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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Do You Offer Incentives to Join Your MLM?

Today, an email landed in my box from a prospect that I have interacted with for the last 6 months or so. I sent out my New Year's blast to my leads and invited them to take a second look and contact me.

She did.

Seems two months ago she signed up with someone else and now she wants moved under me because she "never can get her sponsor to return her calls or emails."

I wrote her back and explained company policy to re-sign or be moved and then asked - "If you don't mind sharing, we had a lot of previous correspondence. Why did you sign up with someone else?'

Here was her answer -

"She is in the same time zone as me, but a lot of good that is doing me. She was running specials at the time and so I joined with her. Now, I hear nothing and get no support. I still hear from you all of the time."

My point in sharing this with you is two-fold. The first is to let you know that you do not NEED to "incentivize" or "buy people in" by giving away free stuff for signing up.

This is the 3rd email of this type I have received over the last few months from prospects who wanted a "deal" to get in, joined with someone else and now have buyer's remorse.

The "deal" to get in should be in the value of the partnership, coaching and training. Not in a free box of product, a website, or some other gimmick to get people in. While you may sign people up, very often these people don't do much as their incentive was in the freebie and they are often unable to duplicate this same offer with others.

It's a flawed system.

When people ask me if I "give away" anything when they sign up, I boldly tell them - YES. I give away my coaching, training and support, and having spent 13 years designing it, it's working pretty well. And, I explain why I believe that it is not in anyone's best interest to use this type of incentive. I am very nice about it and am not being cocky or arrogant in the least. We ARE the fastest growing team in the company and there is a REASON for that. That is definitely an incentive!!

Sell the value in the TEAM.

I don't need a new sign up that badly and neither do you!

The second point in sharing this is to remind us all how important it is to keep in touch with your partners and to return those phone calls and emails. I know, real life gets in the way sometimes but do make it a priority, even if you return then later rather than sooner.

Being a good sponsor helps set a high standard for our industry! Be that high standard!


Expect Success!

Jackie Ulmer

And, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.....

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Motivated Forever! said...

Aloha Jackie,

I just listened to your training on Blogs and read the comment about giving free things. Well, your training is worth thousands of dollars. Had I not been part of this group and had to get this training elsewhere it would cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So, Mahalo nui for your hard work and research!

Yolanda Crisostomo
Maui, HI