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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have You Struggled With Internet Marketing Success

Editor/Publisher, Jackie Ulmer


I just returned from the MLMCruise where I met someamazing networkers and Internet Marketers. If you arepurusing success in either or both of these businessmodels, read on, you'll love this.

If you've looked into starting an online business then I bet you've discovered it's not nearly as easy as you've been led to expect, right?

Have you struggled with how to use Twitter, Facebook,online forums and other methods for getting prospectsto you? What about blogging, Search Engine tactics, building your list and Google Adwords?

The system and the answer is finally here, in one place.

There are a LOT of pieces to the puzzle - and most of the training out there is missing some (and much of it is pure hype, of course).

Even once you have all the pieces it can be confusing to make them fit together profitably.

In fact, Internet marketing expert Bill Hibbler explains that trying to start from scratch and put the puzzle together is a big mistake.

He admits he's guilty of making the same mistake, too. I know it was sure rough for me when I started9 years ago.

It's just too much for most people who are trying to get started part time on a limited budget, he says.

And he should know.

Bill's a best selling author, speaker, respected marketing coach, and he's got over 9 years of success online under his belt.

He's known for his 'pull no punches' straight talk, so when he said beginners should follow a totally different path to get started, I knew you'd want the whole story.

What's interesting is that the alternative Bill suggests isn't new... but with the arrival of high quality 'Internet TV' the game has changed completely.

I agree with Bill on this.

I think just about anyone who was even a little serious about getting started online will be able to easily do this.

Anyway, I thought I'd recommend you check it out.Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

Have an awesome weekend.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
The Street Smart Wealth Team
Walnut Hills, Box 1955
Blue Jay, CA 92317

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