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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MLM Regional Events Create Synergy

MLM Company Events

I don't often post about my own company events. This seems like a good time to make a point about the value in regional and company conventions, even though many of us are largely internet based in building our businesses.

For me, these events have always offered the opportunity to connect with, and bond with those on my team, as well as others within the company. Because I do all of my team building online, I only get the chance to meet my personally sponsored team members and others at events such as these.

In looking back at my team over the last 5 years, my strongest relationships have come from those team members who I have met face to face and spent time with at events. The relationship begins online, and moves to a new level with the face to face meeting.

I hope you'll consider this when deciding about attending your company sponsored events. Read on for my recap of my company's latest event.

Wow! Seems like a pretty lame word to sum up the experience of the 2008 Las Vegas Company Regional Conference, but I did come away a bit speechless. Perhaps "Explosive" "Awe-Inspiring" "Unbelievable" would better describe it.

We are poised to enter a new era in our company and be advised – get ready!

The success of any network marketing company really begins to show up when key leaders and visionary's begin showing up among the ranks. Some of them may have been in the company for awhile, just incubating, and some may come in and roll up the sleeves, getting to work right away. We have reached that point where we have the team in place to assist everyone in growing a long term, stable, successful business. There was an energy in the room among the speakers and it was electric!

Just decide what you want and plug into the tools and resources already in place and those that are on the way. More is coming. It just gets better and better!

It was such a personal thrill and so gratifying to have spent such quality time with so many of you there, sharing in your story and your goals. From those conversations, some very sleepless nights and busy days have followed as I have brainstormed and planned out some focus groups with many of you for moving us forward as a company and carving out our very solid niche in this industry.

Some of the focus groups we are working to target include burned out professionals, both men and women; Generation X and Y, and preparing for Generation Z, as they enter the fold. And, we certainly have the internet focus and the traditional offline focus. We are so young as a company and there is so much untilled soil out there. Opportunity is ripe for anyone who wants to grasp it and now is the time.

The first 5 years of a company are pivotal in laying the foundation and building upon that. We've poured the concrete; smoothed and shaped it and now is the time to invest in the best building blocks to build our company strong.

Make plans now to attend Summer Fling the last week of July. Focus on reasons to attend and not excuses for not being there. I learn something new from every event I attend. What important information are you missing out on by not being there? How is this slowing you down in your business? What might happen to your business if you get involved and surround yourself with successful ideas and people?

Set some goals now for "where" you will be when you attend Fling. Maybe your goal is to have your business pay for your trip (great goal!) Maybe it is to bring a team of 10, 20, 30 or more people with you from your organization (another great goal!) And, perhaps it is to move up a pay rank in the compensation plan. Whatever it is, know this – you have everything external in place to achieve it. Work on developing your internal belief and motivation and you'll achieve everything you want and more!

I look forward to seeing you up on that stage!

EXPECT Success!
Jackie Ulmer

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