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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Are you Procrastinating?

See if this sounds like you -

You get started in your Network Marketing Business, and you are raring to go. You spend time organizing your desk, order all of the sales aids and tools you'll need, and get ready to put together a flyer about your business.

You find a flyer someone else created, promoting your business, and spend two days tweaking it and getting it just right so that you can send it to your contacts.

Oh, but before you actually put it in the mail, you better come up with the perfect script and just the right thing to say when all of your friends start calling you to find out more about joining your business or ordering your product.

So, you call your sponsor, and work your way upline, taking notes and analyzing what each of them tell you. Then, when that's not good enough, you go crossline and talk to a few other people.

You spend a week or so playing with Network Marketing scripts to develop just the right sizzle and punch to lure each person into joining your Network Marketing business.

Before long, a month has passed, no one has joined your business, your sales aids are still lined up neatly on your office shelf, and your products are collecting dust.

If this sounds like you, you just might be an over-analyzer procrastinator!

Before you throw in the towel, though, there is hope! And, here are some things you can do.

First, as Nike says - "Just do it!"

Don't worry about having everything perfect. It won't ever be exactly perfect. But, if someone else is using it, then it is perfect enough for you to use and begin putting money in your pocket.

Now, I know with my candle business, we have a great system for building the business as you are out and about in your daily life. We have samples, CD's, brochures and an easy way to "Smell and Sell" our business to the bank!

And, I get emails every day from people wondering how to put these together, what to say, etc.

It's simple, just make it a point to do it. Practice, practice, practice.

Whatever business you have, take some time to get organized. If your company offers samples, get them together, along with a brochure, some business cards and a simple flyer. Hand them out, mail them out and then follow up. Set a goal to do 100 of these a month.

Watch your business explode!

You gotta be bad, before you can be good, and you'll be good before you are great! And, I promise, if you will go through these phases, once you are great, you'll never go back!

Same with the internet. Using a mailing system with samples works great with internet leads too. Slap their info on an envelope and mail it. Call them a week later. Sponsor them and teach them the system.

Yes, I did say to pick up that phone and actually call someone! They won't bite you! I promise.

It's the best in high tech combined with high touch!

Let me know how things turn out!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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