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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Always remember to separate yourself from the "no's!"

Whether it is a "no thank" about your product, a fundraiser, or the business, it is NOT about you.

Think about it this way - it's kind of self centered to think that YOU personally have anything to do with the reason someone doesn't want to buy a candle (or whatever your product is), book a fundraiser or join you in the business, right?

When you detach yourself from no, you eliminate the feeling that there is rejection in this business. Truly. I NEVER feel rejected when someone joins with someone else, doesn't buy products, etc. I know that each person must create the best win-win that he/she can for themselves, just as we all want to do.

In fact, knowing what I know about our business, products, team, support, training and so on, it couldn't possibly be about me if they say no. After all, if they know what I know, a "no" would be out of the question.

So, with that in mind, it is easy for me to honor their right to say no, and be fine about it. This allows me to still feel good, and leave the door open for possibilities down the road.

If I could encourage you to do ONE thing very quickly in your business, it would be to let go of the "no's" and always be in the right frame of mind for the YESES!!!!

If you can move past a few "No's", remaining confident in yourself and confident in the product and your business, you will have the mindset for success when the first (of MANY) yes shows up!

When I first started with my company, I sent out my newsletter to over 5000 people, advertising my new venture. These were all people who had WILLINGLY signed up to hear from me. A handful ordered candles (one company Director came indirectly from that group) and a handful signed up (three other Director's came indirectly from that group.)

So, MOST said NO! Some said yes, and over time, even more have said no. And, from that initial batch that said no, some more of them eventually said YES! The majority will not say yes. Not now, and not ever. You will want to know that going forward. And, here is the exciting part - the few who say YES are the ones who matter. They are the ones who want to make their own dreams come true, making yours come true along the way!

Are you willing to get enough no's to lead you to 4 outstanding Director's? Now you know what I know, so I encourage you to make your answer to this question - YES!!!


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer


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Chichi said...


I've just found your blog via one of your websites. I like the way you've framed this topic in a positive light.

I've also learned a lot from your MLM resources page. Thanks!