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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Creating MLM Momentum; Overcoming Obstacles and Reaching the TOP of the Mountain

Do you struggle with calling people who never call you back? They request information and then vaporize into thin air? Do you hand out samples and invite people to visit your website, but nothing ever happens? Do you schedule parties and retail events and get snowed out; or few people show? Do you sign people up in the business and they never even get started? They never place more than their first Starter Pack order?

You are on the right path and I want to assure you that everyone who has attained success in our business or any other has also faced and overcome these same challenges.

You MUST keep your chin up in order to have success in this business. Refuse to let events and people get you down or disappoint you. Those who you need are out there, and you never know how they are incubating, waiting to get involved.

Especially with leads. Don't assume that their lack of response means they aren't interested. Often it just means they aren't ready. I have had people join me 2 years after requesting information and many times, I haven't heard anything from them in that time. But they are studying and holding onto information.

Remember that this business is about starting with that small snowball and rolling it across the field until it gathers momentum and you reach the hill, and push it overboard. Once you get to that point, stand back. It flies and it does so quite effortlessly.

The hardest part is keeping the faith until you get a big enough snowball to shoot it down the hill.

Plant seeds DAILY. Water those seeds REGULARLY. Have a BIG vision of what your future holds here. And, never quit on any of these activities.

Instead of standing at the bottom looking at the top of the mountain, just look 10 feet in front of you and take those steps each day and just keep climbing! It's been said that you can drive from Los Angeles to New York in the dark with your headlights focused no more than 20 feet ahead. Follow the markings on the road that have been placed there by those who have gone before.

I promise you this - you will never regret it once you reach the top. You will feel amazing and empowered and you will spread those feelings to others.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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