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Friday, September 11, 2009

Rules For Successfully Using the Internet as a Prospecting Tool

The Internet can be an incredible tool for promoting yourself, your products and your opportunity.

There are a few “housekeeping” thoughts you should know about the Internet and the role that it can play in your business.

First of all, don’t expect that the Internet is going to take the place of building the relationship with your prospects or the “human touch.”

The Internet is the greatest sorting tool there is, and it will sort through your prospects and deliver to you someone who is looking for what you have to offer.

As soon as your prospect fills out the contact form on your website, or makes contact with you in anyway, now is the time for you to pick up the phone, if you have a phone number, or make personal contact with your prospect in some way.


Also, don’t waste any time getting back with these prospects. If someone is willing to take the time to give you contact information, use it! Every month, without fail, I hear from interested business prospects who have completed four or five forms online and I am the only one to call back or make contact. And, guess who sponsors them? Me, that's right! Set yourself apart and call those contacts!

Those who think that the Internet is going to replace the human factor involved in Network Marketing will never experience long term success.

Another important housekeeping note is to remember this simple concept - "If you wouldn't do it offline at a party, don't do it online in a forum or community; or social media site."

Don't update your wall on Facebook with posts about how much money you or someone is making in your opportunity. Don't litter Twitter with hype and bogus claims.

Here's the thing - no one who is a serious candidate for you business believes any of that anyway. People who see and respond to those ads are looking for a quick, simple fix, and we all know that it doesn't matter who the company is; the big name behind it; the product line; or the comp plan - this things don't guarantee success!

Build relationships online and you'll build a strong, lasting business.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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