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Thursday, April 03, 2008

3 Success Keys in Your Home Business

It doesn't matter what business you are starting, there are 3 key things you must do, and do consistently to be successful.

Success Key #1 – Find out your business fundamentals. What are those things for your business? Well, in most cases it involves two specific things – share the product; share the opportunity. That's it. We are paid on these two specific things and nothing else. We aren't paid for checking email; attending conference calls; re-writing training, etc. We are paid for selling product and sponsoring others who sell product. You are responsible for these two aspects if you want your business to be a success.

This leads to –

Success Key #2 – Learn How to Do the Fundamentals. Hopefully, your sponsor started you with a training guide; a training site and other resources that will educate you and anyone who you sponsor in on how to do the fundamentals of the business. If these were not provided for you, ask for them. Call the company if you can not get what you need/want from your upline and ask for someone further up. You are responsible for finding this out if not provided for you, and you can do it! You don't need a strong sponsor to find and learn what you need to about building a successful business. After all, we do just two things. Refer to Success Key #1.

Success Key #3 – Just do it! That's right. Learn what has to be done in Success Key #1; Learn how to do it in Success Key #2, and now, just take action doing it. Don't waste time trying to re-invent the wheel; or thinking up new, creative ways to do things. You can do all of that once you have the foundation of your business built. But, for now, use the methods and tools that have already been proven to work.

The fastest way to success in Network Marketing is to spend a day or two on Success Keys 1 and 2; and then spend time every day after on Success Key 3. That's it. Be the one who sets an amazing example by just taking action and going fast. After all, if you knew you needed to talk to 100 people about the business and the faster you do that, the faster you'll be earning a six figure income, how long would you wait to pick up the phone?

Guess what? That is what takes you to a six figure income. Set a goal to talk to 100 people your very first month. That is just over 3 people a day. Now, the six figures isn't going to instantly show up, but by getting a few people started from that 100, you are well on your way.

And, you are probably really great now at communicating with people; finding out their why; and introducing your products and opportunity. Why not go talk to another 100 this month?

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Patricia Kagwiria Makhulo said...

One of my favorite songs and movies is Up Town Girls. In the movie, Dakota fanning plays an impossible girl. One of her mottos is "Fundamentals are the building blocks of FUN!"

I echo the sentiments of your keys to success is said the luck favors the prepared. But what is luck really? Isn't it when preparation meets opportunity?

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this articale really says a lot. You have to learn soem key things in your business to make it gow and happen. The lottery mentallity does not work in growing a home based business. Being consistent with the time spent in working on your business is taken very seriously.

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