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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MLM and a Down Economy - Does it Spell Trouble

Surviving in a Down Economy

One can't go anywhere these days and not read the headlines screaming about the dark days of the down economy. This often sends networkers in one of two directions –

Either they think their business has ended because too many people "can't afford it."

Or, they go full out because they see the opportunity that is there.

Will the current economic times have an effect on your business?

It truly is all in how you see it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so is a so-called "recession."

When the economy is good, I have heard networkers say that people aren't looking because times are good. When times are bad, they aren't looking because they can't afford it.

Can't afford WHAT, exactly? A solution so they don't ever feel the pinch again? To invest in themselves instead of a boss? To take responsibility for their own destiny, once and for all?

Mindset is what it really comes down to. Some networkers stop working their business during holidays and slower summer months. Guess what? I joined my first company on Christmas Day, over 14 years ago.

When someone is serious (and boy, I was serious) nothing will stand in their way.

The best thing we can each do is BELIEVE in what we are doing and in our products/services.

Then, do what we do best. Sponsor someone, and teach them how to get a few loyal customers and find others who will do the same.

No matter who your company is or what your product is, what we do is simple.

Find those who aren't afraid of a few obstacles or "bugs on a windshield" and work together to create a recession proof lifestyle!

This requires first going deep within yourself and finding that true grit. Then look for others willing to do the same!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Nabs said...

Hello Jackie!

I agree 100%. The fortune is in the follow up. Not so much because you can get people to buy from you again and again. Studies continue to indicate, time and time again that people want to know that you care. People want to matter. What I know for sure: A happy customer, makes for happy purchases and happy client customer rapport!

Follow Up is a must. So is follow through! Thank you for your example!

Nabs said...

Great minds do think alike. I was pondering this very subject in light of the Tax Rebate checks. What I know for sure: When you take the time to learn and master a process, a method, a system; you become recession proof!

After pondering I decided to take action and wrote an article about said subject! So it is about mindset, sit and fret about the sky falling or do something about it?

Your presence on the Internet is greatly valued!