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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MLM Leads: How Late Can You Call Them?

Does this describe you? You're gung ho in your MLM business and ready to get started working with leads. You've seen the MLM Scripts; you are fairly certain you know what to say; and so you spend money buying leads.

Maybe you've run an ad, or are specifically buying leads. Whatever the case, the leads come in and now it's time for you to call them.

Suddenly, there is so little time and so many things to get done. You just don't have the time today to call those leads, so you delay until tomorrow. Then, the next day; and the next; and the next.

You may shoot off a quick email, hoping that will do the trick. And, maybe you just do nothing.

Or, perhaps this scenario fits you. You are well along in your business and something comes along to upset the daily routine and balance, and you have a hard time getting back into the swing of things. It's kind of like eating right and working out. Once you get in a groove, all is good. But fall off track and getting back on board can be tough.

Here is some good news for you - it's never too late to call those leads.

Can I be honest here? I've been a real slacker in terms of calling leads since the end of October. So much has been going on here with the fire evacuations; assisting neighbors and friends who lost homes; the holidays; my family; and my general feeling of "not wanting to be on the phone and not feeling especially perky."

I thought I might just coast through the holidays and get back to business after the first.

Here's what happened to give me the boost I needed to pick up the pace. My husband and I went to a holiday party on Sunday evening. It was a fairly small gathering of most of our very close friends. As I've said before, my friends know I have a candle business, but they think it is "just my little candle business." They have no idea the scope of it or what all it really entails. And, they have no idea of my income level. I like it that way.

Well, word is getting out. Seems a friend of a friend of a friend found me online and "told on me."

Long story short, the husband of one of my friends cornered me in the kitchen and said -"I had no idea the extent of your business. I thought you just sold a few candles here and there, but I had no idea." We chatted for a bit about the internet; how I work my MLM Business and so on, and he wants to chat more after the first of the year. He's a fellow airline pilot who is facing retirement in the next few years and he wants to retire but have something. We all tease him that he will NEED something as he has a darling, high maintenance wife!!! And she is one of my dearest friends so I mean that in the nicest way, but that girl can shop.

Who knows where it will go, but it really boosted my energy level and put me right back into the saddle.

MLM Slacker no more!

What will give you that boost you need to take your business from hum-drum to the stratosphere? (And I ain't talking Vegas, baby!)

I spent the day yesterday going back a full month to leads I had delayed calling. I had no great reason for not calling, but I was busy and just didn't feel like making the call when the lead came in. It happens to us all, no matter how long we have been in the business, or where you are in your business.

Some days, it's just not fun to pick up the phone.

And, right now during the busy holiday season, you may have a bit of a grace period!

So, I just went back and made the calls. I apologized to those who I spoke with and to those whom I left a message. I didn't give an excuse; I just apologized for the time delay. Everyone I spoke with was still very receptive and interested and I mailed out packets to them. They all knew the business I was referring to and fortunately, all have been receiving messages from my autoresponder, so it wasn't like there was a total void.

If I left a message, I followed up with a personal email directing them back to my site and letting them know a packet is on its way. Many of those wrote back and are still interested. Some entered the candle drawing. So far, no one was rude or told me to take a hike. Keeping my fingers crossed!

So, the bottom line is, CALL YOUR LEADS, no matter how old they are. Find out if they are still interested. If they have moved on, oh well! If they are interested, get information out to them immediately.

We all have those times when we miss something important to our business. Being timely is important, but it is not the end-all and in many cases, if you are just REAL, authentic and honest, you can pick right up. This also gives your prospect "permission" to not be perfect.

Even though it is the holiday season, I encourage you to not wait another minute. Make some calls. You will feel SO good once you do! And, you'll create some momentum in your business that will take you right through to the new year. There is nothing like starting off in January with momentum already in place.

It's never too late to make a first impression!

Be sure to follow up after the holidays and you'll be amazed at how many people will join your team in January.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Kari Andersen said...

Jackie! Awesome article! I was just telling a former team member who is thinking about coming back that you still need to call your leads and send out an info packet with a sample. It will always be about PEOPLE and making the connection!

Kari Andersen

Jen said...

Great stuff Jackie as always!

Jen Ouellette

buybellasoy said...

thanks for the motivation to keep plugging along- I am sure we all have those down times- and is good to know to just pick back up and keep moving on those leads!!


Jacqui G said...

Once again, Jackie, you are a source of inspiration and comfort. Just when I had not exactly "fallen off" the wagon, more like running behind it, you post a notice that gives me the push to get back on.
I am so lucky to be part of your team :)
"Scents of Abundance"

Latanya said...


Thanks so much for your encouragement in this. I have been wondering for a while if I needed to call my old leads that I never got around to calling for the same reasons you mentioned in your post. It is good to know that I am not the only one that life seems to interupt. LOL! I appreciate your leadership and your wisdom!
Latanya Wagner

Deborah Kemp said...


Thank you for the recent insight on leads! It amazes me how often those "older" leads turn out to be the goldmines! I needed this today!

Deborah Kemp

Brianna said...

HI Jackie! Great article! I have totally been avoiding calls lately myself! I have had some terrible all day "morning sickness" since I am now expecting baby number 5! ha! So my MLM excitement has totally taken a back seat. I keep telling myself that I will get revved up after the holidays. This has given me a desire to keep it going! Thanks gal.


Kathy Harding said...

Hi Jacke,
I've been worried when I haven't made my calls for a few days. It's nice to know I'm not the only one and that it is still okay to call!
Best, Kathy

Tracy Russell said...

Wow, what a great story! I was wondering if I was the only one that slowed down this time of year with sponsoring? I like to spend more time on the retail aspect of my business during the Fall season. I have leads coming in and I was feeling guilty because I was taking longer than usual to contact them. With that said, I have actually had a few call me which to me makes them a better lead. Maybe if I always wait just a little longer, I'll weed out those tire kickers!

Tracy Russell
Diamond Leader

Gina McFerrin said...

Great timing Jackie,
This is just how I have been feeling for a few weeks. Thank goodness for auto responders, they are great but sure don't take the place of actually connecting person to person. Thanks for the boost!

Gina McFerrin

Marie said...

Great article Jackie! I have a few leads that I got since I joined back in February. I called them a few times, never got a real person just the answering machine. I left messages, some received info packets, and I keep sending them email. They are getting my emails and no one has asked to be removed from my mailing list. So, I keep sending the emails. Like you say, you just never know what may come of it.

Marie Freeman-Independent Distribor

kgadomski_rn said...

You always have a way of motivating me. It makes me feel that I'm not the only one that looses track of calling leads. I went and called a bunch of leads tonight from the summer.I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Thanks for the inspiration!!
Kathleen Gadomski,RN

Barbara Muncie said...

Hey Jackie, You're such a mind reader! I think you've once again captured the spirit of where we all are right now. Things are hectic and flu season is no help but we have such a wonderful business and such an awesome support network that even when times are tough, business is great! Thanks for the much needed and easy to count on support!
Barb Muncie

Kathleen said...

Great stuff as always. You are truly an inspiration. I am still new at all this, but by applying what you tell me and learning from others I have made it to my first goal which was to be Diamond by Christmas. Thanks for always reminding me that the time has to be right for the people you are talking to, and not to take things personally when they don't want to sign up.


Bryan said...

Great article! I was wondering the same thing about how late you can call leads. I have a few from awhile ago that I never called all of them. I am going to make a point of calling them this week.

Bryan Flynn

Anonymous said...


Great article, just what I wanted to hear to get up and go for the New Year!!


Alycia Cheatham

Lisa said...

Thanks, Jackie! I really needed to read this today. You really ARE one of us, lol.


Jackie Ulmer said...

Well, this one certainly generated a lot of responses, calls and questions. Gotta love that!

The NUMBER one question/comment has been - I'm scared to call because what if they ask me a question I don't know the answer to?

My response -

First of all, this is mostly made up in your own mind. It truly is. Most questions are very basic and if you know your company AT ALL, you know the answer. Second of all, EVERY answer is available you somewhere, whether from your sponsor, upline, back office, company website, yahoogroups files, etc.

What would be the WORST thing could/would happen if you didn't have an answer right then?

Are you capable of FINDING the answer from someone? That is REALLY all they want to know.

What would YOU have said/thought had you asked a question that your sponsor couldn't answer right away? Would you have been understanding if they simply said -

"That is a great question and one I have not had asked before. I don't know the answer, but I know someone who does. Let's go through all of your questions and anyone questions I don't know right now, I will find out and get back to you within 24 hours. How does that sound?"

You have been honest, authentic, and modeled something VERY important for your prospect: it's okay not to know EVERYTHING. No one does. Be willing to find the answer and that is all that is needed.

So, go call those leads!!!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

Robin said...

Jackie!! This is awesome!! Scentsations is the BEST company to be in business with!! Mia Bella's candles are the BEST!!! I'm so happy to be a part of this company! The people at the main office are so nice and helpful! You just can't ask for anything better than the product that we sell!!
Robin Barcomb (eastern NC)

Susan said...


Thanks for reminding me that "it's not rocket science"!!! Now I'm not afraid of the dreaded answering machine...I am terrible at leaving messages!

Susan Martin

Win at Life said...

Thans for all your leadership!

Shannon Stacy