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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Network Marketing Vs Franchising

Before we started in Network Marketing, my husband and I seriously considered franchising as the option that might provide what we were looking for in terms of securing our retirement and finances outside of the airline industry.

At that time, we were not even SORT OF open to looking at network marketing. (Keep this in mind when someone tells you no!)

We even visited about 3 different franchise headquarters around the country. A few things were always a deterrent to actually jumping in -

1. Cost of Getting Started
2. Amount of investment needed to sustain while in growth mode
3. Time requirement, given that we had not yet started a family

We recently stopped in a coffee shop in Orange County and I noticed a brochure promoting franchising opportunities so I picked it up. We read over it and laughed at what was required, vs what has been required of us to build a network marketing business to a level that essentially offers much more in terms of both income and free time.

Here is what the brochure listed, with my network marketing comparisons listed in parenthesis -

Own Your Own Franchise -

Single or Multiple Stores (wow, I have thousands of "stores" with my networking business)
Proven Business System (same with Network Marketing)
High Repeat Customer Base (we have thousands of repeat customers monthly)
Fun & Friendly Environment (What is more fun than candles from home)
Established Company (Established and getting better)
Extensive Training (Can't beat our training and support)

We Help You Get Started

Site Selection (That was easy, my home!)
Lease Negotiations (Well, you may have to jockey for space with your spouse!)
Store Layout and Design (Taken care of)
Inventory and Equipment Procurement (stop with the big words...we have online ordering)
Customer Service Training (What is your favorite candle fragrance?)
Marketing and Advertising (We got that, Jim!)
Ongoing Support (Same here!)

Ownership Qualifications

Minimum Net Worth of $400k (Have a credit card with room on it, you are qualified!)
Liquid Assets of at least $125k ( we want to help you ACHIEVE this!)
Strong management, social skills (these will help, and can be learned!)
Estimated Initial Investment - ranges from $241,500 to $440,000.

Whoa! For $399.90, you can be in profit immediately! Read on...

A. The franchise fee is Thirty-six thousand ($36,000) dollars.

A. The term of the franchise agreement is ten (10) years.

Okay, so what would you rather do? Invest $399.90 initially along with some ongoing advertising and misc dollars and be in profit VERY quickly, or invest anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 million dollars and not be in profit for a few years and be committed for 10 years?

I'm thinking that might GET YOU the loony bin!

So, what is YOUR choice?


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer


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