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Thursday, February 16, 2006

MLM and Recruiting the Heavy Hitter

If you've been in MLM any length of time, you've heard about the heavy hitter and the power in recruiting one. A heavy hitter is defined as someone who has already had success in the business, and is sure to bring a huge team, and huge paycheck to your business.

Well, beware the heavy hitter. While they are out there and there are those occasions when one gets disgruntled, his/her company fails, etc, and he/she goes looking for a new opportunity.
I have some thoughts to share about this whole process.

First, remember that the "heavy hitter" who leaves one business to join another, may just leave yours after a few months, too. Taking that nice downline and that nice paycheck along.
So, focus on developing leaders from those who are sold and solid on your program and your leadership. That builds more strength and security.

On another note, I received a frantic call from a team partner looking for some fast help on a three way call to a guy who had been successful in another program and was burned when the company shut down. He was disgruntled for awhile but had the bug and wanted to get back involved.

He completed a "candle specific" splashpage, so he knew what our business is. When my partner called the first time, he didn't have time to talk but scheduled another call 2 hours later.
We called together, and he still didn't have time to talk, and re-scheduled for the next day.

In the meantime, I coached my partner on keeping her posture, and I want to make this point for you, too. First, talk is CHEAP. If I had a dime for every time someone joined my business and promised to be "making my house payment" in 2 months, I might not be rich, but I would have some fun money!


Don't let someone else's rambling upset you or knock you off of your game. Remember this - you have a gift to offer and while you may not have all of the answers, but you have enough to give an educated overview and then call for backup from your sponsor or upline if needed.

Remember all of the things you have done in your business life. Just because you are new to the industry does not mean you can't get your passion about your business and the industry across.

My partner thought over what we discussed and decided I was right (chalk one up for me and tell my kids!)

She is smart, educated and has done some amazing things in her business life. As it turns out he no-showed her again.

So, the "lesson" here, if you will, is that you have the posture when offering your opportunity and you don't need any one person to make your business. YOU make your business.

Take all of the steps you can to educate yourself on all aspects of your product; the compensation plan; and how the industry works.

Have a step by step plan in place for getting more information into the hands of your prospect.

Know what you have and be SOLID in your belief in it. From then on, treat everyone you speak to about the business equally and allow the ones who are right to attract to you. They will!

And, no more watching for those "heavy hitters!" Create a few of your own, including YOU!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


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