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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Why Can't I Sponsor Anyone in My MLM Business

This is a common question asked by those when they get into a Network Marketing business.

"I want to build a team, and I just can't seem to sponsor anyone."

A couple of things always come to mind -

First, how many people are you talking to each DAY? Think about this - you must have your business open each day in order to "make the sale." Now, you can take a day or two off, so let's focus on 5 days a week. When I first started in the business, I was taught this saying -

"2 contacts a day brings prosperity my way!" Don't know who first said that but that mantra sat by my telephone for years. And, I didn't always take action on it. Once I did, my whole business changed.

So, you may be asking, how do I find 2 people a day to talk to? Easy, really.

Here are just some examples -

How about your list? Have you made your list? How many people have you contacted and notified about your business from that list? Are you hesitant? Why, what's holding you back?

You can join a networking group such as BNI or your Chamber of Commerce.

You can run ads in your local paper or a national publication.

You can buy leads (talk to your sponsor for details.)

You can make 2 friends a day online. Now, this doesn't mean find 2 people online and blast them with your business. It's about networking out online. Make sure you understand how to do this effectively.

Watch my Video for Details.

You can contact people as you are out and about in your daily life.

I'm not sure which methods you will find are the best for you, but decide on what you are willing to commit to and JUST DO IT!

Second, how will you contact them? I personally like to use the third party approach when working with warm market; out and about; or BNI/Networking Groups -

"Hey, question for you, maybe you can help me out. I have been developing a business of my own that I can work from home, and I am looking for a few people who might want to join a team and work together to expand our products into this area. Do you know anyone who might be looking to make a career change, or develop a side business?"

Now, you haven't asked them directly, but you have planted a seed. Our business is all about planting seeds. Plant and water.

Third, once you have someone who is interested, know the exact next steps you will take them through.

Here is an example -

Step 1 - Information Packet - Letter, Business Brochure; and whatever details those in your upline use and recommend. Just ask

Step 2 - Make follow up call; answer questions and ask for decision. If they need more info, guide them to another tool - website; opportunity webinar; conference call; 3 way call; again, ask your upline.

Step 3 - Follow up again and repeat steps above.

If the timing isn't right, respect that and ask if you may check back in every 3-4 months and provide updates, in case their situation changes.

That's it. We aren't convincing, we are planting the seed and seeing what sprouts.

Try this for a 90 day period and see what happens. Commit to two a day, ten a week, which is about 44 contacts a month, and over 130 in 90 days. You will make a promotion or two in your pay plan; you will have the start of something substantial and you will have made some product sales.

How simple is that?

Here is the key - repeat the process again EVERY 90 days. Don't stop when you get a few people started and turn around and see what they are going to do. Always be in action!

FYI - Mark Yarnell won't sponsor someone unless they are willing to commit to 2 hours a day and those two hours are spent contacting about business or retail. He believes that is about 30 contacts a day. It's worth noting that he has made over $30 million in his career in Network Marketing!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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