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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MLM Duplication

Is your MLM Business Duplicable? Good question to ponder, huh? And, one I have pondered many times.

What is the definition of duplicable? Well, it starts with "duplicate", which means an EXACT copy of the original. Hmmm. Well then, can any of us truly duplicate another's business, or rather style of doing the business?

My belief is that we can duplicate the concept, and the more we are able to make the process our own, wiht our personality and what feels good to us, the more likely we are to duplicate the outcome.

The process behind a successful MLM Business involves a few key components -

Contact or Invite
Train and Duplicate

(Oh, if only it was this simple, eh?)

Each person in your MLM business is likely going to go about doing each of these slightly different. And, that is okay, as long as the outcome is the same and the last two components HAPPEN!

Let's take these each one at a time.

Contact or Invite

This is simply the process if letting others know about your business. This is not the phase where you show them how it works, or explain the details of the comp plan, etc. This can be done with warm market (people you know); leads, advertising and cold market; lifestyling (talking to others while you are out and about in your daily life); asking for referrals; or any other way you go about CONTACTING AND INVITING to know more about your business. This is the most important FIRST STEP in your business because as far as the "team building, recruiting" aspect of things, nothing happens without this.


This is the phase where you actually show and explain how the business works. There are many ways to do this - one on one, face to face; video; conference call; information packet; web site; any way and every way that you can go about explaining to people how it works. I also consider follow up part of the presentation phase as you are still in the presenting mode when answering questions, and before they actually join you in the business.

Using the tools of your business is an important part of this process because you are always modeling for your prospect (or potential business partner) what he/she will be doing if the decision is made to join you. Make this as simple and streamlined as possible.

And, detach from the outcome. This can be tough, but it is important. Their decision has nothing to do with you. It is all about that person and not you. People do things for their reasons not yours, so you want to get yourself out of the equation right off the bat. Their own personal reasons, issues and life situations are what determine when and what they will do.

Even if you are very successful in your business. Most people have the ability to look at that and know that if the time is not right for them, your level of success won't equal the same for them.

And, people resist being told what to do, and what they "should do." Never "Should" on somebody. I don't know about you, but that gets my hackles up. The more information you can provide them with to understand more fully what they will be doing; how they will be doing it; and where you will be in the support process, the better.


Some people think this is where the process ends but it is really just where it begins, or at least it should be! The sponsoring part is simple once you have contacted, presented and followed up, answering questions and allowing your prospect to sell him or herself!

You can present your reasons all you want about how and why the business would be perfect, but in the end, your prospect will decide based on his/her own experiences.

So, sponsoring means getting your new partner signed up into the business, and then taking on your role as sponsor very seriously. Your next step is to provide training, support and resources for success in the business. Even if you are very new, someone upline from you will have these items in place and ready for you to pass on.

A sponsor is one who "assumes responsibility for another during a period of apprenticeship." Be sure you are fulfilling your role in this partnership.

Train and Duplicate

Finally, we come to the real nuts and bolts of what will make your MLM Business a success, and that is the training and duplication.

Training is almost part of the sponsoring process, since you are "assuming responsibility." And, it's a separate part to me because it is so very important.

For me, even though I do 99.9% of my sponsoring through the Internet, I take the training part of if offline, in terms if follow up and communication. Yes, the training does come to them through the internet, but weekly phone calls and conversations are the key to establishing and bonding that relationship.

And, it's key to me in knowing that I am taking my responsibility seriously and upholding my end of the partnership.

Email is great, but nothing beats the live interaction where clarity in communication is more assured.

And, as this is modeled, the hope is that it will be duplicated on down the line. It will provide confidence in beginning the process of contact/invite, present, sponsor, train and duplicate for the new partner.

And, while I always share my way of working these 4 items in the business, each person will adjust these components, even if slightly, to fit their own style and way of doing the business.

Really, we are not a "one size fits all" business. Because we are all unique and our reasons for doing the business are unique, our own personal style will reflect these.

So, MLM Business Duplication is possible, and it does exist. Just perhaps not as an exact copy!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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