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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MLM Warm Market

Have you ever worked your warm market list looking for MLM leads and prospects for your business? You know the drill - make a list of everyone you know and ask them -

"Do you keep your business options open?"
"Are you interested in diversifying your income?"
"Do you want to work from home?"
"Are you happy with that you do?"

And so on. The hope is that a percentage of those will be interested right away; and a percentage of those will take pity on you, check out your business and get excited by what they see.

And, you know what? It can and does happen like this in some cases.

The challenge for me is that I felt like I was bothering people. I felt like my friends would think I was trying to make a profit off of them. I knew that it was different than recommending a great movie.

So, I decided to make my MLM Business an Online MLM Business.

That meant that I was no longer going to work warm market; no longer going to work offline; and no longer going to boring hotel meetings weekly.

Yippee! Inside, I was thrilled. Outside, I was euphoric!

And, my offline MLM business partners told me I was crazy.

8 years and nearly $1 million later, I am sure that I was/am NOT crazy.

Recently, my company's VP of Marketing said this to me -

"Jackie, you still work your warm market. You just work a different warm market. You don't work your local warm market of your friends, family and people with whom you socialize. You work a warm market of people who find you online and come to you asking about your MLM Opportunity."

Wow! I like the way that sounds.

How about you? Are you ready to take on a new MLM Warm Market? Ready to ditch that list and get your prospects coming to you?

I'm working with a Mastermind group now of people who want to take their business to a new level.

Get signed up for my Internet Marketing Newsletter and let's work together to make this happen for you.


Let me know your goals! And let me know you are ready to get those prospects who interested coming to you!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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