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Monday, April 16, 2007

10 Commitments for Your MLM Business

1. Have Fun! This is seldom mentioned in your business but let’s face it – this is a volunteer business. In the beginning, you get paid very little for putting in lots of effort. Over time, you get paid a tremendous amount for not so much time. At all times, and especially in those early days, make sure you are in a business you can have fun with. Have fun with the Product; Have fun with the People and Have Fun Growing Yourself.

2. Be Your Own Best Customer. Be a product of your product and know it inside and out. Develop a story to share with others on the your personal product use. Instill confidence in your customers and potential business partners through your product knowledge and passion. Buy everything you possibly can from your own “store.” Replace any competing products in your home with your own product line.

3. Understand the personal growth curve. Personal growth comes in many forms in this business. It can be in developing belief in yourself that you can do it. It can also be developing belief in the Network Marketing industry. Consult with your upline on steps you might take to develop yourself. Ask for a recommended reading list. Also, understand that there is often a growth curve in simply growing your income beyond whatever your highest income level achieved previously might be. Go with the flow and allow the process to unfold.

4. Take on some form of weekly accountability, whether with yourself, your sponsor or someone you can relate to. Set your goals at the beginning of the week around action steps you can take to move forward in your business. Use a chart to set the goals and then mark off accomplished steps. At the end of the week, match up your steps with your goals. Reward yourself for all of the positives and revisit the negatives and decide on some methods for improvement.

5. Be aware of obstacles that you create. These may include – Fear, Procrastination, “Busy” work. Instead of pretending these don’t exist, take a look at them. When a feeling creeps in that is unwanted, instead of brushing it off, have a conversation with it. Silly though it may sound, being lighthearted about it can put you in a place of feeling empowered instead of disempowered. Ask the feeling to go away if it has no intention of moving you forward.

6. Find some mentors. These can be upline, crossline or in a completely different company. There are many great leaders in the industry who started out just like you and are happy to share some tips and ideas. Just look around. Find someone who has like values as you, and a similar style of working the business. Model their action steps and watch what happens.

7. Write down your goals. Yes, this means YOU! Success starts with first seeing it in your mind, then on paper and then making it a reality. Start with goals that you can control such as action steps you will commit to taking daily and weekly. It can be challenging to set income goals in the very beginning, so set goals that are realistic and that you can control. Accomplish those and then write down some more!

8. Commit to a schedule for working your business. Yes, I know this can be challenging with work, family, and the many other commitments that consume our time. But, if you don’t make time for your business, how is the business ever going to really work and create what you really want? It won’t happen without your commitment to it. Again, be realistic. If you have only 5 hours, make the most of those 5 hours and don’t concern yourself with the fact that it isn’t 10. Create some success and you’ll be amazed at how more time will open up.

9. Tune out negative outside influences. Just like those obstacles mentioned above, these do nothing to serve you positively. Some people are not going to be interested in your product or your business, and still others are going to tell you that you are crazy for doing this. Sometimes, it may be the person closest to you. Decide right now if you are truly committed to your own success in this endeavor and then refuse to listen to what anyone else feels compelled to say or share. Pretend that it is none of your business! Because, it isn’t!

10. Have belief in YOU. YOU are the most positive asset you have in this business. And, you control YOU. Decide to be the type of person others attract to and want to work with. Decide to be the best you can be each day in your business and decide that each day you will get better and better. Believe that if it has happened for one, it can happen for you. Just as you believe that the sun that is setting today is going to rise again tomorrow, shining a bright light on you and your journey!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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