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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Benefits of Prospecting Through the Internet

Here are a few of the benefits of finding people through the Internet

1. More Qualified Prospects – it’s a self help world and people use the Internet to find solutions. Once they land on your website, they are a much more highly qualified prospect for your business because of the way that they located you.

2. People come to YOU – that’s right, they find you through a variety of different ways covered in this book, and they essentially ask you to tell them more about your business. What more can you ask for?

3. Target Marketing – the Internet allows you to find those people who are a likely target market for your business and your products because of the way it is set up. If you make a list of everyone you know, a large percentage of those on your list are not looking and not interested.

4. No more overcoming Objections – the three biggest objections in Network Marketing are – is it Network Marketing (pyramid), no time and no money. By using a personal website and the tools I explain here, I never even hear those objections anymore, no less overcome them!

5. Time Leverage – I regularly sponsor new people into my business while I am at the beach, on vacation, sleeping, etc. This happens because I have the tools set up online to find, sort and sponsor team members without having to actually be there. In other words, I don’t go out looking for leads, they come to me. I do marketing activities (discussed later) and those activities produce results.

6. Sort in, sort out – people sort themselves onto my site and into my business system online and they sort themselves out, if they are not qualified or interested, by simply clicking out. This is great because I invest my time in serious prospects and don’t waste my time with those not interested.

7. No geographical or time limitations – my team is made up of people all over the country (and all over the globe is you have a global business) and I am not restricted by time zones, other commitments, etc., in presenting my business to them. They land on my website and preview everything without me!

8. Simple, repetitive follow up, which is the key – an automated follow up system allows me to capture a prospect’s attention, when the time is right for him or her. This is done through an automated email campaign.

9. Low Overhead – my required marketing costs online run around $70 monthly. Not bad for a full blown, full color “talking” brochure that will sell for me anytime, any place, regardless of where I am. I stress required because you may choose to expand some of what you do as you progress. One or two solid websites and a great autoresponder are the required tools.

Another important thing to remember about the Internet is that it is one big community made up of all types of smaller communities. It’s called the world, wide web for a reason.

Picture a giant spider web, with overlapping strands. That’s what you have on the Internet. Each section or strand is a different area of interest.

Your goal is to put yourself out there in such a way that your prospect, or target market, will be able to find you, and your business, when they are out surfing!

It’s really as simple as that.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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