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Monday, September 07, 2009

Are You Looking at Failure As Growth?

Many people are looking for the blue print to success for their business and the ultimate network marketer.

While successful distributors DO come from all walks of life, thereare a few similarities behind many of them. And, most are rooted in their beliefs. Same goes for those who are successful in any endeavor.

Here is a top belief -

I cannot fail, I can only learn and grow. Wow! This is powerful and will release you from a lot of frustration and anger if you heed these simple words and get to the root of what they mean.

Nothing in life is a failure, it is only a growing and learning experience and instead of getting angry, try looking at the situation and finding something of value there. This frees you to try risks and take on new things. If you go into any new venture knowing that at every turn, you'll have a chance to learn and grow and improve at your game, imagine what great strides you will take.

Top performers and achievers in all walks of life believe that the belief of failure is a concept created by the middle class that has no real validity.

Go with the mind set of growing and learning and you'll become more mentally tough with each experience, no matter what the outcome.

Someone says no to your business; is not interested in your products; or turns down your fundraiser? Oh well, this frees you up for more and better experiences and for the right person or people to show up. And, with the right mindset, they WILL show up!

How do I know? Well, I'm one of those who has collected thousands of "no's" in this business over the course of many years. And, alot of "yeses" along the way.

Try changing your thoughts around "Failure" and see what shows up!

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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