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Monday, February 16, 2009

Turning Prospects Into MLM Power Partners

Listen, communicate and educate.

These three items will assist you in the end goal – sponsoring others.

Step 1 – ask questions and LISTEN to the answers. Truly listen. This is not always easy. We are often trained to answer questions with questions and to control the conversation.

Do you like to be controlled? Does your prospect?

When you truly listen, you won’t fire back with a pre-planned “script” of how to answer. You’ll be real and authentic. People pick up on “canned and scripted.” They also know real and authentic. They know when they have been heard.

Communicate by allowing a free flow of ideas in both directions. Ask questions, listen, clarify, and fill a need or be the answer to a question. Our ability to sponsor people into the business is based on our ability to communicate how our company, products, compensation plan and support will provide what is being sought.

Communicate the power of your opportunity through your passion, the stories you share and the commitment to partnership that you are offering.

It is not facts, figures and statistics that bring people into a business. It’s not a Fortune 500 status; a NYSE listing; a patent on a product; or a proprietary formula that sponsor people. It’s you, the value you offer and the commitment you make, along with your ability to listen, communicate and educate.

Model these effective methods and you’ll not only sponsor more people, you’ll sponsor POWER partners.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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