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Friday, March 14, 2008

Linear Income vs. Passive Income

When one first starts a home business, he/she is often very excited about the possibilities that being the boss; having time freedom; and being in control of the paycheck can bring. We get excited about a compensation plan, and the lifestyle that we see someone else enjoying. We hear that it was done through Network Marketing, and we decide to pursue this.

The step that is all too often missed is the one on really taking time to get educated about what success in this business really means, and really takes. And, it does take an education and while it is simple, it is not as easy as most glossy brochures make it sound.

It's important to note that the time you invest in your business will pay off for you in the future, even if right now it seems that it is just money going out and not as much coming in. I know that feeling because I have been there. What we cannot do is take a look back after the end of the first month and make a decision right then based on how much we have spent in time and money, and how much we have earned in profit.

How many months does it take for a realtor to sell a home after the listing? How long does it take a songwriter to get a song published and performed by an artist after it is written? Success in a network marketing career means moving beyond the employee mindset of expecting a paycheck at the end of the week based on hours contributed. It does not and will not ever work that way.

Once I understood the difference in "linear income" vs. "passive income" I knew I had to continue pursuing my dream to be successful in my network marketing career. I knew that once I mastered it, I would be financially free for the rest of my life. Please take some time to educate yourself on the differences and understand investing in yourself for your future.

Linear income is created when we trade time for money. Work 1 hour, get paid for 1 hour. Residual income can create continuing pay on that 1 hour worked a long time ago. Today, people ask me what I made in this business my very first month. The answer is – "I don't know, I am still getting paid on those efforts."

My first month in the business, I signed up 5 or 6 people who also wanted residual income through our program. Well, that's what they told me, anyway. Guess what? All of them quit but one. She stuck with it and today, we can both retire on what we make by not quitting. We just kept at it. Sponsoring 5 or 6, and knowing that maybe only one would stick around for the payoff.

If I had worried about the fact that more people quit than stick with it, I wouldn't be where I am today. And, you wouldn't be hearing from me. I might be at a job instead. But, I committed myself to the education process. I educated myself enough about the network marketing industry to know that it is not get rich quick. It is slow and steady. When I felt discouraged, instead of picking up the phone to quit, I picked up a book on success. I listened to a tape. I invested in myself.

As I educated myself, I knew that in the beginning, I would be working many more hours than I would get paid for. In the future, I was told that I could expect the reverse to be true. And, today, I get paid for many more hours than I work.

This is time and income leverage. And, it is powerful. The absence of stress over money is like nothing I could have even described.

Do you want the same freedom and lack of stress in your life? Are you willing to make the commitment to education; to self motivation instead of quitting when you have a bad day; to failing forward one step at a time?

You possess everything inside of you already that you need to be successful. Open up that door and release it to the world. Have and be the greatness you were born to achieve. It's not hard. It's about commitment and taking action.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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