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Thursday, April 17, 2008

4 Network Marketing Success Secrets

What does it take to be successful in your home business? I asked this question for YEARS. I truly thought there was some hidden secret that no one was telling me.

Maybe there was a secret 800 number that one could dial prospects into that would make them sign up right away.

Or a secret training system that when followed, guaranteed success.

What was the Holy Grail of Network Marketing? What was I missing?

Here are a few things that top income earners kept telling me –

Invest in developing yourself. Read every day. (Huh? What was THAT going to do to grow my business? How would that create the income I desired?)

Pay attention to your "self talk." Replace the negatives with positives; even use affirmations. (Again, just show me the money. Enough of this airy fairy stuff!)

Know your why, which will develop the how. (Okay, this one really blew me away. What does the WHY have to do with the HOW?)

Develop a systematic business plan and approach to working your business. (This one made a little more sense, but what was I supposed to be DOING?)

One day, feeling like I had been chasing my tail for far too long, I decided to give these four ideas a try. I would read and listen to positive books and audios. I would start paying attention to the times I said "I can't" and replace that with "I can, I will, I AM!" I would concentrate more seriously on my why, and see if the how would show up. And, I would write up a daily, weekly and monthly business/action plan and STICK to it for once.

Here is what happened.

My mindset started shifting through my reading and listening. I began to realize that all of the other "success stories" in Network Marketing had also traveled this same path. Nothing was special or magic for them. They also heard the no's; felt like quitting; and wondered if they had lost their mind at times. This made me feel better and my attitude, outlook and expectations began to change, almost unconsciously.

Again, without me giving it much thought, I found myself saying "I can" and "I believe in me" much more. I replaced doubt with positive expectation. Instead of sitting down to make calls and thinking "I don't know why I am doing this; they won't be interested anyway", I found myself thinking "I am going to have a very positive outcome; this person will either be interested or pass on a referral." Just having this positive outlook gave me a posture on these calls and it worked; people were interested.

I wrote out my why, my dreams, and my hopes in a journal. I cut out pictures and word phrases to go along with my own words and began to read it twice a day. I would spend ten minutes of focused time dreaming, thinking about and feeling what it was like to have these things as a reality. With my "why" placed firmly in my mind throughout the day, I became determined to let nothing and no one stand in my way.

And, guess what? The "how" really did show up. I began to come up with creative, inspiring and exciting ideas for working my business. I started having fun with it and actually began to enjoy what I was doing. This made me leap out of bed, ready to get going each day.

This new-found enthusiasm made it very easy for me to map out my action plan. For the first time, I truly knew what I was going to do each day. I set up a 90 day action plan and worked it backwards to figure out what to do each week, and then each day. I didn't personally worry about setting income goals. Instead, I set my "Will do" actions and intentions. And, I accomplished them and added to the list.

The feeling of success that came from just taking action was enough to empower me to create more time for my business, and to do those things that I truly enjoyed. Yes, I spent some time in the areas I didn't enjoy so much, and as more success began to show up, I started actually liking some of those things, too.

What do you think might happen for you if you incorporate these four simple strategies into your business? Do you think it's possible that these might actually be the "holy grail" or "Secret to Success" in Network Marketing? What if it works for you like it has for so many others?

To paraphrase an idea from Glinda's thoughts to Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" – You don't need a secret. You had it in you all along to find the success you were seeking. All you need to do is believe. You don't even have to click your heels together three times.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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