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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MLM Fears: Be Empowered

By What You Do NOT KNOW

So often, we come into this business of MLM and we are afraid.

Many of us don't know how to -

Run a business.

Set prices for our products.

Handle taxes.

Talk to people.

Build a team.

Work the Internet.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Fortunately, in my business, everyone knows how to light a candle; open a lid and put it under a nose, and express your own enthusiasm.

Be empowered to find those answers to what you DON'T know and allow NOTHING to stop you.

I'm cleaning and organizing my office and files today (yuck) as family is coming in for the holidays and we have a big party here Sunday and my office is a wreck. And, I almost ALWAYS sell candles, so I want to be able to bring people into my office, ha!

As I was sorting, I came across the notes that I took on my very first internet marketing tele-conference in October, 1999. That day clinched my decision to take my business online and NEVER look back, except to gloat!

That was back when the issues about Y2K were such a big deal and everyone was warning me to be careful. Man, can that be 8 years ago?

Anyway, I took notes on as much as I could because the entire call was GREEK to me. It was like he was speaking a foreign language.

These were terms that I did not recognize and had no idea what they meant -

Domain Name


Auto responder

Search Engines (I knew that Yahoo was a way to find things but didn't know how or why!)


Online Newsletter


Viral Marketing

Auto Contactor

Message Forum

Those were only the ones that I had time to write down. I am sure there were more.

I was a full 6 months online before I figured out what an autoresponder was and how it worked. I was AMAZED at how quickly people would respond when I would ask for information off of someone's website. Man, they had FAST fingers!!!

There were MANY days I really wondered what I was doing, and wondered if I had lost my mind. There were many days I wanted to give up. I built my first website on a laptop that is 15 inches long. Imagine the size of the keyboard. My back ached from being hunched over it. My mind was exhausted from lack of sleep and information overload. But my stomach and heart had a fire in them.

I spent over $1000 on eBooks and manuals to teach me what to do. These were all by online marketers, not network marketers. I couldn't find anyone in M L M doing what I was doing. I am sure they were there, I just had no idea how to find them.

I had two hours during the day to work on things. I would drop my son at school and my daughter at preschool and race home to get to work. I thanked the other moms who invited me to bagels and coffee, and declined. I wanted to go, but I wanted a successful business online MORE!

When I would get home to the quiet house, I would sit for 5 minutes and gather my thoughts. I would visualize myself building a HUGE organization of people who found me online. I visualized publishing my OWN eBooks to teach people what to do. I visualized being on stage and empowering and inspiring others.

I had not made ONE DIME online at that point. But I KNEW I had a goldmine and NOTHING was going to hold me back.

Today, all of those things I visualized have come to pass. Today, there are more visualizations in my mind. I expect those to come to pass as well.

What things are YOU visualizing for your future and in your business? What pieces of knowledge are you lacking that will give you the posture to move forward?

Keep those pictures in your mind and do whatever research you must to get the answers you need. There is not one question that cannot be answered if you ask, seek and knock!

MANY doors will open to you if you do!

I love you all, and I wish you an AMAZING holiday season and Merry Christmas!


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer -----===(*)===-----

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