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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Your Prospect's Biggest Need/Want

Here's a hint – it's not your product, except perhaps in .01% of the population. Your prospect is looking for something else. The products are just the way he/she sees to reach that solution.

So, to communicate more effectively, which leads to sponsoring more inspired team partners, we must get to the heart of the need and he/she knows that this business can provide what it is they really want.

Asking questions is a big part of this. It helps you uncover the reason your prospect is looking –

What interests you most in a home business?

How long have you been looking?

What happened XX time ago that made you start looking? (This is a KEY question!)

When you can determine these answers and then effectively weave how this business, with your support, can solve their problem, you have a serious prospect.

When you can move them beyond their own fears about whether they can do it (which is all a money objection is anyway) then you likely have a business partner.

When you can move them beyond any other negative beliefs, you have a business builder!

Here are some other ideas to help you overcome your own challenges when working with a prospect –

When they don't call you back, it’s not about you.

When they say they are going to sign up and then don't, it is not about you.

When they sign up and then quit, it is not about you.

When they build a HUGE business, it’s still not about you!

Be Columbo (detective show from the 70s for you young'uns!) and ask probing questions!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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