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Thursday, December 13, 2007

MLM Success Tip: Stay In The Game

One of the keys to success in this business is to just stay in the game. Be there once the dust settles and your competition fades away.Longevity in this business and on the internet are imperative. Many times, I have signed up new distributors who originally heard about the business from someone else, and when the time came that the person was ready to get started, the original distributor had quit the business.

My good friend was scheduled to have a clothing party for a direct sales clothing line in October, during the California wildfires. The party was cancelled. She called this week to reschedule and the woman has already quit the business.

What if she had stayed in and someone from the party would have signed up to be a distributor? What if that person had gone on to build a goldmine?

She'll never know what might have been.

My 12 year old daughter is taking an acting class with a professional actor and a casting director who live here locally, and work out of Hollywood. These are people who know that business and have been involved for over 25 years. They have seen actors come and go.

Her acting coach gave some amazing advice to the class the other day and I thought how appropriate for this business -

"Success in this business can be elusive and frustrating. You think you are going to get a call back, and then you don't. Someone else gets the part.

But always remember that your competition is frustrated as well and just days away from quitting; moving on to something else; throwing in the towel. Be the one who is left standing! Always be fine tuning your craft and always be learning something new. Never stop training and never think you've learned all there is to learn."

Sound like our business?Most people give up when they don't have the results they desire after a few days. Maybe they run an ad once and don't get a ton of calls. Or, they work 5 Team Coop leads a month for 2 months and then decide it doesn't work, the leads are bad. They ask 3 friends to host a party and no one says okay.

They are missing the power of longevity and consistency.Decide what it is you want for 2008 and decide on a monthly business plan to get you there. From that, set daily plans and goals and then see the job through. Commit to this action for a 90 day cycle and see it through. The results will show up! You can't possibly know the success of anything after only a few days or a few weeks.

Keep track of your results. Get signed up for the weekly accountability series. Tracking forms are part of this series. Send an email to

This is open to anyone, and does contain some of my company specific information, but can easily be adapted.

Let nothing and no one stand in your way, or knock you down and out of the game. Be the one who is still standing this time next year, only much further up the mountain.

I don't care what anyone says, the view from the top IS better! See you there!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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linda said...

No truer words have been said! Persisting and consistently working your business does pay off and I know from my personal experience that often we give up when we're just about to cross the finish line!

I was one of those people in the beginning who tried some co-ops and other things and when I didn't see the immediate results thought I should try different things. Thanks to your encouragement and words of wisdom, I stayed the course and things developed from all those seeds I planted. They didn't develop as quickly as I had hoped but if I hadn't stuck with it I would have missed the blooms that were to come. I am still seeing results from things I did months ago and now see how consistent daily effort regardless of what appears to be the outcome at the present moment does pay off.

I am also seeing my "warm market" warm up to what I am doing and I attribute it to the fact that I am still doing it! They are getting curious about why that may be! I am getting a lot more questions about my business, how I do it and how I make money, and what my plans are for it.

Thanks for all of your help in the process.

Linda Miller