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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is the BEST Way to Build an MLM Business?

In October of 1999, I attended an internet seminar that changed my life. I was a struggling network marketer trying to do things like my sponsor was doing and had long ago used up my family, friends, neighbors and warm market.

I was tired, had toddlers at home, and had no idea how I was going to make my business successful given my time, money, and mind set constraints.

Then, along came the seminar and although most of it was a gimmick and a waste of my time, I got totally turned on at the thought of developing my MLM business ONLINE and having people come to me.

Well, the first thing I did was build a personal website, because the internet gurus were telling me that is what I needed to do, and I needed to get traffic to my website and start writing a newsletter. These were NOT MLM guru's, by the way, but people making MILLIONS online annually all while home in their PJ's.

The second thing I did was tell my upline, who promptly dumped on my dream of building my business online, from home, without friends, family and the like. So much for the positive mindset of the networker! He told me I was going to lose my downline and that it would NEVER work because this is a belly to belly business.

It didn't matter. I refused to be deterred and was steadfast that I was going to do this thing and do it amazingly well!

8 years and 3 companies later, it has been the best business decision I have EVER made. And yet everyone told me I couldn't do it. After all, the odds were against me. I knew virtually nothing about the internet and had no clue what a "domain name" was; a URL was Greek to me and whatever an autoresponder might be was of no concern to me. It sounded too scary.

The best way to go about building ANY business is the way that just blows your socks off when you think about it; it’s building in the way that resonates with you when you think about it, and what gets you out of bed raring to go.

Making more lists; talking to more friends and family; and chatting it up with unsuspecting people in malls was a total turn off to me and did NOT get me out of bed.

Connecting with people online and finding those who are looking did and does still get me out of bed.

I am not saying that the internet is the ONLY way to go; or that the methods named above are wrong. It isn't and they aren't.

But, it's GOT to fit you. It's GOT to be right for you so you'll actually DO it!

Educate yourself on the process and get very good at it.

Be willing to practice; try; be bad; get better; and get embarrassed every once in awhile. It's all part of the learning process. It's all part of what gets you there on your journey!

BELIEVE, Have faith and hope and keep turning over stones until you find what is right for you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


vicky said...

Jackie, I love all the positive energy that you project when you are teaching us! I have always been a believer that a positive attitude is your best tool, whether in a business or social setting. Keep up the good work, I am learning so much from you!Thanks!

william clements said...

Jackie I am glad to have you as my sponsor for mia bella. You have truly helped me even though I am still getting the cinks of this.

Happy Thanks Giving!

William Clements

Marilyn said...

You are so right. I too am a lover of the business. You are a great coach and I am proud to be part of your team.

Marie said...

Hi Jackie,
I love to read your blogs, and every now and then I go to your websites and just read. We all are learning from you and I am also getting into the blogs, and getting into writing online journals. Now the key to that is to really set a goal to write everyday. That is one thing that I have to learn to do.

Tina Wells said...

Hi Jackie,

Even in my previous experience in Net work Marketing, I absolutely hated talking to my warm market! I just don't like the looks my family and friends gave me when I told them I had started a new business. But to my disadvantage, the company I was with had no training in place to build a downline using just the internet. Needless to say I gave up and walked away.

I am so glad I came across this company and You, Jackie, as my trainer. Thanks for all the hard working hours you've spent for so many years to create a step by step manual for making it happen!

Slowly but surely, I'm getting there!

Tina Wells

Kari said...

I couldn't agree more, Jackie. Your story has inspired my own. I was tired of hearing "just find more people" without any real guidance as to how to do that outside of the warm market. I love being able to use the internet to build my business. It is so fun to learn - thank you for your guidance!

buybellasoy said...

Jacki, thanks for continuing to inspire me to take this business to the next level. Everyday I learn more from your successes.

nball said...

Hi Jackie, I always look forward to reading your stories! This particular one you posted brings back some memories for me as well. I remember hearing this phrase so many times..."write down a list of everyone you know. This is your warm list. We know you know at least 100 people". This never felt normal and went against my instinct. And I was always warm market was not interested. Friends and family are usually skeptical of any MLM business.

I don't get those skeptical looks anymore. I love this business!

You are a wonderful coach and mentor. I am grateful and appreciate the wisdom and knowledge you share with us.

Thanks Jackie!

Nancy Ball

Deborah said...

You have a fantastic way of being so professional, yet so personal...all in the same sentence! Both the "new" and the "experienced" can glean greatly from your wisdom! Thank you for being so willing to share so much with us!

Lisa Willard said...

Thanks Jackie for introducing me to the power of network marketing through online marketing.

I too was tired of chasing family, friends and even strangers. People coming to me makes my network marketing business so much more fun!

Thanks again for being an amazing partner.

Lisa Willard

snuggles said...

Thanks, Jackie for your "words of wisdom"! I am really glad to have you in my upline. As I work and build my business, I would be happy to achieve a fraction of your success!


Teresa Ferrari said...


You are an inspiration to us all. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I want you to know that I am thankful for having you in my upline.

Teresa Ferrari

Faye said...

Jackie,thank you for another great article. As always you make me want to do more.

Shelli said...

You inspire me to figure out what motivates me to 'get out of bed in the morning'. Right now it's the fact that I've gotta get the kids to school on time! ha! Can't wait until it's because my business is where I want it to be - I'm thankful I've got you to show me the way!
Shelli Box

HeatherT said...

Hi Jackie! I've never personally met you but you seem like an awesome person/woman/leader, etc. etc. I just love your story and hope I can achieve your level of success in this business some day. Thanks for all the emails and training material. The company is truly blessed to have you on the team. Best of luck to ya and continued success.

"Let your light shine!"
Heather from Louisiana