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Monday, April 23, 2007

Do You Worry if You Will EVER Make Money in MLM?

Well, if you haven’t made any money you may well be worried that you are just throwing money down a big money pit. Sound familiar?

And, if you are at the very beginning, with an established team but the growth seems SO SLOW, don’t sweat it. You are headed in the right direction!

Here are some ideas for ensuring that the money WILL come –

Commit to your own success and shrug off any temptation to quit.

Evaluate your belief in your company, your products, the industry. You must be solid in ALL THREE areas. If there is doubt in anyone, go to work on solving this.

Don’t be jealous or catty about those who are successful. Instead, extend a bridge and use them as a positive resource for knowledge and growth. Study what they are doing, the words they are saying, the actions they are taking. Ask them what book they are currently reading.

Look carefully at your use of the word failure. How is this word controlling you? Is it failure if a person tells you no? What if someone tells you that you are crazy? NONE of this is failure. This is simply a chance for you to evaluate yourself, your goals and rededicate to your own success. Failure can only occur if you refuse to see the growth that emerges from every business interaction you engage in.

Engage in as much personal growth and development time as you can possibly fit in. Read ten minutes from a personal growth book right before you call prospects or have any encounters about your business. Your mindset, even if you don’t realize it, will determine your destiny.

Give yourself permission to have success. REALLY. You might be thwarting your own success by some deep seeded belief that you are not worthy of success. Sure you are! You are as worthy as ANYONE. Go to the mirror, look yourself in the eyes for one full minute and refuse to look away. Say to yourself – “I am a winner and other winners flock to me.” Smile and wink! Seal the deal.

Know that you can make very big money in MLM even if you don’t have a large budget. It will require one of two things, however. Time and sweat equity, or money. All three are nice, but you can be successful just by rolling up your sleeves, thinking outside of the box and willing to push beyond your comfort zone.

You can do it!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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WAHMs Motivated Forever! said...

Aloha Jackie!

These are all great ways to stay on track. One of the things that also helps me is anytime I run into a doldrum and I'm finding it's really hard to get out of it especially when nothing's happening with my business, I just start saying "Thank You" for anything! For my eyes that can see, for the spoon I have to eat with, for this awesome book I'm reading, for my daughter who's graduating with her Liberal Arts Degree, and on and on. The littlest thing, it doesn't matter just so long's I get that positive energy to take over my negative energy. You're a great upline! Thanks for everything!