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Friday, March 20, 2009

What is the system, asked my MLM Downline Partner

I was recently asked by a member of my downline "What's our system and how do I find it?" Well, for me, the word "system" is always a tricky subject. There are several "systems" that can be used, and what is the best will depend a lot on the individual.

First, let me say that I define "system" as the method for finding prospects to contact, presenting, following up, sponsoring and duplicating, so there are several components to the "system."

There is the "warm market" system, which is what I consider a business launch, and the most simple system. It's a system of notifying those you know that you are in business. Simply notifying. Not bugging, harassing, or begging!

The system you use to present the information about your business should be pre-planned, and there should be several methods depending on your prospects needs and ability to receive information.

There is the mailed packet; email; website overview; 3 way call; opportunity call, etc. Check with your upline and see what is recommended.

After that, there are other "systems" available – running ads, buying leads, Chamber of Commerce/BNI, Shows and Expos, Walking and Talking, etc. Actually, these are the first steps in the system, or method for finding prospects.

Then, there is the internet and the ability to create a whole, new warm market online.

For me, I am an internet marketer and that is by choice. I consider myself to be an internet marketer FIRST, and within that I align with a network marketing company as my primary (but not only) revenue source.

There are many "systems" out there and the key is finding what is going to be a fit for you and fine tuning your target market to that way of doing it. There is someone for every system and way of building the business. Don’t let anyone tell you that one particular way of doing things is wrong, slower, won't work, or non-duplicable. Every system will work if it is right for the person working it.

I've been told repeatedly that the internet system will never work and yet I have enormous success behind me, as do others on my team using that method to disprove that theory. Will it work for someone who despises technology and has no interest or passion for learning the internet? No.

Just like the shy, introvert who would rather die than do public speaking will not succeed with a system involving BNI and Chamber of Commerce meetings. Does it work? Sure, for the right individual.

I do this same basic thing as the simple, warm market system except I put a more technical step into it with the personal website. And, I build warm market using the internet and use more of an attraction marketing approach. This method won't be for everyone, and that is okay. I am very clear on the market I am targeting and I am willing to be patient until those people who match my demographic desire show up, if that makes sense.

I am very clear that my target is those who do embrace technology and want to learn to utilize this amazing tool as a method of business building.

Market leading with the product and you get people who want to sell products and not always those who want to build a team, so duplication stops. Market with the opportunity and you get people who are coachable about the team building side of things.

Decide who you want to market to, who you want to work with and how you want to work your business and find a coach/mentor who will pave the way for you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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