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Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Success Principles For Your Direct Sales Business

1. Use Your Products - be your own best customer. How can you succeed with a product line you don't use and embrace? Enough said.

2. Accept Your Opportunity As it Is and Take Action - I can't tell you how many times a new distributor has said to me - "I can't be successful with this business until we get XYZ products, or changes." That always amazed me since myself and others were having great success with things just the way they were. My goal has always been to have a huge, growing organization so that when positive changes happen, more people experience great benefits!

3. Copy is the Name of the Game - If you follow and copy a method of growing and building your business that has worked for others, that is all you need to do. No need to get creative in the beginning, unless you really want to slow things down.

4. Goal Setting is a MUST - How can you know where you are going, or if you have succeeded unless you have decided where you are going? It has been proven time and time again that those who succeed have clear, specific, written goals. You won't be the exception so get those goals on paper right now!

5. Attend Events - This is another one that stumps me - the new distributor who claims they are not going to attend an event until they make some money. Two thoughts on this - go make some money and get to the event; and what of the event is the thing you need so you can make some money? The top income earners attend events. Again, enough said.

6. Retail With the Goal to Recruit - Some will and some won't, but you always want to make sure every retail customer knows about the exciting opportunity behind your company. You are offering a gift!

7. Have a Positive Mindset - Expect the best, always. Find the positive in any situation. People like to be around and do business with positive, upbeat people!

8. Be in Business Every Day - Busy people get things done and consistent actions are what product big results over time. The beauty in Direct Sales is that you can create amazing results from small, but specific daily actions. Contact 2 people a day about your business and watch what happens at the end of the year!

9. Be the Leader You Look Up To - Leadership and setting a good example in our profession is critical. Do all of those activities you expect your team to do and share your results for inspiration.

10. Never Quit - Ask many top income earners what the secret is to their success is and they will tell you - "I just didn't quit." We get better at anything with practice and repetition. Be willing to go through the struggles and challenges of growing your skills in Direct Sales. It is so worth it!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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TodaysHappyMom said...

I believe it, I believe it! Awesome advice once again, Jackie! Thank you!