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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

True Grit MLM Staying Power

Success in an MLM business DOES require true grit staying power.

That basically boils down to the ability to try, fail, persevere and NOT give up in the face of adversity, or seeming adversity. There are many lessons in this to learn ourselves and to teach our children.

As I sit here, I am rebooting my son's Ipod, which seemed to have a FATAL CRASH and BURN today.

We have spent the last two TEARFUL hours working on this and I have been working with my son to get him to realize that you can not throw in the towel when the first attempt you make doesn't work. You re-adjust, read further into the instructions and exhaust every possible method. This most ALWAYS leads to success!

Sometimes, it is just the slightest little adjustment that makes the difference. In this case, a download of the new software triggered the computer's firewall to dis-allow the connection to Apple's site.

Had we given up at the first sign of adversity, we might have trashed a perfectly good Ipod.

Have you ever considered trashing your PERFECTLY good business because -

a. No one showed up at your home party/open house?
b. Your first 10 leads said "no thanks!"
c. Your family told you that you might be crazy for doing this?
d. A full year has gone by and you have not sponsored anyone?

You are in the RIGHT place and the RIGHT time and are surrounded by people who have experienced ALL of the above.

Do you have true grit staying power?

I SURE hope so because you will NEVER regret sticking around for the ride.

If your first step "fix it" program does not work, exhaust every other fix along the way and you WILL rise to the top!


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer


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