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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MLM Phone Skills

Great phone skills are important to your MLM Business and here is some good news - These skills can be developed.

Do you ever worry that you are stumbling over your words when you talk to someone on the phone about your business?

Do you ever listen to leaders on the business calls or the training calls and wonder how they are so smooth, polished and always seem to know exactly what to say?

This is a skill that can be DEVELOPED - isn't that great news?

And, in our business, the telephone is your most important tool!

Here are some tips to assist you in developing your phone skills and learning to relax and have fun during the process!

Yes, it CAN be fun!

1. Have a separate phone line for your business and have a professional greeting on the answering machine.

2. Put a smile on your face, and in your voice when you talk with people. Happiness and enthusiasm shines through!

3. Paint word pictures when you speak.

4. Ask for clarity if you are unsure what the person means by a question or statement they make.

5. Return calls promptly.

6. Listen and ask questions. Relax, you are NOT trying to sell ANYONE ANYTHING. Your goal is to share information and allow your prospect to sell him/herself! That creates a win-win.

7. Be clear on your why and your purpose. Be solid in your belief and conviction.

8. Detach from the outcome. Don't worry about what the other person says. There are TONS of people out there waiting foryour call!

9. Have a 3 step process to lead your prospect through in looking at the business, or evaluating a retail sale or fundraiser. Always know what you are going to say and what the next step should be for your prospect.

10. Follow up and let people know you are interested in having them join you as a customer or team member!

Practice,practice, practice! After I finally mastered the art of phone calls, communication and how to let my prospect sell themselves, I developed an e-book of Scripts. You can get that at -

Make it a GREAT week and let me know how you are doing with it!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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