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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Selling the DREAM in Network Marketing!

I recently posted this on another BLOG in response to a question about whether it is right or wrong, or even unethical to "Sell the Dream" in Network Marketing.

What do YOU think?

Selling the dream is so vague. WHAT dream are you selling and who's dream is it?

For me, I just share my story, from the heart and speak only about what my success has allowed me to create for myself and my family. I NEVER share my income and NEVER ask others to share theirs.

Everyone's dream is different. So many in Network Marketing sell the "dream" of flashy cars, large homes, second homes, flashy jewelry, etc.

That has never been my dream so none of that was ever appealing to me. In fact, it was and still is a total turn off.

I look through home business magazines and see so many of the advertisements with people standing in front of the cars and houses and I think - "Yuck! Big ego, wouldn't want to work with that person."

They may be really nice, really successful, etc, but that first impression tells me I would not like their style of working this business and would not want to have them interact with my team or prospects.

So, selling the dream, to me, can be done very effectively by sharing your story, ALL of it. Including what it has taken to get to the point you are, and the times you may have wanted to quit.

I look back on my own 13 years and realize what an extreme personal journey it has been. In many ways, I am uncertain how to share that with someone who's looking at the business. It's been sheer grit and determination to succeed and reach the top.

It was SO worth it and painful many times. Not as painful as what my lilfe might have looked like otherwise.

Integrity is always in style, especially in this business!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Anonymous said...

Jackie - I couldn't agree with you more, those magazine ads would have us believe that it is everyones dream to own the big house and flashy car. I know that it is far from the truth.

I believe it is our job to sell people on their own dream. First to help them to decide what they want and then to show them how our business can help them to get where they want to go. Once they are a partner we can then help them to achieve their dreams by offering advice, encouragement and support.

Danielle Chonody

Anne said...

I agree with you that "selling a dream" is very vague. I do however believe that network marketing is unique in that it focuses on self growth and vision. I would never try to sell a dream to another person because dreams are very unique to each individual, I doute in the long run it could be done. I do however think we can empower others to have visions for themselves through goal setting and reaching goals. I believe that having a very clear vision for where you want to be is much more powerful than having a dream but dreams and desires are not for sale.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie!

I feel that everyone should know up front that it's not a get rich quick business, and it's not going to happen over night. I have had several people tell me after looking at my personal website, that they were interested because it wasn't a get rich quick type business.

They may need to work on several things to make it to the top, including themselves, but I truly believe that if you enjoy what you are doing, believe in the products and company, anyone can make it. It takes dedication, determination, and a full understanding of your "why", but I believe anyone can do it.

We all have obtacles to overcome a long the way, and for some it will take longer than others, the most important thing, is to not give up.

Your Team Partner,
Kristy Breen