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Friday, January 09, 2009

My New Year's Challenges for 2009

My New Year's Challenges

Live Life More, Love More, Work Less, Earn More – may sound crazy, but it can be done with proper mindset. I begin each day with a mindset routine that involves meditation; reading positive reinforcement and development books; having a daily action plan with my 3 Most Important Activities first on my list, and first checked off. Being effective and efficient in getting these things done will free up my time mentally and physically to enjoy more life, love more, work less and earn more.

Stay Fit and Focused – I recently had an elbow injury that made me really sit up and take notice about how important health is to a fun, active life. Although my injury was not serious, it definitely impaired my ability to do many of the things I enjoy doing. At one point, squeezing the toothpaste tube was painful. I can only imagine what a seriously debilitating illness or injury could be like. I resolve to eat clean, healthy organic food and move my body to stay fit and lean. Focus will make this happen.

Connect More – In December, 2008, I reconnected through Facebook with about 30 or so friends from as far back as elementary school. Just laughing and re-living old times brought such joy to my day and my life. I found myself laughing more, feeling more lighthearted and being happier all around. It reinforced for me the importance that people play in our lives. Relationships are the most important part of life and I have not always been the best at cultivating them. Play time with my friends is tops! This includes my business associates who have become such good friends as well!

Outsource More – this fits in with the work less, earn more. For the last 9 years, I have managed almost ALL of my online activities all by myself. I built my websites; updated them; wrote articles; blogged; and did anything that came along to promote myself and my business. I'm tired. And, I'm ineffective in many areas because no one person can do it all. So, I'm ready to surrender the stuff I don’t love. My passions are connecting with people and getting them started in business; writing; and coaching. I'll keep these areas and let someone else use their expertise to make me look better!

Buy American as much as possible – I absolutely love travel; other cultures and a global connection. And, I want to keep my own country strong so that we continue to contribute to the world in a positive way. At the top of this list, I won't be buying products made in China AT ALL. While I love the Chinese culture, I have absolutely had it with the Chinese government and all of its twisted policies designed to dis-empower its people and hold them down. The violence and hostility in Tibet has been the final straw. Outsourcing is one thing, but we have literally handed over almost all of our manufacturing jobs to China. And, buying those products is supporting the "sweat shop" mentality perpetuated there. I'm also anti-Wal-Mart.

Well, there are 5 clear challenges to keep me busy this year. And, I feel excited and empowered by each of them, so that is a good sign.

Would love to hear some of your challenges for the new year, and I'll keep you posted on how mine are playing out over the year.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Terri Lorah said...

I loved your challenge of buying more products made in the USA. I've been writing a blog about American made companies since last year. It is one of my passions and I'm so happy that more people are becoming aware of the need to keep America working.

Thanks for always inspiring me.

Terri Lorah

Donna said...

Hi Jackie,
Loved your blog about not buying from China. It will be a challenge since almost everything we have is made in China. Good luck and keep up the good work.

Many Blessings,