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Thursday, February 23, 2006

MLM Survival - Save Yourself First

MLM can be a dog eat dog world and unless you are braced and prepared for some of what might come your way, especially in the early days, it can be a tough road.

So, prepare yourself to come out a winner, survive the game, and save yourself first.

The challenge we face in this industry is that so many before us "did it the wrong way!" That's right. The were wrong in their approach to the business and it left a bad taste in the mouth's of many regarding the MLM industry in general.

The old approach of "throw em up against the wall and see who sticks" has done a lot to create that negative image.

Yes, MLM is a numbers game, meaning the more people you talk to about your opportunity, the better your odds are for making your MLM business a success.

BUT - STOP the Presses. That doesn't mean we treat people like a number.

It's relationship first, opportunity second. And, more on that in a later training.

Right now, let's focus on survival and what that means.

How many times have you heard - "Know Your Why"; "Get Clear on Your Vision"; "Have a Reason Bigger Than Yourself."

The reason we are told that is because if your reason WHY is strong enough, you will survive the MLM game and no one and nothing will deviate you from your end goal.

What often happens in MLM is that we get started, get excited, and rush out to speak to our best friends and family members about what we are doing.

We go to friend number one and share our excitement. Friend number one says -"Oh man, you got suckered into one of those deals? That's a scam. No one ever makes any money in those deals."

Boom- shot through the heart. Now, your enthusiasm is not quite as strong, but you are determined.

So, we go to close family member number one, and share our excitement. Close family member number one says - "Ha! You idiot. How much did that cost you? You know, Family Member Number Two got involved in 'one of those deals' and ended up divorced. Is that what you want? If I were you, I wouldn't tell another soul what you are doing. Get out now."

Yikes! Where does that leave us? If the two people at the top of our list think this business of MLM is bad, then it must be. We must have made a terrible mistake.

So, we stop our autoship, stop taking calls from our upline, and begin to tell everyone else we know how "those deals just don't work."

Hmmmm. Well, if those deals really don't work, why does my monthly check from my company say differently?

So, here are some ideas for MLM Survival and How to Save Yourself First.

Rule Number One - know your why. For me, I was determined to NEVER have my kids in daycare. I refused to have someone else raising my kids and sharing the bulk of their day. For me, that made surviving the MLM game a no-brainer. I simply would not quit. If one person had ever been successful, then I could, too.

What is your reason why? Does it create a burn inside you that protects you from all harm? Make sure you are very solid on that why, otherwise you might not be insulated.

Rule Number Two - educate yourself on what to say and how to say it. Most MLM newbies have a tendency to say to much, deliver too many facts and turn overnight into a bad salesperson. Don't make this mistake. Stories sell, and facts just tell. Develop a short, concise statement that speaks to why you got involved and use that to determine if there is an interest or need to go further. Spend some serious time on this and remember, less is more. Those who are interested will ask you questions and want to know more.

When I am in conversation and the opportunity arises to talk about my business, I will say something like - "I work from home in my own business that I run on the Internet. I market a line of soy/vegetable wax candles that don't put off that black, sooty mess. I'm happy because I've never had to have my kids in daycare."

Now, I've answered a question, delivered my own why and mentioned the type of product without getting into all of the boring facts and hype. Do you think that -

a) the mention of a business run on the internet might provoke some questions from someone interested?

b) the mention of candles with no black mess might generate some interest from a candle lover/burner?

c) the mention of not having my kids in daycare might create some curiosity questions from those who are wanting the same thing? How many parents would love to have at least one parent home with the kids?

All I want is to see who my audience really is. I am not out to force my story or opportunity on anyone else. You shouldn't be either!

Rule Number Three - Feed your mind and surround yourself with other like minded people. I would love to tell you that my success story in MLM came overnight. I would love to tell you that I became a six figure MLM income earner in my first year. But, fact is - I would be lying to you.

My success story in MLM was a long process, although it started that first year simply because I refused to quit.

Today, I am a six figure income earner and I am proud of the scars I picked up along the way.

I survived the first year, and even the first decade because I was very strong on my reason why, and that reason why meant more to me than what any other person on the planet said or thought.

I survived the first year because I worked hard on developing my "script" of what to say and how to say it to people. I learned to follow the cues my prospect gave as to whether to say more.

I survived the first year because I constantly fed my mind, and continue to do so even today. I am always reading something to further develop myself and grow my leadership skills.

MLM is a great business. MLM is a wonderful way to achieve those things you want and take others along with you. MLM is the most equitable system of wealth available today.

Get involved, take the steps you need to insulate yourself and build your own MLM success story. I can't wait to read about you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


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