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Friday, February 02, 2007

When MLM Company's Have Challenges

Probably like you, I've been online long enough to have seen plenty of MLM companies serve their time in the "hot seat" of media or other scrutiny.

Really, it's a sad time for us all because bottom line - the media loves to show over hyped national conventions with distributors "drinking the Kool-Aid" (sometimes, literally!) and it paints ALL of network marketing as a scammy business to be avoided at all costs.

So, as a professional network marketer, how do I (and you) work to overcome the negativity that settles over all of us when this happens?

Do we go online and post cut throat things, de-meaning the company and distributors?

Do we stay in the background?

Do we share how and why our own company would not fall into this same snake pit?

Do we reach out to those distributors, who in some cases, are not to blame at all? (And, in other cases, a small group of over zealous distributors caused the problem)

What DO we and what SHOULD we do?



EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Ramona said...

The first thing we should NOT do is "sling mud". We can never speak for anyone else; i.e. "my company would NEVER do that because....", "That would NEVER happen here...." We cannot see the future. In ALL things we should live our lives with a clear conscience and stand clean before an all-seeing God. We should put ourselves in empathy in the other person's shoes and act accordingly. What is the first line of the Hypocratic Oath....first do no harm. That does not mean there will be no pain, that means don't make the situation worse. If all I can do to help the situation is to walk away and remain silent, that is often a very good choice.
Ramona Kea
Newton, Texas

Sue Seward Successful MLMER said...

It's really sad mostly because of the stigma attached to our great industry Jackie. That's what is most concerning. I think the best thing to do is keep our nose clean and to the grind and our heads held up high promoting our ndustry in the greatest light we can. There's always something even in the corporate world as you know. We need to support one another no matter what because we are all in the same industry!
Sue Seward
Lake Jackson, Texas

Jhanna said...

One of the things that I have learned in this business is no matter what, 'Always Take The High Road'.

Slinging mud is not along that high road. However, nor is just sitting back. Realistically, the best I can do is share my personal success story to people and how MLM has worked for me, and let them decide if MLM in general or my company's opportunity is what is best for them.

MLM insists on participants rising to the best they can be. It can be hard, but so very worth the rewards. I'm grateful to be a part of the Network Marketing community.

Reno, NV

Purpleladie said...

If we "sling mud" what does that make us?
We must take the high road and offer support and encouragement and let people know that all companies are not alike, whether MLM or the factory down the street. Stuff happens beyond our control and the last thing I would want to hear is "Told ya so".
I have had the most positive experience with our company and the people who are in it, and I would want to share that with others!!
Laura L Chase
West Yellowstone, Montana

annalaura said...

I think that the best thing we can do is to avoid getting involved directly, however, if you do meet someone is in one of those companies, you could try and build a relationship with them and you never know what might happen.