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Friday, November 02, 2007

MLM Fears

Fear, the next common MLM business challenge.

Fear is another one of the great business stoppers. It will
stop a person dead in his/her tracks for no REAL reason. Why is this?

Well, when we begin delving to the bottom, this is a good

Most people whom I have spoken with tell me they are fearful
of not knowing what to say to a prospect about their MLM business or product.

Well, here's a big clue - there is no perfect script or magic
line that is going to be the answer to building your business successfully.

There is, however, your perfect story, that is going to hit the right people at
the right time.

Your perfect story consists of developing your
"speech" around your reasons for joining the business or trying the
product for the first time.

Think about your MLM business and your
. What do you LOVE about both? Develop a simple paragraph around these two things and share that with people. Share it passionately and from the heart…..with no hype.

No hype means absolutely do NOT tell people you have the
best ANYTHING. Not the best product, best pay plan, best upline, best training,
etc. When you do this, people's eyes begin to glaze over because they have
heard this dozens of times from dozens of people.

Do yourself a favor - allow your prospect to decide if
anything about what you are offering is a BEST for him or her.

Spend some time developing your STORY and try it out on a
few people. Watch how things change.

Now, another common fear is around MLM
. Many people fear success deep down.

I know I did and it was a real business challenge. I didn't
realize it until I did some soul searching and used a journal to record my
thoughts about things.

My fears of success involved fearing that I would not be
able to handle the demands of a successful business. As a mother of small
children, this did worry me.

I also feared that I would not be able to handle the leadership skills that a successful MLM business would demand to last for the long haul.

Does any of this seem familiar?

Here are some things I realized. First, kids grow right
along with you and the more you involve your children in your business, the
more they will work with you in meeting and handling any challenges.

Second, you will grow personally in direct proportion to
your team and your paycheck.

Seriously, you can take my word for that one!

So, what questions do YOU have on that topic? What fears are
challenging you? I would love to hear back from you.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie! I was just stopping by and thought I'd say hi! Your blog is truly full of information, and I am so lucky to be a part of this team, and this company! Thank you for all of the tools and resources you have given us. Thank you for sharing with us. You really are an exceptional person and leader.

Crystal S.(in Idaho)
Simply The Best Candles