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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Strong is Your WHY? How Motivated Are You?

Take a deep breath and take a deep look within. Ask yourself a simple question - What motivates you and pushes you to move forward? Then ask, is your motivation strong enough to see the job through?

Tonight, after finishing a high energy conference call, my son invited me to dinner at our favorite restaurant. (He knew I would pay!) It was just the two of us and I jumped on the chance to have some one on one time with the 15 year old!

One of his cross country team mates was our server. It was a very quiet evening, so we spent some time chatting with this kid. I started thinking about the work schedule associated with waiting tables in the evening and I know that high school classes start at 7:20am, and it was after 8pm when we were there so I wondered how he gets enough sleep.

I asked him what time he gets off work and he ran through his schedule with me.

He gets up at 6:30 and starts class at 7:20. Because he is a Senior, he gets out at 1:20 and goes for a run with the track team, for two HOURS! He goes home, showers and goes into the restaurant, arriving by 4pm. He gets home by 10pm, DOES HIS HOMEWORK, goes to bed and does it again the next day.

He does this schedule 5 days a week and works one extra day on the weekend. And, don't forget about those track meets - he is a long distance runner. Seems that endurance skill is paying off for him in other areas of his life.

"Wow" I said "You are very inspiring, why so much work?"

Did I mention that he is a straight A student with a full load of honors classes, carrying about a 4.3 GPA? He beamed when he told me he was just accepted into Notre Dame AND Perdue, and he will be paying his own way through college. He shared with me that Notre Dame is $50,000 a year, and his heart is set on being there this fall.

He knows the value in stamping "Notre Dame Graduate" on his resume after college and he is highly motivated (his words) to work hard, earn money and be there as a 2008 fall freshman. (Yes, sharing network marketing with him crossed my mind, and I know where to find him!)

I don't know his whole story; don't know his parents; whether they are in the picture or what. Seems these days, sadly, there are a lot of kids raising themselves. 18 years old and he already understands that motivation comes from within. He has his eye on a prize, he knows what he wants and he is willing to work hard to make it happen. His parents certainly did one thing right! He could surely get into a fine school here in California, pay MUCH less and still get a good education. But, he knows what he wants and he is pursuing it with passion.

All of this while delivering top notch service to the 3 other tables he was serving. He shared his story in the most upbeat, matter of fact way you can imagine. I left him a nice tip and note that it was a contribution to his college fund and I sure wanted to read about him in our local paper.

What an amazing kid, and an amazing story. I am inspired and have not stopped thinking about him and his quest for success. I believe he will get there. I'm motivated to help him.

So, again, I ask the question - What motivates you and pushes you to move forward? What is your reason for getting up and taking action in your business? What prize do you have your eye on? What will it mean to you when you achieve it? What will it mean if you don't?

I hope you are as inspired by G's story as I am. The wisdom of an 18 year old. I'm sure glad my son was there to hear it.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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