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Thursday, September 13, 2007

MLM Slight Edge

In any pursuit, it is often the “slight edge” that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary, and the successful from the not-so-successful.

This is certainly the case in Network Marketing. If one observes the ongoing, steady actions of the top income earners, it can often be noted that it is only a slight difference that separates the two.

The “Slight Edge” advantage can be defined as going the extra distance.

In your MLM business that could be just a few minor things that will make all of the difference –

5 extra contacts a week
5 extra minutes calling leads
5 extra follow ups to prospects
5 extra potential customers contacted
5 extra calls to downline team members
5 extra minutes spent on personal development

Imagine what doing these things on a daily or even weekly basis would mean for your business. Imagine if you had a team of 10 people taking advantage of the “slight edge” challenge in each one’s business. What if that team grew to 100 duplicating this process? 1000?

The slight edge starts with you, and it starts in your mind. It starts with your MLM mindset and your willingness t push yourself to go that extra distance when you don’t feel like it; when Gray’s Anatomy is about to start and that 5 minutes extra will roll into the hour; when the neighbors are going for happy hour right now; when you’ve been told no and hung up on for the last 30 minutes.

What might happen if you shrug it off and dive into that extra 5 minutes, knowing that deep within, these are the 5 minutes that make all of the difference? What if this 5 minutes inspires you on to 10 minutes tomorrow?

The Slight Edge starts today. It starts right now!

I encourage you to start a slight edge notebook and detail your daily actions in your MLM Business Opportunity.

Then, make a note of each time you push yourself into the Slight Edge Zone and go that extra distance. Make detailed notes of who you speak with and track the outcome of these extra steps over time.

My guess is you’ll begin to find that it is these “slight edge” moments that make the biggest difference in your MLM Business.

And, when the going is rough and your mental troll tries to talk you out of pushing yourself forward, push ahead anyway and get into that euphoric zone where nothing can stop you.

Get your MLM “slight edge” on and let’s take it to the limit!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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