each position on the pay chart, you have the same pay available. When you sponsor someone new, you are paid the same as me. Awesome, isn't it? You may be in Maine and I am in California , and we have so much in common.

You - YOU are the one who determines what your income will be. YOU make the difference. YOU determine it for YOU, I determine it for me. Either way, it comes down to you!

Bad news - it's YOU who makes the difference. Some people don't want to take responsibility for their success and want to blame others for failures.

Good news - YOU can make the difference! YOU have so many amazing abilities to make it happen. You have gifts and talents waiting to be uncovered and let loose on this business. It's your desire. You must go through a process to get there. Understand the process. I mentioned that on Monday's call. UNDERSTAND and accept that there is a process. You can speed up the process through your efforts. Know the process!

Make it a GREAT week!


Expect Success!
Jackie Ulmer


Saturday, April 08, 2006

MLM Leadership

People often ask - what does leadership really mean in a business such as this? what is required to be a leader?

Great question, really. Who defines leadership?

If you think about leadership as having a group to lead, then to what are you leading them, and for what purpose?

Leadership really is an act of service. It requires that you be of and in service to those whom you are leading to be effective. Service is about asking what difference you can make and then following through.

Success comes from developing yourself and then sharing what you've learned in the development of others. In M L M, this is not a difficult task, and unfortunately, it's one that many avoid, for reasons I can not fathom.

Many go in pursuit of sponsoring others, and then when someone signs up, they are fearful of what to do next. Relax, no one is expecting you to know everything. Ask questions and get to the heart of what it is your new partner desires to achieve through the business and do your best to provide tools and direction.

LEAD your team to the tools of success. These don't have to be tools developed by you. Just make sure they are tools that have stood the test of time and have proven effective.

Get your partners involved in the team environment. Bring them together at meetings, on conference calls, email discussions, etc.

Lead authentically, by being the REAL you and not some made up person. Share both your strengths and your weaknesses. Communicate openly and honestly.

Let your leadership evolve and develop around the needs of those you lead, and the desires you have to take on this role. Follow your own values and lead your team along the path you have chosen together, based on mutual values and desires.

What difference can you make today in your leadership?

EXPECT Success!
Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, March 30, 2006

MLM - It's Opening Outlets

It's true in this business like any other. It's the number of outlets that you open that generate your success.

Let's look at why this is -

First, leaders show up at all different times and on all different levels. When I look at my own report, I see leaders on just about every level. Some I sponsored, some I obviously didn't. That means that some who I sponsored ultimately led me to leaders somewhere. Or, rather, led leaders to me.

Some people need to sponsor 5 people to have a leader show up. For others, it is 50. That reality doesn't need to discourage you. The bigger your numbers grow, the closer you are, really! And, with a solid, equitable pay plan, it doesn't matter where they show up!

In my first company, my biggest leader came early on. Because of the way that pay plan was structured, my upline made hundreds of thousands of dollars. I made thousands on that leg. Big disparity. And, certainly not what I would call equitable. But, that experience became invaluable because it taught me to closely evaluate pay plans, and understand the good, bad and ugly.

Believe me, there is a lot of "ugly" in MLM pay plans. You may think yours is great. Don't be afraid to play devil's advocate with all aspects of it to be sure.

You may be struggling with the "when is it going to happen for me" syndrome. I know how you feel, I've been there myself.

And, it's hard to hear - "Oh, just go sponsor another rep."

But, it's true. If you don't feel you have yet landed someone on your team who shares your same drive and passion. That's okay. They are on their own agenda and that is fine.

Your agenda, however, is to keep uncovering stones until you find one, or two, or twelve. Or, until they lead you to someone.

It's tempting to think - "I must be doing something wrong, or I am not doing enough."

Nope, not true. It's not you. How do I know this? Well, there are some on the team who have a large team growing and really don't provide anything in terms of support or coaching. I recently contacted one of my frontline people, who had dropped to inactive. She has a LARGE organization developing under her. I asked her if she realized what she was missing now, and what she would miss potentially by not getting back involved.

She is now on board again and we'll see what happens. I don't know if she is ready to build a business, seriously, yet, but I did want to point out what can happen.

That growth happened without any effort on her part. A leader was there and took action.

So, as long as you are directing people to the tools and support they need, and fulfilling your end of the bargain, relax. It's not you. It's not anything you are doing or not doing.

Keep turning over stones and keep adding to your frontline. Don't be tempted to "stack in people" for growth. Go wide, wide, wider until you can't control the explosion.

Start that snowball rolling!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Sunday, March 26, 2006

MLM Lessons I Learned at McDonald's

When I was 16, I went to work for the new local McDonald's that had opened up in town. It was THE place to work. The new hub of a small town. Before long, I started dating one of the managers, and was soon invited to events sponsored by the owners.

Getting to know the owners really opened my eyes up to the possibilities in life. I come from a very average, middle class family, and while we never lacked for things, we didn't live like THOSE people lived. The house; the vacations; the cars; the boats - it wasn't long before I knew that I wanted to live THAT type of lifestyle.

When summer came around, I was offered a job as a part time book keeper for the store. The pay was better, although the hours were not. Working the night shift was hard on my social life, but I look back now and I am so grateful that I took the job. I learned a lot about having a business mentality from working with the numbers of that store.

The day the shake machine broke down and had to be replaced was a real eye opener. It was EXPENSIVE and didn't seem to me to be a necessary component to running a successful McDonald's store. I guess that's why I was just the part time night book keeper and not the owner.

I remember mentioning something about my thoughts on the shake machine to the owner, who quickly told me that although it was expensive, it was a required piece of the business and in order to be successful, a business has to have what its customers want when they want it.


Interesting. I had only really looked at things as earning money, and keeping as much of that money as possible, or spending it on things I wanted.

Now, as a MLM business owner, I understand the value in the lessons I learned. Having a successful business means investing in the tools that are necessary in the business. It's not about short cutting whenever possible.

When a top income earner tells me the steps and the tools he/she used to get to the top, you better believe I take notes. I don't listen and then determine for myself what will work and what won't work, or what I am willing to do, or not do.

McDonald's is successful as a franchise because it runs a very effective business system. New store owners don't negotiate with Headquarters about what they will and won't buy, or will and won't do. It is non-negotiable.

Have you ever done this in your MLM business? Have you ever been coached on what you need to have and do to be successful, and then find yourself mentally making note of what is "stupid, or extravagant, or unnecessary?"

Or, do you have people on your team who do this?

If you are doing this, chances are you are attracting business partners who do the same thing.

Think about it.

My company offers a Fast Start Pack, similar to many companies, and it's loaded with all of our products, business building tools, etc. It is truly the best way to get started in the business. I personally enroll a large percentage of people who purchase this pack. I believe in it, I share that belief, and I offer the value in why it is important. My belief sets me up so that I don't attract many business partners personally who try to negotiate the road to success with me.

On the other hand, I have some further down on my team who do encounter this. I have one particular group that tries to short cut everything. And, they complain about the cost of everything. When new products come out, the see the negative. When new tools come out, they look for the shortcomings. I watch this group's volume and am never surprised by the decline or slow growth.

When I reflect on this, I can see why the employee mentality is what stunts many people in their network marketing growth. Unless you've been exposed to the realities of starting, running and sustaining a business, and the costs and requirements that go along with it, you may not realize the key piece you are missing. Until you are willing to invest in the tools of a business that will contribute to your success, you will likely never see the type of success you desire.

90% of life is copy. If you want to be successful, copy the action steps of others. ALL of those steps. Not just the ones that seem to fit you. Success leaves clues, but you can not pick and choose the clues you want and expect to get the same results.

Develop your business mindset and move from employee mindset to business owner mindset.

Grow yourself first, and your business will grow along with you.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Saturday, March 11, 2006

MLM and Honesty

I'm going to ask you two very direct questions that I want you to think seriously about. Are you letting your prospects know the truth about what it's going to take? Are you providing a real picture of the steps needed to build a successful business?

The business of MLM is an awesome career choice, and like any career choice,it has its learning curve and challenges.

And, MLM has has its eyes blackened over the past few decades, thanks largely to over zealous and unscrupulous reps who are less than honest about what the
business of MLM
is really all about.

How many times have you heard -

"It's easy, anyone can do it."

"All you have to do is talk to your family and friends."

"Everyone will want your product and your business."

"You can make a lot of money, fast."

Now, I ask you, do you believe any of this to be true? Have you experienced
any of this yourself? Do you believe any of these statements?

I sure don't, and I am guessing you don't either.

So, with that in mind, let's talk about some honesty in MLM and what can say
and do to increase not only your sponsoring ratio, but also your retention rate.

First, make sure your prospect has a realistic idea of what it is going to
take to build a successful business. And, depending on what your business is, it will be slightly different.

In my own company, there are three ways that a new person can make money - Retail the product, do fundraisers with the product, and build a team.

When I am in conversation with someone interested in the business, one of the first things I ask is - "Are you aware of the three ways we have to make money with this opportunity? What methods are you interested in using to build your business?" This is very important for a couple of reasons -

1. I know what their expectations of me will be in terms of training and guiding them along the right path. And, I can then plan for the training process and assist them in laying out a business plan for success.

2. The process in making sure they know what will be expected of them is more

3. It's easier to determine how serious they are about the business and the

The biggest mistake that most networkers make, which leads to ultimate
failure in the business, is that they try to make it seem too easy and don't
share enough details about what it is really going to take. Why do you suppose
that is?

I think it is because they are afraid that they won't sign most people up if
the truth is out there. And, I also believe that this could not be further from
the truth.

There is often too much focus on quantity of sign ups vs. quality of sign ups. Big difference between the two, wouldn't you say? Please know that the infamous days of "Throwing them up against the wall and seeing what sticks" are over. Thankfully.

The down side of signing up people who are not really right for your business
is that is eats up your time, your energy, and can lead to your own disillusionment with the business if people don't stick. Your time would be better spent finding quality people who understand what it is going to take to build a successful business and are up for the challenge.

Prospect number one, who expects it to be easy, fast and without a lot of effort will often quit your business after a month when things don't happen as he/she thought they would. Without a clear understanding of what it will take to be successful, he/she has no concept of the effort that will be required.

Prospect number two, on the other hand, understands the task at hand, what it
will take and the time frame involved. With a clear understanding, he/she will
not have an unrealistic view of how fast success will come and the effort required. And, he/she will likely survive more than the first month because the expectations are realistic.

Would you rather have 10 people who fit the profile of prospect number one? Or one who fits the profile of prospect number two?

Besides the obvious advantage to you, and your business, imagine the positive
aspect this will have on the network marketing industry as a whole? Fewer people will go away with a bad taste in their mouth about the "hype, false information, etc., of a network marketing business."

Imagine how much better it will be to have people saying they tried it and it
just wasn't for them, but it was a positive experience. Much better than what is
out there so often now - "Those things don't work, and the people involved are scammers."

So, what can you do to increase your success and raise the level of integrity
associated with our industry?

First, get clear yourself on what it takes to be successful. This means understanding the process, budget required and action steps. Like any business, a clear cut business plan is essential.

Two, don't be afraid to share the facts of the business with your prospects.
Most people will not want your product or your business. And, that is okay. You don't need most people. You just need a few who are committed and serious. And, they will then find a few, and so on.

Three, truly form a partnership with your new team partners. A partnership means getting clear and understanding their goals, their desires for building the business and assisting in laying out a reasonable plan of action steps to follow.

Four, make yourself available and accessible to your new team partners. Don't
be afraid of the challenges and requirements of building a team. Challenge yourself to grow with your team and continually add to your knowledge and tool box for assisting your team. You don't need to know all of the answers, but you should be willing to assist your new partner in finding the answers.

Finally, make a commitment to always represent our industry, your company and your self with integrity and ethics. Rehearse and fine tune your presentation and make sure it is honest, factual, and offers your potential partner a realistic view of the reality and the beauty of our industry.

Always take the higher road and watch your business soar to new levels.

Now, when you think of honesty in MLM, I hope you'll remember the importance of ethics and integrity.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Friday, March 03, 2006

MLM Moms

If you are a mom (or even a dad!) building an MLM business and wondering how to keep balance and sanity in your life, then this MLM training segment was written just for you. So, let's chat - mom to mom.

First, let me share a little of my story so you'll know that I've "been there, done that" and am not talking some MLM theory. I've built my business through baby number one, a pregnancy, baby number two, and on up to my current position of one teenager and one pre-teen. All the while, my kids were at my feet and I was home with them. Simple? No! Fast growing? Nope! Worth it? Every second!

Perhaps like you, when my husband and I decided to have children, we were adamant that one of us would be home with them. Since he was the major breadwinner, that meant I would be home. And, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

But, it's hard to make it on one income, so I began looking for a business. Long story short, MLM kept coming up, and although I was skeptical, I educated myself and jumped in.
Today, I am happy to be among the ranks of the six figure MLM income earners, but it didn't happen overnight; it wasn't easy; and there were many times along the way that I wanted to quit. Does this sound familiar to you?

Here are some ideas that I hope will help you as you move along your MLM journey, especially as a mom building strong kids and a strong business.

1. Get very clear on your reason why. This will sustain you when someone tells you no, or things get slow. Make sure your why is very powerful to you and that it means more to you than what anyone else might say or think. For me, the ability to create a fabulous lifestyle for my family and to never have my kids in day care meant more to me than anyone else's opinion.

2. Realize that as a mom with small children, you will have to balance and prioritize in a different way. Communicate with your sponsor and your team about your commitment, your priorities and how you will balance the two. Never feel the need to compromise your values in building your MLM business. I didn't and you don't have to either.

3. Get organized. And, I mean in every area of your life. Organize your business and your life. Set up one calendar with everything about home and business. Mark out times that are strictly family, and every other non-negotiable time in your life. Then, (and this is important) find times each day that you will work your business. Commit to these times, no matter how small the time frame. Be consistent and don't procrastinate.

4. Ask for help in anyway that you can. Talk to your spouse about taking the kids for an hour so you can make calls. Talk about splitting up household duties differently. Invest in help as your budget allows. I know hiring a cleaning lady was a priority for me as my business and profits grew. The grocery store can help with this. Buy pre-chopped fresh vegetables; marinated meats; and whatever you can to make things simpler. I am a stickler on healthy meals and nutrition, so I have never resorted to the "fast food" syndrome. Get a crock-pot and use it! Make healthy, delicious meals a snap.

5. Form a babysitting coop with other moms in your area. Then, use it and reciprocate. I used the times I babysat other kids as playtime for my kids, and then used the times when my kids were at a friend's to work my business. This was an amazing resource for me as my kids never felt like they were at a babysitters. They just saw it as a play date with someone from the play group.

6. Set clear goals and intentions for your business. As Yoda said to Luke in Star Wars II, "There is no try. There is only do, or do not." Same for your business. Make success non-negotiable. It's a marathon, and not a sprint. So what if it takes you seven years to become a top income earner, or hit your income goal. Will it be any less worth it? NO! Make it happen.

7. Work on Self Development. MAKE time for it. If you look for time in your schedule, it will never happen. You must make time for your business and make time for the very important task of developing your mindset and growing your business from the inside out. This is the single MOST important ingredient in your business. I'll share my favorite book by clicking here!

8. Use technology - Today, with the internet and all of the tools out there, keeping in touch: delivering timely information to your prospects; training to your team and even putting yourself out there so that people who are ready and looking for a business NOW can find you through the search engines. Do NOT let technology scare you. I had moderate success in MLM doing it the "old fashion" way. I created a full time income, but not "obscene money." Today, using the internet exclusively in my business, I'm a VERY HAPPY Six Figure Income Earner working about 30 hours a week. I'm able to work fewer hours than the "typical networker" because I let technology be my sales force and "PR People!"

9. Get your kids involved - From the time kids are two, and maybe even younger, you can find helpful, fun and educational ways to get them involved in your business. In my business, toddlers can place labels on brochures, the bottom of candles and other products, envelopes, etc. They can fold letters, stamp postcards, and have a great time "working" alongside of mom. Relax, and let go of your perfectionism. When was the last time you paid any attention to how straight the stamp is on a letter you received in the mail? Get them involved in non-business activities, too. My 13 year old son made dinner for our family the other night. Now, if you are thinking he pulled out the box of Mac-n-Cheese, think again. He made baked chicken with Apricot/Mango Sauce; Quinoa; Green Beans with Pine Nuts and Red Peppers and a salad with goat cheese. I'm really not kidding. I LOVE to cook and have always loved having my children cook right alongside of me. Now, he is ready to do his own thing. Imagine what kind of time that offers me!

10. Compare yourself to no one! This is so important. Who are you competing with? Only yourself. That's truly it because competing with anyone else is like apples and oranges. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, life challenges, ambition and goals. Comparing yourself to anyone else is a waste of energy. If you must compare, then use yourself and your past accomplishments as the measuring stick. Track your steps and then strive for more each week. Your business will soar!

11. Reward yourself. Life is meant to be fun and so is business. In the beginning, it's more difficult to set income goals, because you are building the foundation. This was always frustrating to me, until I discovered that by setting activity goals in the beginning, I could track my progress and feel good about the steps I was taking along the way to make things happen. And, as my action steps picked up, the rewards kept coming, and my business kept growing, producing those earlier elusive income goals. So, look inward and take outward action. Get busy charting your own game plan and focus forward. Along the way, treat yourself for a job well done. And, it doesn't have to be extravagant. Make it fun, though!

10. Believe in the power of your dream. The subconscious mind is a funny thing. It does not know the difference between what is real and imagined. So, since YOU are the one who controls your thoughts, daydream some powerful thoughts. Let your mind go nuts as you wander through your own field of dreams. And, while you are "there," BELIEVE it! Believe it and it will come true.

As a mom, you have the ability to offer the greatest gifts of all to your children and your family. You have the ability to raise happy, wholesome and educated children. You have the ability to contribute to the family income without the need for make-up, pantyhose, or glass ceilings. What a relief! You truly have the ability to "have it all" and "have enough" without compromising your children along the way. Grasp the opportunity before you! I promise, you will never regret it.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, February 23, 2006

MLM Survival - Save Yourself First

MLM can be a dog eat dog world and unless you are braced and prepared for some of what might come your way, especially in the early days, it can be a tough road.

So, prepare yourself to come out a winner, survive the game, and save yourself first.

The challenge we face in this industry is that so many before us "did it the wrong way!" That's right. The were wrong in their approach to the business and it left a bad taste in the mouth's of many regarding the MLM industry in general.

The old approach of "throw em up against the wall and see who sticks" has done a lot to create that negative image.

Yes, MLM is a numbers game, meaning the more people you talk to about your opportunity, the better your odds are for making your MLM business a success.

BUT - STOP the Presses. That doesn't mean we treat people like a number.

It's relationship first, opportunity second. And, more on that in a later training.

Right now, let's focus on survival and what that means.

How many times have you heard - "Know Your Why"; "Get Clear on Your Vision"; "Have a Reason Bigger Than Yourself."

The reason we are told that is because if your reason WHY is strong enough, you will survive the MLM game and no one and nothing will deviate you from your end goal.

What often happens in MLM is that we get started, get excited, and rush out to speak to our best friends and family members about what we are doing.

We go to friend number one and share our excitement. Friend number one says -"Oh man, you got suckered into one of those deals? That's a scam. No one ever makes any money in those deals."

Boom- shot through the heart. Now, your enthusiasm is not quite as strong, but you are determined.

So, we go to close family member number one, and share our excitement. Close family member number one says - "Ha! You idiot. How much did that cost you? You know, Family Member Number Two got involved in 'one of those deals' and ended up divorced. Is that what you want? If I were you, I wouldn't tell another soul what you are doing. Get out now."

Yikes! Where does that leave us? If the two people at the top of our list think this business of MLM is bad, then it must be. We must have made a terrible mistake.

So, we stop our autoship, stop taking calls from our upline, and begin to tell everyone else we know how "those deals just don't work."

Hmmmm. Well, if those deals really don't work, why does my monthly check from my company say differently?

So, here are some ideas for MLM Survival and How to Save Yourself First.

Rule Number One - know your why. For me, I was determined to NEVER have my kids in daycare. I refused to have someone else raising my kids and sharing the bulk of their day. For me, that made surviving the MLM game a no-brainer. I simply would not quit. If one person had ever been successful, then I could, too.

What is your reason why? Does it create a burn inside you that protects you from all harm? Make sure you are very solid on that why, otherwise you might not be insulated.

Rule Number Two - educate yourself on what to say and how to say it. Most MLM newbies have a tendency to say to much, deliver too many facts and turn overnight into a bad salesperson. Don't make this mistake. Stories sell, and facts just tell. Develop a short, concise statement that speaks to why you got involved and use that to determine if there is an interest or need to go further. Spend some serious time on this and remember, less is more. Those who are interested will ask you questions and want to know more.

When I am in conversation and the opportunity arises to talk about my business, I will say something like - "I work from home in my own business that I run on the Internet. I market a line of soy/vegetable wax candles that don't put off that black, sooty mess. I'm happy because I've never had to have my kids in daycare."

Now, I've answered a question, delivered my own why and mentioned the type of product without getting into all of the boring facts and hype. Do you think that -

a) the mention of a business run on the internet might provoke some questions from someone interested?

b) the mention of candles with no black mess might generate some interest from a candle lover/burner?

c) the mention of not having my kids in daycare might create some curiosity questions from those who are wanting the same thing? How many parents would love to have at least one parent home with the kids?

All I want is to see who my audience really is. I am not out to force my story or opportunity on anyone else. You shouldn't be either!

Rule Number Three - Feed your mind and surround yourself with other like minded people. I would love to tell you that my success story in MLM came overnight. I would love to tell you that I became a six figure MLM income earner in my first year. But, fact is - I would be lying to you.

My success story in MLM was a long process, although it started that first year simply because I refused to quit.

Today, I am a six figure income earner and I am proud of the scars I picked up along the way.

I survived the first year, and even the first decade because I was very strong on my reason why, and that reason why meant more to me than what any other person on the planet said or thought.

I survived the first year because I worked hard on developing my "script" of what to say and how to say it to people. I learned to follow the cues my prospect gave as to whether to say more.

I survived the first year because I constantly fed my mind, and continue to do so even today. I am always reading something to further develop myself and grow my leadership skills.

MLM is a great business. MLM is a wonderful way to achieve those things you want and take others along with you. MLM is the most equitable system of wealth available today.

Get involved, take the steps you need to insulate yourself and build your own MLM success story. I can't wait to read about you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

MLM and Your Dream Book - the Secret Ingredient

Are you like me? Have you spent a lot of time and energy searching for that "secret" in MLM that is going to make the big difference in your business? You've searched for the perfect script; the perfect sizzle line; the perfect everything for your business.

Today, you are going to read about an idea that may surprise you with its simplicity, but I promise, it will knock your socks off, and increase your paycheck, if you decide to put it into play.

It's the dream book.

That's right - the book where you record your dreams - what you want to have; do; and be!

The place where your magical journey begins to take shape first. After all, you must be able to SEE it in your scope; believe it in your mind; and feel it in your soul before it will be a reality in your life.

Don't believe me? Ask any million or billionaire; any CEO or company founder; or any network marketer who started with nothing and made it to the top. It first started with a dream, a hope and a prayer. The ones that came true were documented on paper and read over and over.

At least, that is how it has gone for me.

So, I encourage you to begin a dream book, and here is how -

First, go to Barnes and Noble, or your favorite bookstore and get a journal type book. They have a large selection of leather bound (that's what I chose), paisley, or you name it. Get one that fits your personality.

While you are there, you may want to buy some fun magazines that contain pictures of items you would like to have. Town and Country and the Robb Report are two that come to mind that have luxury and high profile items.

Then, set aside some time alone to really dream, play and have fun with what you'd like your future to be and have! Cut out pictures, powerful quotes and sayings, and lay out your book in a fun, creative style. Continue to add pictures and quotes as you find them, and even consider setting a date beside some of when you would like to achieve this goal.

Now, here comes the most important part - read through your dream book every night before you go to sleep and every morning before you get out of bed. Daydream and get yourself in that "feel good mood" so you are empowered to take inspired action in your business.

I promise you, by taking these few simple steps consistently, you will begin to experience some amazing success. And, success builds upon success.

Every time I flip through my dream book, I am amazed at the number of things that have come to pass without me spending serious time thinking about or working on it. As I began to write this blog entry, I realized my book needs some updating. I've managed to blow right through my recent monthly income goal! Time to update and stretch my mind a little further.

Please take some time to get your dream book together and then take even more time "playing" in the pages of it. Drop me a line and let me know how it's going for you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Thursday, February 16, 2006

MLM and Recruiting the Heavy Hitter

If you've been in MLM any length of time, you've heard about the heavy hitter and the power in recruiting one. A heavy hitter is defined as someone who has already had success in the business, and is sure to bring a huge team, and huge paycheck to your business.

Well, beware the heavy hitter. While they are out there and there are those occasions when one gets disgruntled, his/her company fails, etc, and he/she goes looking for a new opportunity.
I have some thoughts to share about this whole process.

First, remember that the "heavy hitter" who leaves one business to join another, may just leave yours after a few months, too. Taking that nice downline and that nice paycheck along.
So, focus on developing leaders from those who are sold and solid on your program and your leadership. That builds more strength and security.

On another note, I received a frantic call from a team partner looking for some fast help on a three way call to a guy who had been successful in another program and was burned when the company shut down. He was disgruntled for awhile but had the bug and wanted to get back involved.

He completed a "candle specific" splashpage, so he knew what our business is. When my partner called the first time, he didn't have time to talk but scheduled another call 2 hours later.
We called together, and he still didn't have time to talk, and re-scheduled for the next day.

In the meantime, I coached my partner on keeping her posture, and I want to make this point for you, too. First, talk is CHEAP. If I had a dime for every time someone joined my business and promised to be "making my house payment" in 2 months, I might not be rich, but I would have some fun money!


Don't let someone else's rambling upset you or knock you off of your game. Remember this - you have a gift to offer and while you may not have all of the answers, but you have enough to give an educated overview and then call for backup from your sponsor or upline if needed.

Remember all of the things you have done in your business life. Just because you are new to the industry does not mean you can't get your passion about your business and the industry across.

My partner thought over what we discussed and decided I was right (chalk one up for me and tell my kids!)

She is smart, educated and has done some amazing things in her business life. As it turns out he no-showed her again.

So, the "lesson" here, if you will, is that you have the posture when offering your opportunity and you don't need any one person to make your business. YOU make your business.

Take all of the steps you can to educate yourself on all aspects of your product; the compensation plan; and how the industry works.

Have a step by step plan in place for getting more information into the hands of your prospect.

Know what you have and be SOLID in your belief in it. From then on, treat everyone you speak to about the business equally and allow the ones who are right to attract to you. They will!

And, no more watching for those "heavy hitters!" Create a few of your own, including YOU!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

5 Success Tips For Your Business

Success in any business and certainly the business of MLM is all about a slight edge. It's not about dramatic shifts and actions, but rather steady, consistent small daily actions.

Although, dramatic and massive action will work too!

Here are some tips to carry you right to the top.

Success Tip # 1 - Change Your Thinking

Always maintain a positive attitude.

Many years ago, a large American shoe manufacturer sent two sales reps out to different parts of the Australian outback to see if they could drum up some business among the aborigines. Some time later, the company received telegrams from both agents. The first one said - "No business here. Natives don’t wear shoes." The second one said - "Great opportunity here - the natives don't wear shoes."

How do you "see" things in your life and your business? Are you prone to see the glass half full or half empty? Do you see opportunity with someone who already uses a different brand of your product or do you assume there is no place for your tremendous product?

Your thinking has determined everything about where you are RIGHT NOW! As you look around, it is your beliefs and attitude that are reflected in the environment around you.

Here's the GREAT news - if you are happy with where you are, you can continue to enjoy where you are and what you have. Continue focusing on the positive.

If you are not happy with where you are and what you have, you can change it. It's as simple as changing your thoughts. And, you CAN change your thoughts. Go on, give it a try. Try it for 21 days and watch what happens!

Success Tip # 2 - Get Back Up

It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get back up.

So, you talk to 6 people and none of them are interested in your products or your business. So what? Do those 6 people hold the keys to your future? Do those 6 people make your house payment, feed your kids, or care a lot about what you think of them?

Some will and some won't in this business. You are only looking for the "some who will." They are out there. You are living proof that they are. After, all, you became a "some will" right?

Refuse to accept the notion of rejection in this business. It simply does not exist. No one is rejecting you. They are simply not interested in what you are offering at this time. Have you ever turned down a refill on a cup of coffee at a restaurant? Did the waiter run away crying and screaming because you rejected him? Nope, he said " next" and moved to the next table. You can do the same.

Believe in your product and share that excitement. Insulate yourself from any one else's opinion by your own belief.

Then, pick yourself back up and keep searching for gold.

I believe in you. Believe in you, too!

Success Tip # 3 - Four Great Reasons to Build It

Network Marketing is a tremendous opportunity to create all kinds of things that you want in your life. You can create fun and creativity. You can create financial independence. You can create confidence and great people skills. Nearly 20 million Americans are doing some type of entrepreneurial enterprise from their home. And, this number is expected to increase dramatically. Be a part of that and find others and bring them into the fold.

Anyone (and especially women) can set their own hours , be flexible in their schedules as they balance many things, develop a stable, solid, permanent income and develop some long lasting friendships!

There is NO gender gap or glass ceilings in Network Marketing. ANYONE can reach the top, regardless of background, education, etc. Have your PhD? Great, you can shoot straight to the top in Network Marketing. Have your GED? Great, you can shoot straight to the top in Network Marketing.

You don't need a HUGE capital investment to begin your business. Grants and small business loans are even available for women and others! You just need a great attitude that you can succeed and a BIG desire to do it!


Success Tip #4 - Improving Your Game

The best investment you can make in your business is to constantly improve on you.

Are you improving every day? Do you wake up feeling alive, and ready to go in your business? Are you committed to your dreams? Do you HAVE dreams?

Work on being focused and fired up about your business EVERY day of each year. Blow by obstacles and don't let them hinder you or slow you down. Get clear on your goals and even clearer on your INTENTIONS in your business. Set intentions each and every day.

Are you going for greatness?

Stop and ask yourself - Could I make one more call to one more prospect? Could I send one more email? Could I book one more party, set up one more fundraiser, recognize one more team member, etc.? Could I pass out more flyers, hand out more samples?

Life and your business is an experiment. And, you really can't fail unless you quit or do nothing.

Each experiment will lead you closer to your goal and the greatness you aspire to.

You must know what an incredible opportunity you have with your Network Marketing business. You MUST!

Big things are right around the corner - are you planning to be the top achiever in your company, are you going to be committed 100%? How great can you be if you are anything less than 100% committed?

How committed would you be if you KNEW you could get everything in life you want? How many calls would you make, or samples would you hand out?

Commit to yourself and your dreams TODAY!

Success Tip #5 - Under promise and Over-deliver

Ever been over hyped in a business? Promised the moon and only delivered the launch pad? Who hasn't? Set out to be different in your business.

Start by NEVER making any income claims. Don’t even share your own income with others. Why? Well, it just doesn't matter. Whether you are making one or one million dollars, this has nothing to do with your team partner's ability to make an income.

Only offer up what you can deliver upon.

That really comes down to your partnership.

What are you offering to those who join you in your business?

What support do you make available?

What tools?

What sets you apart from the 42 other people they found on the Google search for your business?

Be very clear on what you offer in partnership, put it into writing and make sure you deliver on it.

Have some things that you don’t offer, yet deliver. How many people in Network Marketing can actually say that their sponsor offered MORE in support and training than they promised?

Take the higher road and watch your business soar.

There has never been a better time to have a home business than now. I say that to myself EVERY single day and have for over ten years. Every day, I am right. You have what it takes, now go make it happen!

Jackie Ulmer
Are you Procrastinating?

See if this sounds like you -

You get started in your Network Marketing Business, and you are raring to go. You spend time organizing your desk, order all of the sales aids and tools you'll need, and get ready to put together a flyer about your business.

You find a flyer someone else created, promoting your business, and spend two days tweaking it and getting it just right so that you can send it to your contacts.

Oh, but before you actually put it in the mail, you better come up with the perfect script and just the right thing to say when all of your friends start calling you to find out more about joining your business or ordering your product.

So, you call your sponsor, and work your way upline, taking notes and analyzing what each of them tell you. Then, when that's not good enough, you go crossline and talk to a few other people.

You spend a week or so playing with Network Marketing scripts to develop just the right sizzle and punch to lure each person into joining your Network Marketing business.

Before long, a month has passed, no one has joined your business, your sales aids are still lined up neatly on your office shelf, and your products are collecting dust.

If this sounds like you, you just might be an over-analyzer procrastinator!

Before you throw in the towel, though, there is hope! And, here are some things you can do.

First, as Nike says - "Just do it!"

Don't worry about having everything perfect. It won't ever be exactly perfect. But, if someone else is using it, then it is perfect enough for you to use and begin putting money in your pocket.

Now, I know with my candle business, we have a great system for building the business as you are out and about in your daily life. We have samples, CD's, brochures and an easy way to "Smell and Sell" our business to the bank!

And, I get emails every day from people wondering how to put these together, what to say, etc.

It's simple, just make it a point to do it. Practice, practice, practice.

Whatever business you have, take some time to get organized. If your company offers samples, get them together, along with a brochure, some business cards and a simple flyer. Hand them out, mail them out and then follow up. Set a goal to do 100 of these a month.

Watch your business explode!

You gotta be bad, before you can be good, and you'll be good before you are great! And, I promise, if you will go through these phases, once you are great, you'll never go back!

Same with the internet. Using a mailing system with samples works great with internet leads too. Slap their info on an envelope and mail it. Call them a week later. Sponsor them and teach them the system.

Yes, I did say to pick up that phone and actually call someone! They won't bite you! I promise.

It's the best in high tech combined with high touch!

Let me know how things turn out!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Recruiting is the lifeblood of your business

As a
networking professional, and someone who is interested in creating more than a “hobby” income, you’ll want recruiting to remain at the top of your priority list of action steps for your business.

One can earn a great income retailing products in
some companies (and certainly not all). If your company offers in-demand, unique products, with a solid wholesale/retail price structure, you might focus there.

Some companies offer a
fundraising program and one can also earn a substantial income focusing on fundraising, too. Once again, we offer a unique line of products that the end consumer can actually get excited about and will consider purchasing more of in a fundraising situation. And, one successful fundraiser can lead to many more.

To truly grow a
solid, residual based income, however, recruiting is what grows your business and where the true “big money” comes into play.

Many of us begin
our businesses doing a little of each activity and this is important in learning about the business and learning about ourselves. It will expand your abilities as a professional within the industry and as a strong coach and mentor to your team. Lay the ground work now for the business you intend to grow.

Most people will ultimately settle into one particular area of working the business. If recruiting is an area you decide on, you will be creating leverage for yourself.

J. Paul Getty made a profound statement once when he proclaimed “I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.” And, so it goes with
network marketing.

In the beginning, you are the one putting forth all of the effort to generate a paycheck. You make your list, you pass out cards and samples, you run ads, and take whatever steps necessary to find other people interested in joining you.

As you sponsor one, then another, and another, the personal effort required by you to generate that same paycheck as before is less and less. You have created “income leverage” as well as time leverage. You are not alone in taking action steps to create income.

To create a large, growing organization, set a goal for the number of people you are going to personally sponsor (or recruit) into your business each month. To do this, you’ll need to set some action goals for yourself on steps that you will take to find those people. The recruiting process involves the introduction of the product and business; providing detailed information on our business system; and asking for the decision to join you.

We are in a business of planting seeds and cultivating those seeds. The more seeds you plant, the greater your harvest will be. Running out into the field and trying to force the harvest is not something we do, either.

Don’t make the mistake of planting only one or two seeds and then expecting to grow a beanstalk! Plant many seeds, water and sun those seeds, and allow the natural process to occur.

Your business will only be right for another person based on his/her life situation and timing. You can not control this part of the process and I encourage you not to even try. Always keep the door open and make yourself available to answer questions and sponsor that person in at any time.

I typically sponsor as many people each month who first looked at the business weeks, months and even years before, as I do those looking for the first time. I understand timing. It took me 15 months after my initial exposure and a
life changing event before I joined my first company. Make sure you are still around when your prospects decide the time is right.

My personal goal is to be among the top ten
“Sponsor Monsters” that the company tracks. This goal keeps me in action and gives me an action plan for each month. I know the steps I need to take and the number of people I need to get my business in front of in order to reach that goal. It also provides inspiration for my team to also be listed in that group.

Even if I fall short on reaching that goal, I still have the action plan out in front of me and know that the efforts I put in each month build on the previous month and will keep me with a growing business and a growing frontline of business builders.

New team partners mean new excitement for the entire team. I am the first to admit that I do not have all of the answers, and especially not the creative ones, about our business. There are many people more talented than me on my team, and the synergy created by having so many resourceful people in one place is amazing.

New ideas and new ways of marketing our products and our business come from new team members joining our ranks. That is why recruiting is the lifeblood of the business. Every month, I am energized by the fresh excitement that sparks renewed enthusiasm on the team.

As the
coach of your organization, you will inspire more by your own actions than by your words. Set your goals and intentions for recruiting and watch as the leaders on your team rise up to match and exceed those goals. Some in networking marketing miss the point of duplication and leverage when they want to always be the one at the very top.

For me, I am happy to be at or near the top, and even more happy when other leaders on the team have duplicated my efforts and goals and moved right on up the ladder. That, my friend, is what creates “walk away” income and income security.

And, that is one of the big lures of
network marketing – the ability to get paid whether we are present or not, on the efforts we put forth in the beginning.

On that note, I’m off to pack for a family cruise. Hasta la vista!