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Monday, January 15, 2007

Over Priced Products?

Price Objections - do you ever get them for your product?

This leads to another question. Are products sold via Network Marketing overpriced?

In my experience MANY network marketing products are overpriced, and it's another thing that contributes to some negativity surrounding our industry.

My first company was a service company and one thing I really liked is that the product was very competitively priced, so I never had price objections to overcome. But, I didn't enjoy marketing something so un-exciting!

I left that company before they ultimately folded, thankfully.

I moved on to nutritional products and while I love many of the products and still use a few, I found the price objections quite consistent. Are the products truly better? I don't know, but I did find that without having a product that could actually be sold to an end consumer for a profit, it was hard to keep people in the business who didn't want to be strictly "recruiting" focused.

With most nutritional products I have found (not all!) there is no real way you can retail for profit because in most cases, the wholesale cost of the product is priced higher than the RETAIL price of a similar product at the health food store.

Today, marketing a candle line that is competitively priced with a VERY large profit margin for the distributor, I have found a perfect fit.

I like being able to bring someone into the business and TRULY teach them how to earn their investment back plus a profit without any regard for recruiting others. It makes the business FUN and gets me out of bed every day, ready to share this product and opportunity with others.

Ultimately, it is up to the end consumer. I like that more end consumer are happy with the prices of this product and objections are few and far between!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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