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Thursday, September 27, 2007

If I Knew Then what I Know Now!

Boy, can we talk! this topic is a favorite of mine because it is TRUE and it is my story. And, most of all, it's my gift to offer you to save you from wasting time, energy, getting frustrated and the works!

PLEASE take note, even if you find yourself shaking your head and saying to yourself "I don't need that. I won’t do that, etc."

I learned to pay attention to those things I resisted. And, I learned to turn resistance into a positive and fine tune things to suit me. I warn you, this is going to be a coaching filled with "I's" and it is only meant to share what I have experienced and what I would truly do differently.

My Story, in a nutshell (click to read it all!) -

Stay Home Mom - Extrovert, but not when it comes to business
Didn't want people to think badly of me (Network Marketing Business)
Didn't want to spend money
Didn't want to use my credit card to finance

Does this sound familiar to you at all?

Success leaves clues. I always loved listening to the stories of others who I felt were just like me, or had similar qualities. It gave me hope.

Follow success and be willing to adapt and let go of what is holding you back. It doesn't serve you.

I'm going to start with mistakes I made. See if any of these sound like you -

I didn't start with a budget
Lack of consistency in my action steps - 1 week on, 1 week off
Tried too many different things at once, didn't get into a groove
Lack of self-development
Used challenges as a distraction and an excuse
Short Term Motivation - events
Didn't understand the learning process
Not listening to anyone - upline, prospects
No business plan
No single daily actions
Lack of Organization
Excuses, did I mention that already?

Does any of this ring a bell with you?

My goal is not to make you squirm or feel badly, or anything like that. More than anything, I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling these things, and they can be overcome.

What I wanted -

Travel - I was fortunate to travel on an expense account and see the world
Life Style
Private School for my kids
Order and make purchases without being price conscious
To feel successful in business
Peace of Mind

Does any of this ring a bell with you?

So, what changed for me to really turn things around?

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe things happen for a reason. I also believe that some people are spurred along by negative motivation. I know that negative motivation can really work for me.

First, through a series of events, I spent the $80 that I felt I didn’t have budgeted for this endeavor and signed up for Upline Magazine. One the one hand, I was interested in reading it. On the other hand, it would at least LOOK like I was taking action in my business, even if it was just reading.

And, again, what changed to really turn things around?

I did. My thinking, My reading, My outside influences -

TV, newspapers, friends who did not support me in my goal - not financially, but even subconsciously.

My mind pictures

My thought processes

I became aware

Have you ever become truly aware and paid attention to how you feel at each hour in your day?

Here is something to keep in mind though- don't share your transition with everyone. You don't need any negative influences. Let go of your need to share everything and let go of your need to be right about what you are doing. Get clear on what's right for you in your own mind and let go of the other.

Over time, and reading stories, I began to see myself in those stories. Those stories began to inspire me to take some steps I had not been WILLING to take before. Notice I said had not been WILLING. Only I was stopping me.

Frustration became inspiration.

I would make one call and instantly feel better about my day, and myself, even if no one answered.

Little Steps, measured only by me.

I turned my vehicle into a mobile library and lifetime learner, even today. I am always in learner mode.

I accepted slow and steady as my progress rate.

I stopped comparing myself

I began to find ways of doing the same things that others were doing that worked for me.

I had to find my own way.

I sought out female role models - Jan Ruhe, Venus Andrecht, Sandy Elsberg, Rita Davenport. I bought the Women's Tapes on MLM.

I read as much as possible. I found Kim Klaver, who I closely aligned with in ways of speaking to people and doing the business

I trusted myself to adapt my own style, as long as I was taking action steps.

I made sacrifices. I had to find business time in the midst of baby time and friend time.

Things began to change and success began to show up. First, it was success in attitude, then in my paycheck.

So, what would I do different today. Starting right where I am, with my business, the first steps I would take to get my business started would be to go through the Partnership Agreement and take it seriously. For myself, more than anyone.

I would set up a weekly and monthly business plan. I would know each day what my steps are going to be and where my focus is. And, I would know how that is going to build for the week.

I would make sure I truly understand the power in team building and what residual income can provide. I would make sure that recruiting is one of my preferred methods of making money and I would do whatever secondary method needed to develop that marketing budget to move me forward.

I would set a true business budget. I would find ways to have marketing money and I would retail the heck out of my products to get that budget. I would look at EVERYTHING I spend money on and cut back where I could to develop that budget, too.

I would invest every cent back into my business until I had a successline growing under me and my paycheck is steadily growing each month, without me doing all of the work.

I would start out each day doing those action steps that move me forward in the business. Not lost in email.

I would DECIDE to make time to read 20-30 minutes each day. Even if that meant going to my car during my lunch break and reading.

I would insist on my family giving me at least 30 minutes a day to put into the productive end of the business. I would have a heart to heart with them all and explain my goal.

I would attend every event available to further my growth and development. Nothing beats face to face.

I would be coachable and listen to my upline and others experiencing success. I wouldn't waste time trying to reinvent the wheel.

I would spend time day dreaming each day about what I BELIEVE this business will provide for me and my family.

I wouldn't sponsor someone and then sit back and wait to see what he/she was going to do. I would focus on being there, coaching and training, and also finding more people who want to jump on.

I would do whatever it takes to make success in this business a reality.

More than anything, I would understand the process. I would understand that you have to be bad, before you can be good, and good before you can be great. One step builds on the next. Know and understand this now and get the "bad" out of the way. We have so many tools, trainings, scripts and so on to support you in this. Understand the process in growing yourself into the leader you'll become as your organization grows.

Don't worry about the "what if's." How many what ifs have come true in your life?

What if a prospect hangs up on you? Will you die immediately? So what if your best friends says she likes a competing product better? Will that stop you from being the best?

Surround yourself with positive people on our team to support you and affirm your belief in what you are doing.

Believe in the process and believe in yourself.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer


Maureen said...


Of all the training calls you have done this is my very favorite. For alot of reasons. I'm copying your quote below and putting it up on my wall.

"I accepted slow and steady as my progress rate.

I stopped comparing myself.

I began to find ways of doing the same things that others were doing that worked for me.

I had to find my own way."
~Jackie Ulmer

Too often we get frustrated and give up because things aren't moving fast enough in our business. The key is to get creative and persevere. Wise words to live by, Jackie.

Maureen Kellis

Jhanna said...

Wonderful entry, Jackie. My biggest no-no's is comparing myself. Perhaps I should put that quote up in front of me at my desk. :)

Thanks for your insights. I appreciate the work you do!

~Jhanna Dawson

soymakesscents said...

Wow, Jackie! This just helped me realize that I need to get some things in order! Just when I thought I was doing my best, boom, reality hits. Thanks for the encouragement!

Tina Wells

Tiffany said...


You are inspiring. It seems that you are able to enlighten me in almost every aspect of my business. You are a true inspiration of what it takes to be successful. I believe that just implementing 10% of your ideas will make my business a rousing success! Thank you for your willingness to help us all.

Tiffany Hoffman