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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Biggest Mistake Most Networkers Are Making in Their Business

If you are a serious networker, read on.

Here is the most common mistake that most network marketers make in
their business -

spending WAY too much time telling people about how great their
product or opportunity is, and in most cases, no time telling their
prospect HOW this is going to make a difference in their life and
how they are going to actually "do it."

Sound familiar?

Especially in today's economy, people are looking for how this is
going to make a difference financially. They need to know what
exactly they are going to be doing, what are the steps they are
going to take.

Many people who are looking certainly feel as if they have burned
bridges with much of their warm market throughout the years and
they want a new school method of attracting solid prospects.

Because the reality is, even though that warm market list is still
a viable way for many people to launch their business, if your new
business builder does not believe for him or herself that this will
work for them, it won't!

So, why not be prepared to offer a way that creates a strong,
empowered business partner; one who feels capable of really making
a business work this time?

And, backing up for a moment, why not create this for yourself? Why
not learn the techniques of attraction marketing that get people
coming to you, instead of you chasing them.

In other words, become the hunted, not the hunter? Doesn't that
just sound better?

I'm going to offer two suggestions for you today. What you do with
them is really up to you, but if you are ready to stop talking
about online business success and start making it happen, you'll
strongly consider these.

First, get signed up for Mike K's university. It's not perfect, and
no one thing is, but the overview you'll get will give you some
solid insight into the "how-to's" of online business and team

Click the Red Button to Get Started and Listen as Mike shares some
concepts that you'll be using.

Be sure to go to Step 3 and watch the 2nd Webinar Video - How Blogs
Bring Prospects. Good stuff you'll want to know. It's an hour, so
plan on it.

Go through and get a basic overview.

Second, get my Online Marketing e-book and learn the step by step
process to get yourself out on the internet and create your own
internet Hub. This is how people find you. I've used the steps
offered here consistently over the past 9 years to become a million
dollar income earner in Network Marketing.

I would love to be your personal success coach to teach you how to
be a solid Internet Marketer, with a strong Network Marketing
business and other cash flow that will sustain you in business.
This will support your marketing efforts as you work to create a
very lucrative Network Marketing business.

And, you'll duplicate this on down the line. Some people will tell
you this can't be done, but I strongly disagree. I've been doing it
for 9 ½ years. It works if you will work it!

So, are you ready? Ready to seriously take action today?

Let me hear from you on what you think. I would love to hear how
things are working for you.

And, be watching for more training and resources from me on how to
pull this all together. Questions? Reply Contact me!


EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

The Street Smart Wealth Team
Walnut Hills, Box 1955
Blue Jay, CA 92317

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