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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MLM Companies : Changing Companies

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There is an amazing learning forum there for building your network marketing business; and building it online, and that forum prompted this discussion.

Choosing the right company the first time around can be a very challenging proposition. We often come into this industry un-educated, un-informed and only looking at some exciting comp plan that we don't even understand.

There is a common issue that goes on with Network Marketers in that sometimes we don't always choose the company that is best for us on the first try.

Actually, this is pretty common in the JOB world too, but it is handled differently when we leave.

In the JOB world, when one decides to move on for personal reasons, there are typically well wishes and no one gets their feelings hurt or gets bent out of shape over it.

In Network Marketing, however, one is quickly labeled a QUITTER for making a decision to move to another company.

I was with my first company for 6 1/2 years. I had built a successful business but found that my idea of ethics was at odds with the company's and I no longer wanted to be associated. That company went bankrupt and hung their distributors out to dry a few years later. Glad I got out when I did.

I handled my departure very ethically, and never contacted any of my downline, upline, or crossline to prospect them for my new venture.

I was well into internet marketing and focused on attraction marketing. I didn't need to seek out people as the internet allowed them to seek me out.

I also felt it was out of integrity to take advantage of all of the work my upline and others had done on my behalf.

That didn't stop my "friends" in that company from turning on me and calling me a traitor, quitter, and some other unmentionables, ha!

The point of this is that we often DON'T make the right choice the first time around in MLM. We get excited about something and don't always know how to choose wisely, evaluate comp plans, hidden elements of comp plans and company policy.

There is NOTHING wrong with making a decision to change companies when you find that you didn't choose wisely and that there really is not a fit. And, it's important not to let anyone (especially yourself!) beat you up for making a business decision.

As you become educated in the process of choosing a company, an upline, a product line, a sponsor, etc, you may decide you want to do something different.

It's okay, and it's often part of the process.

This does NOT make you an MLM junkie! It makes you an informed business owner.

And, in the reverse case, if someone on your team decides to make a move, handle it with grace and dignity. Respect each person's right to choose what is best for him/her. Shake hands (even through email) and wish them well.

Never burn a bridge and you will find some will return.

As I see some people struggling in this forum and on other forums about whether they are crazy for considering a change, I thought it might be a good time to let people know that it is okay to make a change and you can go on to HUGE success.

Educate yourself at every turn and make sure you are SOLID in your choice. This allows your authenticity in working with your prospects and downline shine through.

Any doubt, even the slightest, shows up!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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